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Company Profile


KINO OKO is a company based in Skopje, Macedonia. It was founded by the producer Robert Naskov in 2001 as an independent company specialized in film and TV production. KINO OKO cooperates with production companies in Europe and has acquired its well-established reputation. Thanks to such versatile profile, the company is in a position to act both as a service-production company and co-financier for European co-productions. With a firm commitment to premium quality films and an excellent understanding of the marketplace, KINO OKO commits itself to making innovative and distinctive international films and television programs.

Robert Naskov


Company Highlights


Genre:                 Drama/Coming of age

Director:              Marija Apcevska

Screenplay:         Marija Apcevska

Cast:                    Antonija Belazelkoska, Luka Mitev

Misty field, crowded locker room. Margo belongs to neither. Maybe if she loses her virginity, she will finally find her place.




Genre:                  Drama

Director:              Delphine Lehericey

Screenplay:          Joanne Giger and Delphine Leheriecy

Cast:                     Laetitia Casta, Clemence Poesy, Patrick Descamps, Luc Bruchez

Summer 1976. Europe is undergoing a relentless heatwave and one of the worst droughts in its history. On his parents’ farm, Gus (13) spends his vacation reading comic books, helping his father who has invested his entire savings in a modern battery henhouse, and running free with Mado, the wild child from the village. But slowly around him, his reassuring and familiar universe starts to crack under the heat... His mother, always a tender and gentle presence, begins drifting away, spending more and more time with the mesmerizing Cécile, while his father finds himself alone to fight the ravage of the drought. Witnessing the destruction of his nuclear family, traditional farming and patriarchy, Gus has to grow up fast and quickly leave behind the innocence of his childhood...


Genre:                Drama

Director:            Vardan Tozija, Dina Duma and Jane Kjortoshev

Screenplay:        Sasho Kokalanov, Ognen Georgievski, Darko Mitrevski, Eleonora Veninova

Cast:                   Nikola Ristanovski, Jelena Jovanova, Toni Naumovski, Angela Dimitrova, Dragana Kostadinovska, Visar Vishka,                              Bedia Begovska, Amernis Nokshichi

A psychotherapist questions his abilities and gets help by reuniting with his old therapist, whom he has not seen for ten years.

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