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We firmly believe that compelling stories can inspire people to question the world they live in and make them want to change it. We produce films that challenge the mind, move the heart and entertain the soul. 

Since 2008 Flare Film produces both documentaries and feature films for the national and international market. Our films have premiered at international film festivals, have been released in German, European and US cinemas and been broadcast on TV. They have won several national and international awards in Sundance, Berlin, Locarno and others. 

Passionate, dependable, courageous, collaborative: our team at FLARE FILM makes a point of building long-term, trust-based relationships with our filmmakers and partners. Our concern, from the original idea onwards, is to work in close and respectful collaboration through all key creative and financial aspects of the film project. 

Over the last nine years, we have forged stable, personal relationships within both the German and the international film industry. We are committed to nurturing and extending these relationships. Our creative partnerships are based on trust and respect, allowing for constructive discussions and a shared passion for films. 



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Format:             Feature film

Genre:               Coming of age
Director :          Chad Hartigan 
Screenplay:       Chad Hartigan 
Cast:                   Markees Christmas, Craig Robinson, Carla Juri


Morris from America revolves around a 13-year-old African-American boy named Morris and the relationship he has with his father, Curtis, during the transitional period of adolescence. Complicating matters, they are new residents of Heidelberg, Germany—a city of rich history but little diversity. Morris falls in love with a local German girl named Katrin, and his tumultuous connection with her takes him on a journey that ends in self-discovery and a new dynamic to his relationship with Curtis.
Morris from America has style and heart so perfectly calibrated that it unfolds effortlessly before our eyes. Pulsating with the rhythm of a 13-year-old’s heart, this film springs from different cinematic traditions to become a distinctive coming-of-age story all its own.


Sundance Film Festival: Waldo Screenwriting Award for Chad Hartigan & Special Jury Award for Individual Performance

SXSW Texas

Jeonju International Film Festival



Format:             Feature film

Genre:               Drama
Director :          Bastian Günther 
Screenplay:       Bastian Günther 
Ulrich Tukur,
Garret Dillahunt, Jenny Schily 


Clemens Trunschka is not doing so well. With spotty employment and a shaky marriage, he’s pretty much lost any claim to being a “functional alcoholic.” The more accurate term for him would probably be “lousy drunk.” So when an opportunity arises to help a German company recruit an American candidate as its CEO, Trunschka seizes the chance to get back in the black—with both his finances and his family.

Showing a deftness for handling such emotional material, writer/director Bastian Günther expands Trunschka’s headhunting expedition into a captivating and subtle examination of failure. He’s aided by lead actor Ulrich Tukur, who delivers a fearless portrayal of a man searching for new ways to hit bottom as he flings himself down the slopes of self-loathing with all the gusto of a certain cartoon coyote. Houston dives unflinchingly deep into the heart of Texas and comes up with something as surprising as it is precious: hope.

Sundance Film Festival

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 

Independent FF Boston 

International Hofer Filmtage

Zürich Film Festival

Awards: Förderpreis Neues Deutsches Kino (Hof 2013) & German Critics Award for best editing (2014) 



Genre:               Documentary film
Director:           David Dietl 
Cast:                  Sven Marquardt, Frank Künster, Robert „Smiley“ Baldwin


BERLIN BOUNCER tells the story of Berlin, from a parted city to the party metropolis of today, through the eyes of its most legendary Doormen. Frank Künster came in the 1980’s to study in Berlin while Smiley Baldwin was still guarding the wall as an American GI. Behind the wall lived Sven Marquardt, a young punk and photographer. When the Wall came down, nightlife took control over their lives. Until today they play a decisive role in the reunited city’s never ending nights as the most famous bouncers of Berlin’s popular clubs.

Berlinale International Film Festival, CPH:Dox

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