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Established in Rome in 1994, Indigo film produces films and series. A regular presence at film festivals and markets around the world, the company has won numerous prestigious awards both on the national and the international stage, gaining significant experience in international co-productions.

Main filmography includes Paolo Sorrentino’s films such as: YOUTH (EFA award as Best European Picture and Best European Director), THE GREAT BEAUTY (BAFTA, Golden Globe and the Academy Award as Best Foreign Language Film in 2014), THIS MUST BE THE PLACE (starring Sean Penn), IL DIVO (Jury prize at the Cannes Film Festival) and the successful TV series THE SWAN COMPANY by Ivan Cotroneo, currently airing on RAI 1.

Recent productions include: Academy Award winner Gabriele Salvatores’ THE INVISIBLE BOY’(2014) and the sequel THE INVISIBLE BOY - SECOND GENERATION (2108), LUCKY by Sergio Castellitto (Official Selection Un Certain Regard at Cannes Film Festival 2017 - Jasmine Trinca awarded as Best Actress), SICILIAN GHOST STORY by Antonio Piazza and Fabio Grassadonia (Semaine de la Critique Opening film at Cannes Film Festival 2017), Piero Messina’s THE WAIT (starring Juliette Binoche; Official Selection at 72th Venice International Film Festival - 2015), Maria Sole Tognazzi’s ME, MYSELF AND HER (2015), Ivan Cotroneo’s ONE KISS (2016), Andrea Molaioli’s SLAM (2017) based on Nick Hornby’s novel, THE GIRL BY THE LAKE (2007) and THE JEWEL (2011), Giuseppe Capotondi’s THE DOUBLE HOUR.

The company’s 2018 slate includes the sequel BENTORNATO PRESIDENTE!, LADRO DI GIORNI (STOLEN DAYS) by Guido Lombardi and IL SINDACO DEL RIONE SANITÀ (THE MAYOR OF RIONE SANITÀ) by Mario Martone and the tv series NON MENTIRE (a remake of the successful UK show LIAR) by GIanluca Tavarelli.

The biopic THE CONVERSION by Marco Pontecorvo, the serial thriller CORPO LIBERO (THE GYMNAST), RIGOLETTO the film and ECHO CHAMBER, Bernardo Bertolucci’s last script, are all currently in advanced development.


Carlotta Calori





Format:            Feature film

Genre:              Drama

Director:          Mario Martone

Screenplay:     Ippolita Di Majo e Mario Martone

Cast:                Reinout Scholten Van Aschat, Marianna Fontana, Antonio Folletto, Ludovico Girardello, Sasha Ring/Apparat                               and Philipp Thimm (also composing OST) and with Donatella Finocchiaro


The Gulf Leopardi contemplated in the final scene of Il Giovane favoloso (Leopardi) is the setting for Mario Martone’s latest film. Nature and progress, the themes of La Ginestra (The Broom) which are so vital in our own day, return to the fore 80 years later in the utopian energy of the young people whom destiny has brought together on the Homeric island of Capri. The year 1914, and Italy is about to go to war. A commune of North Europeans has found on Capri the ideal place to live their lives and practise their art. But the island has its own powerful identity, in the person of a young woman, a goatherd named Lucia (Marianna Fontana). The film describes the encounter between Lucia, the commune, headed by Seybu (Reinout Scholten van Aschat), and the young village doctor (Antonio Folletto). And it describes a unique island, whose Dolomite cliffs plunge into the waters of the Mediterranean, and which at the start of the 20th century acted like a magnet for all those driven by ideals of liberty and progress, such as the Russians whom Maxim Gorky, in exile on Capri, was preparing for the revolution.

75th Venice International Film Festival, Official Selection - Competition



LORO 2018

Format:            Feature film

Genre:              Drama

Director:          Paolo Sorrentino

Screenplay:      Paolo Sorrentino, Umberto Contarello

Cast:                 Toni Servillo, Elena Sofia Ricci, Riccardo Scamarcio, Kasia Smutniak, Euridice Axen, Fabrizio Bentivoglio,                                       Roberto De Francesco, Dario Cantarelli, Anna Bonaiuto, Giovanni Esposito, ...

LORO, a film in two parts, is a fictional story, a sort of costume drama, which narrates probable or invented facts that took place in Italy, between 2006 and 2010. Using a variety of characters, LORO seeks to sketch, through glances or intuitions, a moment of history – now definitively closed – which, in a very synthetic vision of events, might be defined as amoral and decadent, but also extraordinarily vital. And LORO also seeks to describe certain Italians, simultaneously new and old. Souls in an imaginary, modern purgatory who decide, on the basis of heterogeneous impulses such as ambition, admiration, love, self-interest, personal advantage, to try to revolve around a sort of paradise in flesh and blood: a man by the name of Silvio Berlusconi.




Format:            Feature film

Genre:             Comedy

Director:          Giancarlo Fontana and Giuseppe G. Stasi

Screenplay:     Fabio Bonifacci

Cast:                Fabio De Luigi, Miriam Leone, Lucia Ocone, Marina Rocco and with Barbara Bouchet

Is it acceptable to swindle the state when the state swindles you? This is the doubt that grips Claudia, a young art restorer who only manages to make ends meet thanks to her grandmother’s pension, because the Superintendence is late paying her. When her grandmother dies suddenly, bankruptcy seems to be looming, and so Claudia, with the complicity of her staff, freezes her grandmother so she can continue to collect her pension until the state pays her what she is due. The solution to her problems seems finally to be close, when Simone Recchia, the most incorruptible - and clumsiest - officer in the Tax Police, falls hopelessly in love with Claudia. Amidst ingenious deceptions, disguises and misunderstandings, the young art restorer’s scam will begin to melt like a frozen grandmother in the sun.


Format:            TV-series

Genre:             Musical Dramedy

Director:          Giancarlo Fontana and Giuseppe G. Stasi

Screenplay:     Ivan Cotroneo, Monica Rametta

Cast:                Alessio Boni, Anna Valle, Leonardo Mazzarotto, Fotinì Peluso, Emanuele Misuraca, Hildegard De Stefano, Ario                           Nikolaus Sgroi, Chiara Pia Aurora, Francesco Tozzi, Alessandro Roia, ...

Seven teens, from different backgrounds, with different strengths and weaknesses. They go to the conservatory in Milan and music is their life. Each one has a dream to chase by any means. Their talent is their reason for living, but it also condemns them to be different from everybody else. An epic, magnificent, moving, funny tale about Italian musichistory, talent, friendship and about the salvation that comes from art, about the great matters of life: love, illness, death, unfairness, victory, defeat.

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