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The company concentrates on producing Canadian and international feature films that will reach wide audiences in both French and English with a focus on working with the most creative and innovative talents in Canada.

ITEM 7 is very well implemented in Canada where its films enjoy both critical and public success. It focuses on developing and producing feature films with local talent, but is very interested to act as a co-production partner on European and international productions.

‘We have excellent relationships and knowledge of the Canadian and Quebec authorities, either for equity investments or tax credits enabling us to maximize financing from Canadian system of hard and soft money.’

ITEM 7’s ultimate goal is to insure that each picture is of the highest standards by giving attention to details at all stages of production through domestic and international distribution.

Pierre Even 




(In co-production with Belgium’s Belga Productions)

Format:            Drama

Genre:              Drama

Director:          Kim Nguyen

Screenplay:     Kim Nguyen

Cast:                 Jesse Eisenberg, Alexander Skarsgård, Salma Hayek



In this modern epic, Kim Nguyen exposes the ruthless edge of our increasingly digital world. Cousins from New York, Vincent (Jesse Eisenberg) and Anton (Alexander Skarsgård) are players in the high-stakes game of High-Frequency Trading, where winning is measured in milliseconds. Their dream? To build a fibre-optic cable straight between Kansas and New Jersey, making them millions. But nothing is straightforward for this flawed pair. Anton is the brain, Vincent is the hustler, and together they push each other and everyone around them to breaking point on their quixotic adventure. Constantly breathing down their necks is their old boss Eva Torres (Salma Hayek) a powerful, intoxicating and manipulative trader who will stop at nothing to come between them and beat them at their own game. No matter what the cost, Vincent and Anton are determined to cut through America, only to find redemption at the end of their line, not through money, but through family and reconnecting to the land. 


International Sales: Hanway Films

Toronto IFF – Special Presentations (2018); London FF (2018); Busan IFF (2018); IFF Rotterdam (2019); Göteborg FF (2019)






Format:            Feature film

Genre:              Drama

Director:          Kim Nguyen

Screenplay:     Kim Nguyen

Cast:                 Joe Cole, Brent Skagford, Lina El Arabi



From the Academy Award Nominated director Kim Nguyen, Eye On Juliet tells the story of an unlikely encounter between Gordon (Joe Cole), a hexapod operator, and Ayusha (Lina El Arabi), a young woman from the Middle East. Gordon, a guardian of a pipeline in this desert region, becomes fascinated by Ayusha, while piloting his robotic spider from the other side of the world, in America. Ayusha is promised to an older man she doesn't love. Despite the distance, their mutual feat and their imperfect interaction, he will do everything in his power to help her escape her fate. Filmed on location in Morocco, Paris, and Canada. 


International sales: Tajj Films Distribution (USA) and Playtime (ROW). 

Film Venice Days: Giornate degli Autori Fedeora Prizes Best Film 2018

Toronto International Film Festival: Special Presentations 2017

Warsaw Film Festival 2017

International Film Festival of India Goa 2017

Palm Springs International Film Festival 2018






Format:            Feature film

Genre:              Comedy

Director:          Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais

Screenplay:     Marc Tulin/Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais

Cast:                 Matthew Goode, Toni Collette, Fionula O'Flannagan, Suzanne Clément



The story is set in 1977 where two respected scientists, Ben Morin and his wife Catherine O'Neal, quit their jobs at the university to conduct an experiment they think will revolutionize our understanding of human identity. The project aims to raise three children contrarily to their genetic predispositions to prove the ultimate power of nurture over nature. They want to prove that everyone has the same potential to become anything. Maya, a newborn girl adopted from two feebleminded parents, is raised to be smart, while Maurice, a newborn boy adopted from two anger-prone parents, is raised to be a pacifist.  Finally, their own biological son Luke, who comes from a long lineage of scientific brains, is raised to become a revered artist. The experiment will reveal little scientific truth, but rather lead Ben and Catherine to discover the true value of family. 


In co-production with Ireland's Parallel Films.

International sales:  Aqute Media


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