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Producer / Founder

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Company Profile

José Sáinz Vicuña launched Impala back in 1960 and had a vision: to empower the creativity of new coming talent and offer quality content for the different audiovisual formats. This entertainment company became one of the main audiovisual production companies in the Spanish and international scope.

Impala has worked with top film directors as José Luis Garci, Vicente Aranda, Mario Camus, Luis García Berlanga, Manuel Summers, Jaime Chavarri and Emilio Martínez Lázaro.
During the last fifty years, this media company has acquired one hundred feature films in its catalogue with titles like LAS BICICLETAS SON PARA EL VERANO, LA ESCOPETA NACIONAL, CAMILA OR YO, EL VAQUILLA. The production company has received two Oscar Nominations and many of its titles have obtained several nominations and awards in festivals like Cannes, Berlinale, Moscow, San Sebastian, and Venice.

During the last decade, Impala has co-produced some blockbusters: EL OTRO LADO DE LA AMA, LOS DOS LADOS DE LA CAMA, 2 TIPOS DUROS, and 8 CITAS which have allowed Impala to reach the first positions at the Spanish Box Office, DVD, and TV sales. Impala has also produced and co-produced documentaries.

Starting in 2010, Impala S.A. is looking forward to the TV Series and what is called the digital world, developing creative audiovisual and publicity (or branded) projects aimed towards the Internet and multi-platform streaming (PC, mobiles, iDevices, Internet TV).

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José Sainz Vicuna

Eduardo Sainz Vicuna

Company Highlights



Format:            Feature film

Genre:              Comedy

Director:          Luis García Berlanga

Screenplay:     Luis García Berlanga, Rafael Azcona

Cast:                Luis Escobar, Agustín González, Mónica Randall, José Luis López Vázquez

Luis Berlanga is considered Spain´s leading film director, and this film is considered his masterpiece and continues to remain as up to date today as when it first was released. The comedy, in the best Berlanga tradition, depicts with unparallel humor a cast of characters, which include a Franco Minister and an aristocratic family who owns the grounds where the hunt is taking place during a weekend in the country. How business is done and what is needed to search and gain the influence of power is the story line on which Berlanga makes a unique, hilarious criticism of a period which lasted almost fifty years in Spain.


Format:            Feature film

Genre:              Thriller

Director:          José Luis Garci

Screenplay:     José Luis Garci, Horacio Valcárcel

Cast:                 Alfredo Landa, María Casanova, José Bodalo, Manuel Tejada


An unknown, humble Madrid detective is asked to uncover the mystery of a wealthy land owner daughter’s disappearance. As he proceeds to advance on the case he discovers that the kidnapped girl died under very unusual circumstances, finding himself and his own family in danger.



Format:            Feature film

Genre:              Historical drama

Director:          Jaime Chávarri

Screenplay:      Salvador Maldonado (Theater release: Fernando Fernán Gómez)

Cast:                 Victoria Abril, Amparo Soler Leal,Agustín González y Gabino Diego

Madrid 1936 the youngest of the family has failed one of his exams and will therefore not get the bicycle his parents have promised for the summer. He has almost convinced his father to buy him one in spite of it when suddenly, on July 18, the Spanish civil war breaks out. The movie shows how the bqeginning of the war that summer is lived through an average Madrid family. Their everyday life and that of their friends and neighbors which is interrupted and dramatically changes as seen from the point of view of the young student.

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