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Company Profile


Indiana Production is an independent production company that has been able to build a high-level international profile thanks to the constant commitment in favor of content of quality and a partnership with the best talents. In these years, a young and fierce development team is creating innovative projects while the experience and the productive know-how always guarantee the highest of standards. There are many prestigious names - directors, actors, screenwriters – Italians and not only with whom Indiana has been collaborating for some time, from Oscar awards to acclaimed authors. Cross-media since ever, Indiana was born as a production house for cinema, TV, and advertising. The contamination, the exchanges, and the continuous inspirations from one media to another constantly enrich a heritage and an approach that stands out for the creativity of the method and the innovation in the processes. Founded in 2005 in Milan by Fabrizio Donvito and Marco Cohen, reached by Benedetto Habib in 2008, in 2015 by Karim Bartoletti and in 2019 by Daniel Campos Pavoncelli. It has got offices in Milan and Rome.


Daniel Campos Pavoncelli

Company Highlights

CASSANOVA  in post production

Format:            Film

Genre:              Drama

Director:          Gabriele Salvatores

Screenplay:      Umberto Contarello, Sara Mosetti, Gabriele Salvatores

Cast:                 Toni Servillo, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Sara Serraiocco, Bianca Panconi, Natalino Balasso, Antonio Catania, Marco




Leo is a famous director coming towards the end of his career. The editing phase of his last work, The Return of Casanova, plunges him into an existential crisis that will increasingly lead him to merge and mingle with the protagonist of the movie, Casanova. Leo and his hero will end up sharing thoughts, troubles and, finally, the same destiny: to accept the awareness of being aged once and for all.




Format:            TV Series

Genre:              Crime

Director:           Alessandro Casale

Screenplay:       Donatella Diamanti, Gianluca Gloria, Laura Grimaldi, Paolo Piccirillo, Mario Cristiani

Cast:                  Stefano Accorsi, Matteo Oscar Giuggioli, Barbara Ronchi, Francesco Colella, Camilla Semino Favro, Betty 



The series depicts the events that overthrow entirely Vittorio Pagani's life, a well-known Milanese judge in the running for the office of President of the Court. To protect his son Matteo, guilty of having invested a member of a criminal family already hindered by Pagani in the past, he finds himself carrying out one compromising action after another in an unstoppable descent into the underworld.




Format:            TV Series

Genre:              Crime Drama

Director:          Piero Messina, Ciro D’Emilio, Stefano Lorenzi

Screenplay:     Abbate Ezio, Degni Riccardo, Fava Claudio

Cast:                 Claudio Santamaria, Maurizio Lombardi, Daniela Marra, Francesco Colella, Bruno Di Chiara, Marcello 

                           Mazzarella, Silvia D’Amico, Giampiero De Concilio, Giovanni Alfieri, Josafat Vagni, Fabrizio Ferracane, Lino

                           Musella, Selene Caramazza, Daniela Scattolin


“L’Ora” tells the story of the first newspaper that between the 50s and 70s challenged the mafia openly, publishing the first investigation ever written in Italy, which revealed its names, structures and links with power.

This is not only a journalistic story, it’s a human story: the epic of courage and blood of a band of journalists, all very young and eager to change their lives and those of their country, at any cost.

Even their own life.

CURON  2020

Format:            TV Series

Genre:              Supernatural drama

Director:          Fabio Mollo and Lyda Patitucci

Screenplay:     Ezio Abbate, Ivano Fachin, Giovanni Galassi and Tommaso Matano

Cast:                 Valeria Bilello, Luca Lionello , Federico Russo, Margherita Morchio, Anna Ferzetti, Alessandro
                           Tedeschi, Juju Di Domenico, Giulio Brizzi, Max Malatesta and Luca Castellano


Anna just got back to Curon, her hometown, together with her teenage twins, Mauro and Daria. When Anna mysteriously disappears, kids must undertake a journey which will make them discover the secrets hiding behind the town’s apparent tranquillity, coming face to face with a side of their family they never saw before. They will find out that you can run from your past but not from yourself.


Format:            Feature film

Genre:              Drama

Director:          Gabriele Salvatores

Screenplay:      Umberto Contarello, Sara Mosetti, Gabriele Salvatores

Cast:                 Claudio Santamaria, Valeria Golino, Diego Abatantuono, Giulio Pranno


Sixteen years have passed since the day Vincent was born, and those sixteen years have not been easy for anyone. Not for Vincent, immersed in a world of his own, nor for his mother Elena and her companion Mario, who adopted him.
Willi, who wanted to be a singer, without time and without country, is the biological father of the boy. One night, out of the blue, he finally worked up the courage to go and meet that son that he had never seen before, discovering that he wasn’t anything like he had imagined. He doesn’t know, cannot know, how that small gesture of responsibility is only the beginning of a great adventure, one that will bring father and son together, allowing them to get to know and love each other on a journey along the deserted roads of the Balkans in which they will have the opportunity to discover themselves, unconventionally, in an instinctive manner. And also Elena and Mario, who have gone in the search of their son, will be able to say all those things they have never said before.

76th Venice International Film Festival - Out of Competition


Format:            Feature film

Genre:              Drama

Director:          Giuseppe Capotondi

Screenplay:      Scott B. Smith

Cast:                 Claes Bang, Elizabeth Debicki, Mick Jagger, Donald Sutherland


The art world and the underworld collide in this elegant and erotic neo-noir thriller. Set in present day Italy, irresistibly charismatic art critic James Figueras hooks up with provocative and alluring American, Berenice Hollis. He’s a classic anti-hero in the making with a charm that masks his ambition, whilst she’s an innocent touring Europe, enjoying the freedom of being whoever she wishes. The new lovers travel to the lavish and opulent Lake Como estate of powerful art collector, Joseph Cassidy. Their host reveals he is the patron of Jerome Debney the reclusive J.D. Salinger of the art world, and he has a simple request: for James to steal a Debney masterpiece from the artist’s studio, whatever the cost.

As the couple spends time with the legendary Debney, they start to realise that nothing about the artist nor their mission is what it seems. But James is a man of deep, lurking ambition and he will do anything, from arson and burglary to murder, in order to further his career.

76th Venice International Film Festival - Out of Competition, Toronto International Film Festival

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