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EPC Press Release on THE
Worldwide IP Statement

The EPC has been campaigning since the publication of its Code of Fair Practices in March 2021, for the retention of Intellectual Property rights for independent producers in the works they develop and produce, particularly for the international streaming services. It is an amazing achievement that this campaign has now been taken up by a worldwide group of organisations representing independent producers. 


This group of organisations has gathered together to call for regulation to be introduced so that all platforms, deriving financial benefits from local markets, should contribute to local stories told by independent producers in those markets and that those producers should own or retain control of their work as part of a nation's own cultural heritage.  


The EPC is delighted with these developments and that it has had a leading role in this campaign from the start. This is not just a European issue but a worldwide issue. 


In Europe IP assets, in the form of films and series, which are developed by independent producers, need to be protected when it comes to the production of those works for the streaming platforms operating in Europe. The EU Commission has a unique opportunity, following the publication of its European Media Industry Outlook report in May 2023 which recognised IP ownership as a central issue for European companies, to be a leader in implementing strong regulation giving effect to the principles now being campaigned for on a worldwide basis.


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