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Fisher King Ltd was founded in 2013 in Helsinki, Finland. The company has four permanent personnel and two owners. Owners of the Company are the founders Mr Matti Halonen (executive producer, CoB) and Mr Miikko Oikkonen (Creative director/Showrunner). Company owns IPRs and exploits the IPRs in all possible medias: drama series, books, feature films, graphic novels etc.

Feature films will be co-produced with partner Fisher King Production Ltd. Company started it’s activities by creating IPRs and acquired the Nymphs and Bordertown IPR:s from Fisher King Production Ltd.

The Company has a strong relationship with Finnish broadcasters. It has changed the Finnish drama market by financing the local projects with international financing and raising the quality of the productions to an international level. The biggest international successes have been THE NYMPHS (2013) and BORDERTOWN series (2016).


BORDERTOWN SEASON 1 - 3 2016-2020
Genre:                      TV series - Scandi Crime
Showrunner :           Miikko Oikkonen
Screenplay:              Miikko Oikkonen, Juuso Syrjä
Cast:                          Ville Virtanen, Anu Sinisalo


BORDERTOWN represents a new wave of Scandinavian noir. This character driven series takes place in a small, idyllic town on the border of Finland and Russia. The series is a combination of family drama and Scandinavian noir. We fallow the story of the uniting process of the police official Kari Sorjonen’s family. Each of the crimes cases of the series process of the uniting process of the family until the crimes starts knocking on Kari’s home door.
BORDERTOWN is a combination hopeful and warm family drama and dark Scandinavian crime

Genre:             Drama, period piece
Director:          Aleksi Mäkelä
Screenplay:     Antti Pesonen
Cast:                 Jarkko Niemi, Tomi Alatalo, Riku Nieminen


Drama of the most well know record company in Finland -60’s and -70’s. Three friends are fed up with the big corporations domination on the Finnish music industry and set up their own company for the artists. The era of Rock’n roll and punk change the new generation.


Genre:             Suspense medical drama
Director:         Miikko Oikkonen
Screenplay:    Miikko Oikkonen, Antti Pesonen, Sanna Reunumagi, Paula Mononen
Cast:               Elena Leeve, Willehard Korander, Taneli Mäkelä


How far are you able to go to save your loved one?

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