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GOLDEN GIRLS FILM has been an internationally oriented production company for more than 20 years, well established in both the fictional and documentary fields. Our films have premiered at the most prestigious festivals worldwide, and more than 100 international awards are a great recognition for us. Recent successful films of the production company are “Eismayer,” winner of the main award at the Venice International Critics' Week in 2022, as well as “Once Upon a Time in Venezuela, “which premiered in Sundance 2020, “Solo“ which premiered in the Acid section of the Cannes Film Festival in 2019 or “Born in Evin,“ winning the Kompass Perspektive Award at the Berlinale 2019.

Company Highlights



Format: Feature Film 

Genre: Drama
Director: David Wagner

Screenplay: David Wagner
Cast: Gerhard Liebmann (Charles Eismayer), Luka Dimić (Mario Falak), Julia Koschitz (Christina Eismayer), Anton Noori (Striegl), Christopher Schärf (Karnaval), Karl Fischer (Hierzberger), Lion Tatzber (Dominik Eismayer).

Sergeant Major Eismayer, the toughest and most feared instructor in the Austrian Armed Forces, keeps a secret, which threatens his job and his family, carefully hidden from the public: he is gay. He spends a lot of effort to keep his double life secret. When the openly gay Falak joins the unit, Eismayer clashes with him but is also drawn to the provocative Falak. His heteronormative life is more and more shaken. For a man like Eismayer, the traditional role model of the soldier is not compatible with a gay relationship. Will he remain true to his image as a tough macho man or follow the call of his heart? And can the two men even be compatible at all? Based on the real lives of Sergeant Major Charles Eismayer and Major Mario Falak.

Press Articles

'Eismayer': Venice Review 

‘Eismayer’ Is A Genre-Defying Boot Camp Drama With A Career-Making Performance From Gerhard Liebmann [Venice]

VENICE 2022 International Film Critics' Week, Review: 'Eismayer' 

Wonderfull Main Award – Venice International Film Critics‘ Week 2022
Silver Ship - fanheart3 Aw
ards 2022 - Venice International Film Critics‘ Week 2022
Audience Award - Les Arcs Film Festival 2022
Prix des Cinglés du cinéma - Les Arcs Film Festival 2022
Audience Award - Mezipatra Queer Film Festival Prague / Brno 2022
Audience Award for Best Feature Film – Film Festival Max Ophüls Preis 2023
Film Critics’ Award - – Film Festival Max Ophüls Preis 2023
Venice International Film Critics‘ Week 2022
Zurich Film Festival 2022 – Fokus Competition
Reykjavik International Film Festival 2022 – New Visions Competition
Viennale 2022 – Competition
Venezia a Napoli. Il Cinema Esteso 2022
International Film Festival Thessaloniki 2022 – Open Horizons Competition
Mezipatra Queer Film Festival Prague / Brno 2022 – Int. Feature Film Competition
Tbilisi International Film Festival 2022
Les Arcs Film Festival 2022 – Main Competition
Merlinka Internationales Queer Film Festival Belgrad 2022
Palm Springs International Film Festival 2023
Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis 2023
Göteborg Filmfestival 2023
Glasgow Film Festival 2023
Diagonale Festival of Austrian Film 2023
WatchAUT Austrian Film Festival London 2023


Format: Documentary 

Genre: Documentary
Director: Anabel Rodríguez Ríos

Screenplay: Anabel Rodríguez Ríos, Sepp R. Brudermann

Once upon a time, the Venezuelan village of Congo Mirador, floating on stilts just inches above the deep Lake Maracaibo, was prosperous, alive with fishermen and poets. In recent years, it has decayed and disintegrated, rotting beneath pollution and neglect—a small but prophetic reflection of Venezuela itself.

Press Articles

The Hollywood Reporter- "Once Upon a Time in Venezuela': Film Review 

ScreenDaily- Oscars international feature race: the documentary contenders

Deadline- Int’l Critics Line: Todd McCarthy On Venezuela’s Oscar Entry ‘Once Upon A Time In Venezuela’

Sundance Int. Film Festival (US) – Nominee World Documentary Competition
cph:dox (DK) – Nominee Competition Next Wave Award (withdrawn due to Covid19)
Festival del Cine Venezolano Caracas (VE) - Best Documentary
Festival del Cine Venezolano Caracas (VE) - Special Prize of the Press
Festival de la crítica cinematográfca de Caracas (VE) - Best Script
Festival de la crítica cinematográfca de Caracas (VE) - Best Editing
FIFAC St. Laurent du Maroni (GF) - Best Director
CineLatino Minneapolis (US) - Audience Award
Miradas Diversas Film Festival (VE) - Best Script
Fortalezza Film Festival (BR) - Best Camera
Fortalezza Film Festival (BR) - Best Script
Fortalezza Film Festival (BR) - Special Award of the Film Critics
WatchDocs Human Rights Film Festival (PL) – Best Film
THIS HUMAN WORLD Int. Film Festival (AT) - Best Film (Austrian Competition)
Ethnocineca (AT) - Austrian Documentary Award

ONE OF US 2015

Format: Feature Film 

Genre: Drama
Director: Stephan Richter

Screenplay: Stephan Richter
Cast: Jack Hofer, Simon Morzé, Christopher Schärf, Dominic Marcus Singer, Andreas Lust, Markus Schleinzer, Rainer Wöss, Birgit Linauer

A huge supermarket is the only meeting point for 14-year-old Julian and his newly met friends. Fresh emotions of brotherhood, affection, and thrill encourage their wish to break out of suburban boredom. One night, Julian and his pal Marko break into the supermarket full of promising products. A moment of childish freedom ends abruptly in a moment of harsh grown-up reality.

MAX OPHÜLS PREIS 2016 - Best Feature Film
AUSTRIAN FILM AWARDS 2016 - Best Supporting Actor
DIAGONAL 2016 - Most Innovative Production
ROMY 2016 - Best Directing - Cinema Feature
KINOFEST LÜNEN 2016 - Berndt-Media-Award – Best Movie Title and Film Music Award
ZAGREB FILM FESTIVAL 2016 - »PLUS« Award – Best Youth Film

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