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FLARE FILM produces both documentaries and feature films for the national and international market. Our films have premiered at international film festivals and were commercially released worldwide, they have won several national and international awards at Sundance, Berlinale, Locarno and others. Among these films are the highly acclaimed feature docs FORGET ME NOT (2012, David Sieveking), FAMILY SHOTS (2018, David Sieveking), BERLIN BOUNCER (2019, David Dietl) and WALCHENSEE FOREVER (2020, Janna Ji Wonders). On the feature film side, notable outings were LOMO- THE LANGUAGE OF MANY OHERS (2018, Julia Langhof), WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN (2019, Florian Körner von Gustorf) and KIDS RUN (2020, Barbara Ott). Internationally, Flare Film’s HOUSTON (2013, Bastian Günther»), MORRIS FROM AMERICA (2016, Chad Hartigan) and ONE OF THESE DAYS (2020, Bastian Günther) garnered much attention and critical acclaim. Upcoming feature films by directors Ilker Çatak, Anna Koch, Julia Lemke, Marten Persiel or Dietrich Brüggemann are slated for release in 2020/2021.

Passionate, dependable, courageous, collaborative: Our team at FLARE FILM makes a point of building long-term, trust-based relationships with our filmmakers and partners. Our concern, from the original idea onwards, is to work in close and respectful collaboration through all key creative and financial aspects of the project. We are committed to nurturing and extending these relationships. Our creative partnerships are based on trust and respect, allowing for constructive discussions and a shared passion for cinema and TV.

As a continuation of that thought, FLARE ENTERTAINMENT was founded in 2020, as an additional entity, to focus on developing and producing fictional high-end TV-shows. The first project to go into production is FUNERAL FOR A DOG (WT), which Flare Entertainment will co-produce with SKY GERMANY, supported by the regional funds Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and FilmFernsehFonds Bayern. The series is based on the novel of the same title by Thomas Pletzinger, who also joins acclaimed German TV-writers Hanno Hackfort and Bob Konrad on writing the scripts for the 8-episode first season. Directing duties will be shared by David Dietl and Barbara Albert. Eva Kemme will executive produce, Martin Heisler is the senior producer. Shooting is scheduled for 2020/2021.

More TV projects, feature films and documentaries are currently in active development.

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Martin Heisler


KIDS RUN  2020

Format:              Feature film

Genre:                Drama
Director :           Barbara Ott
Screenplay:        Barbara Ott
Cast:                   Jannis Niewöhner, Lena Tronina, Carol Schuler

Andi, an overwhelmed father of three, is a day labourer and in constant financial crisis. He seems to stumble from one predicament to the next and his anger issues are difficult to control. His only true desire is to win back his ex-girlfriend Sonja, but she has already fallen for someone else. Now, she threatens to take away their youngest daughter, should Andi not manage to pay back the money he owes her and her boyfriend within the next couple of weeks. When Andi realises what is at stake, he decides to fight - for the missing money that will solve his problems, for the love of his child and, last but not least, for the right to simply remain a father.

Premiere Berlinale 2020 - Opening Film Perspektive Deutsches Kino / Manchester International Film Festival / Sydney Film Festival / Giffoni Film Festival


Format:             Feature film

Genre:               Drama
Director :          Bastian Günther
Screenplay:       Bastian Günther
Ulrich Tukur,
Garret Dillahunt, Jenny Schily

In a small southern town in the US, twenty down-on-their-luck folks compete to win a brand new pick-up truck, a prize that might finally tip the scales of life in their favor. The annual ‘Hands On’ contest puts the vehicle literally within their reach – the winning contestant is the last one standing with their hands held firmly on the truck. Armed only with their dreams and determination, the participants forgo basic human needs to stand around the pickup truck for days to beat out their competitors. All for the benefit of an enthusiastic audience and the glare of the local media who turn out each year for the car dealership’s popular publicity stunt. As the blisteringly hot days and long nights of struggle, exhaustion, mind games, hilarity, loss of control and insanity add up, only one winner can drive away with the truck. Each contestant has their own reasons for joining the contest, and as the hours tick by, their humanity is laid bare. Who will hold on and win – and at what cost?

Premiere Berlinale 2020 - Panorama Section / SXSW - Narrative Spotlight


Genre:               Documentary film
Director:           Janna Ji Wonders
Cast:                  Anna Werner, Frauke Werner, Janna Ji Wonders, Rainer Langhans

In her documentary family saga WALCHENSEE FOREVER, director Janna Ji Wonders embarks on a voyage of discovery spanning a century: she takes us from the family café at the Bavarian Walchensee to San Francisco to the infamous «Summer of Love». She discovers the secrets of her family to track down their role in the generation chain. It is a timeless family story about the search for identity, self-realization, love, pain, dependence, loss, psychosis, birth, death… It is a film about the cycle of life.

Premiere Berlinale 2020 - Winner Perspektive Deutsches Kino, Bavarian Film award (Bayrischer Filmpreis), best documentary film