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Ginger Pictures is an independent Belgian audiovisual production company that creates compelling original content across multiple formats and platforms for diverse audiences. 

In 2020, producers Mark Denessen (ANOTHER ROUND; THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT) and Hubert Toint (2 DAYS IN NEW YORK; AMSTERDAM STORIES USA) set up Ginger Pictures with Anders Berthelsen and Rune Christensen from Ja Film (DK), and experienced head of administration Jennifer Ritter. 

Hubert Toint has more than 40 years of experience. Mark Denessen, Anders Berthelsen and Rune Christensen each have more than 20 years of experience in co-productions and animation respectively.

In addition, while Ginger Pictures operates out of Wallonia in Belgium, we created Ginger Film Flanders which operates out of Flanders. Thanks to our position, Ginger covers both the French-speaking parts of Europe, as well as the Flemish-speaking region. Both regions have a distinctive audiovisual culture and attract different foreign co-producers.

In doing so, we’re taking a pan-European approach to filmmaking, working with a regular team of experts from (and based in) Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, France, and the United Kingdom. Our vast geographical presence has allowed us to develop a mostly online existence early on, already conducting much business online before the global pandemic forced other companies to follow.

We focus on emerging, fresh voices, and back up our projects with vast financial expertise and international networks.






Families like ours     2023

Genre:             Series

Director:         Thomas Vinterberg

Cast:                ​Nikolaj Lie KaasPaprika SteenHelene Reingaard Neumann

If we are forced to leave our country, then what happens? The Danish population will be dispersed in all directions. Only houses, schools, and empty streets are left… as the water slowly encroaches on the land. Those who can afford it travel to good countries. Those who are less well-off have to leave on a government-funded program headed for more challenging places. Families, friends, and loved ones will be separated. Hatred and division will arise among some, love and reconciliation will grow among others. In a flash, all property is worthless, all prosperity changed, and fortune among the traveling Danes smiles only on a lucky few.

Monster loving maniacs    2022

Genre:             Series

Director:         Anders Berthelsen & Rune

Three siblings are trained as monster hunters by their tough old grandfather. There is just one problem. These kids are massive horror fans and love all kinds of monsters, and they always find a way to save the monsters.​

Another round  2020

Genre:              Drama/Comedy          

Director:          Thomas Vinterberg

Screenplay:      Thomas Vinterberg.

Cast:                 Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Magnus Millang

Four high school teachers and friends decide to test a theory that humans are born with a blood alcohol content deficiency of 0.05% and that being at 0.05% makes one more creative and relaxed. The results are startling. Both teaching and achievements improve, and the friends begin to feel alive again. Over time, the experiment moves forward for some and off track for others.

The Academy Award-winning feature achieved widespread acclaim worldwide, winning dozens of international awards including an Oscar, a BAFTA, a César and a European Film Award.



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