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Dagne Vildziunaite

CEO / Producer


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Company Profile

Established in 2007, Just a Moment is a distinguished Vilnius-based independent production company specializing in the creation of auteur films, encompassing both features and documentaries, as well as captivating TV series and artists’ films with a strong emphasis on artistic value and bold analytical exploration. Since our inception, our commitment has been to produce premium audiovisual content in collaboration with visionary creators who seek to push boundaries and elevate the realm of both Lithuanian and European cinema.
With the filmography comprising 29 completed and released films, we take pride in co-producing 14 of these works with partners from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Italy, France, Latvia, Croatia, and Romania. Three more titles will be released by the spring of 2024. Among our latest titles are TWITTERING SOUL by Deimantas Narkevicius (FidMarseille 2023), GOOD LIFE by Marta Dauliute and Viktorija Siaulyte (Göteborg IFF 2022, Hot Docs IFF 2022), BURIAL by Emilija Skarnulyte (Visions Du Reel 2022, Hot Docs IFF 2022, Viennale IFF 2022, MUBI), IN THE MIRROR by Laila Pakalnina (Black Nights FF 2020, Raindance IFF 2022), and PEOPLE WE KNOW ARE CONFUSED by Tomas Smulkis (FIPRESCI Award at Vilnius IFF 2021).
At present, our focus is on a slate of five projects in production and an additional five projects in the development phase. The latter category comprises three TV series, two feature films, a feature animation, and a feature documentary film, all of which offer opportunities for potential co-production partnerships. As active co-production partners, we are currently involved in two feature films that are in the development stage.

Company Highlights


Format:           Documentary

Genre:             Social dramedy 

Director:         Viktorija Mickute

Screenplay:    Viktorija Mickute, Ieva Balsiunaite

Lithuania. 1992. The Soviet Union has just officially collapsed, but freedom is yet to be tested. People’s faces look tired and are filled with anxiety. It’s a Monday morning. Novembers are always dark. Some people are trying to squeeze into overfilled trolleybuses, others are standing in lines winding from supermarkets with empty shelves. Just a few hours later though, the streets become eerily empty, and cashier women are nowhere to find. What happened? From every corner small TVs are emanating the same sound - yelling and crying in Spanish. Everybody’s watching the hugely popular Mexican telenovela The Rich Also Cry.


Format:           Feature Film

Genre:             Black Comedy

Director:         Lina Lužytė

Screenplay:    Lina Lužytė, Gintaras Liutkevičius


A tiny car accident caused a by an impoverished 75-year-old Ona escalates into a scheme of financial and psychological racketeering executed by the rich Giedrius. Used to iniquity, first Ona suffers but eventually loses it and cooks up a revenge plan, which she executes and restores the justice - be it only for one night.


Format:           Mini series

Genre:             Dramedy

Director:         Lina Lužytė

Screenplay:    Lina Lužytė, Ewa Stec, Patryk Bugajski

Cast:                Rasa Samuolytė 

The late-night show studio goes dark. Its host Elena has fried yet another celebrity. Elena knows she’s good. The best. But today - she’s on fire. “Drown you cripple kids! That’s the way to go in this impotent country!”, her callous words about a woman attempting suicide with her autistic son. They ring. They echo. They bring her down to earth. And even lower.

BURIAL  2022        

Format:           Feature Films / Documentary

Genre:             Artist Film

Director:         Emilija Škarnulytė (Emilija Skarunlyte)

Screenplay:    Emilija Škarnulytė (Emilija Skarunlyte)

Coproducers: Elisa Fernanda Pirir (Mer Film)

From the point of view of a future archeologist, Burial gazes through the radioactive ruins we’re making into the haunted depths of inaccessible places and the time we bury there. From Etruscan ruins and sunken cities to the most modern of underground repositories, director Emilija Skarnulyte follows our attempts to bury the immortal. Addressing the epochal effects of nuclear technology on all levels, Burial follows the cycle of power, an eternal return, another serpent eating its tail

Press Articles

Old demons and vast futures of Lithuania’s nuclear past


Visions du Réel 2022: Brennende Grenzen

Review: Burial

Hot Docs 2022: “Still Working 9 to 5”, “Burial” y “Freedom from Everything” 

2023 Seoul International Alt Cinema & Media Festival NeMaf (KR) 2023 IsReal – Festival di Cinema del Reale (IT) 2023 Copenhagen Architecture Festival (DK) 2023 EU Film Days (JP) 2023 Lithuanian Documentary Film Festival (US) 2023 Donaufestival (AT) 2023 Ann Arbor Film Festival (US) 2023 IBAFF International Film Festival (ES) 2023 HUMAN International Documentary Film Festival (NO) 2023 DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival (FI) 2023 Göteborg International Film Festival (SE) 2023 FIPADOC International Documentary Festival (FR) 2023 Tromsø International Film Festival (NO) 2022 Busan Anti-Nuclear Film Festival (KR) 2022 European Film Forum "Scanorama" (LT) 2022 Verzió International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (HU) 2022 Viennale (AT) 2022 New York Baltic Film Festival (US) 2022 30_70 Doc Fest (IT) 2022 Imagine Science Film Festival (US) 2022 Riga International Film Festival (LV) 2022 Lima Alterna International Film Festival (PE) 2022 MIRAGE International Film Festival (NO) 2022 UnderDox International Film Festival for Experiment & Document (DE) 2022 DMZ International Documentary Film Festival (KR) 2022 Camden International Film Festival (US) 2022 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival (CA) 2022 Visions du Réel International Film Festival Nyon (CH) 2023 International Thomas Mann Festival (LT) 2023 Helsinki Biennial (FI) 2023 Galerie 35m2 (CZ) 2023 Inventory of the Week (RO) 2023 Kunstverein Gartenhaus (AT) 2023 Yale Macmillan Center (US)

IN THE MIRROR  2020        

Format:            Feature film

Genre:              Comedy

Director:          Laila Pakalnina

Screenplay:     Laila Pakalnina

Cast:                 Madlēna Valdberga, Elza Leimane, Lauris Dzelzītis

A CrossFit trainer becomes the father of a baby girl, Snow White. Her mother dies, and her father marries a young woman obsessed with CrossFit and herself. She works out all the time in order to be the best. And she really is the best – she can do 50 burpees. In the meantime, little Snow White plays and grows up in the CrossFit gym. Time passes, and one day it turns out – while the Stepmother can do 50 burpees, Snow White can already do 53...

Press Articles

Laila Pakalnina's darkly surreal comedy reboots Snow White for an age of selfies and social media body-shaming

Review: In the Mirror

In the Mirror (Spogulis)

Film Review: In the Mirror – Raindance Film Festival 2021

2 Festival Lima Alterna: In the mirror (Competencia Internacional)

In The Mirror (Laila Pakalnina)

[CRITIQUE] : Into The Mirror

Review: Modern-Day Snow White and the Selfie-Movie IN THE MIRROR

2021 Best Director Award at Latvian National Film awards "Lielais Kristaps" (LV) 2021 Best Editing Director Award at Latvian National Film awards "Lielais Kristaps" (LV) 2021 FIPRESCI Latvia Award at "Lielais Kristaps" (LV) 2021 New York Baltic Film Festival (US) 2021 Raindance Film Festival (UK) 2021 Festival du nouveau cinéma - International Competition (CA) 2021 Black Canvas Contemporary film Festival (MX) 2021 Northern Lights Nordic-Baltic Film Festival (BY) 2021 CinEast Film Festival (LU) 2021 Haifa International Film Festival (IL) 2021 Lima Alterna Film Festival (PE) 2021 Riga International Film Festival (LV) 2021 New Horizons International Film Festival (PL) 2021 European Film Festival Palić (RS) 2021 Eurofilmfest (CZ) 2021 Istanbul Film Festival (TR) 2021 goEast Film Festival (DE) 2021 Festival International de Films de Femmes (FR) 2021 Vilnius International Film Festival (LT) 2020 Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival PÖFF (EE)


Format:            Feature Film

Genre:              Drama

Director:          Giedrė Beinoriūtė (Giedre Beinoriute)

Screenplay:     Giedrė Beinoriūtė (Giedre Beinoriute)

Cast:                 Airida Gintautaitė, Sigitas Šidlauskas, Guna Zarina, Joris Baltrūnas, Kristupas Cicėnas

Press Articles

Review: Breathing into Marble


A middle-class couple, Izabelė and Liudas, live in their rural house with their son Gailius, who suffers from epilepsy. One day Izabe talks her husband into adopting six-year-old Ilja, a headstrong yet withdrawn little boy from a children’s home. With the arrival of the new addition, family life starts to change drastically for all of them...

2018 Lithuanian Filmmakers Union Award (LT) 2018 The Best Supporting Actor Joris Baltrūnas at National Film Awards "Silver Crane" (LT) 2018 The Best Screenplay and The Best Actress Awards at "Goddess of the Throne” Kosovo Film Festival (XK) ​ 2018 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (CZ) 2018 Baltic Debut Film Festival (RU) 2018 Vilnius International Film Festival "Kino Pavasaris" (LT) 2018 Film by the Sea International Film Festival (NL) 2018 Kaunas International Film Festival (LT) 2018 Haifa International Film Festival (IL) 2018 Busan International Film Festival (KR) 2018 Tallinn Black Night International Film Festival PÖFF (EE) 2018 Riga International Film Festival (LV) 2018 Nordic Film Days Lübeck Film Festival (DE) 2018 Cottbus International Film Festival (DE) 2018 Camerimage International Film Festival (PL) 2018 Northern Film Festival (NL) 2018 Baltische Filmtage Munchen (DE)

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