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Company Profile

K+ (K Plus Film) is a film production company based in Verona, Italy, operating in Cinema, TV and advertising since 2007. Founded by Nicola Fedrigoni, the Company has produced award winning independent films and documentaries. We acquire literary rights and develop original scripts, selecting each project, taking care of every production aspect, thanks to over 15 years of experience and consolidated relationships with institutions, film commissions, partners, financiers and distributors. Our aim is to grow internationally, by expanding our networking, looking for main and minor co-productions.

We are inspired by original ideas and good vibes. We love to explore, test and face new challenges, producing films with passion and participation, while always bringing our ‘Plus’. We produce independent films, looking at a classic cinema, made up of various different genres, where depth and lightness, territory and dreams prevail. A quality entertainment cinema that knows how to tell a story in surprising and innovative ways. No matter how real or grotesque, how palpable or ineffable, how concrete or ambiguous, the result will be a world apart, in a word: unique.

Among our most recent titles: “Disco Ruin”, 2021, Feature Documentary by Lisa Bosi and Francesca Zerbetto, presented at Rome Film Fest 2020; “Si muore solo da vivi” (Only the living can die), 2020, Feature Film by Alberto Rizzi, premiered at BIF&ST – Bari International Film Festival 2020; “Finchè c’è prosecco c’è speranza” (The last prosecco), 2017, Feature Film, by Antonio Padovan, selected in numerous festivals such as “Italian Film Festival” of Ajaccio 2018, En Compétition; Festival du Film Italien de Villerupt 2018, Panorama; Rome Film Festival 2017, Alice nella città; nominated for Best leading male actor at Silver Ribbons 2018, and for Best first work, best screenplay, best photography at the Golden Globes 2018.

We’re currently working on developing our next feature films, feature docs and docu-series. Among them: “Atti osceni in luogo privato” (Private indecency) second feature film by Adriano Valerio (“Banat – ll Viaggio”, 2015, selected at the Venice film festival International Critics’ Week 2015, nominated for Best new director at David di Donatello Awards 2016, and for Best original story at Silver Ribbons 2016); in association with Indiana Production (IT) and in co- production with Topshot Films (FR); based on the same titled novel by Marco Missiroli, edited by Feltrinelli Editore, with over 150.000 copies sold worldwide, winner of the International Mondello Literary Prize with a double award: Super Mondello 2015 and Mondello Giovani (2015); and shortlisted for The Bridge Award (2016); “L’Invenzione di noi due” (The invention of us) debut film by Valentina Zanella; starring Ambra Angiolini (Saturno contro, Bianco e nero, La scelta) and Edoardo Pesce (Dogman, Non sono un assassino and Fortunata), awarded for Best Supporting Actor at David di Donatello with Dogman; based on the same titled novel by Matteo Bussola, who also authors the film’s screenplay.


Nicola Fedrigoni

Valentina photo.jpg

Valentina Zanella

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Francesca Moino

Company Highlights


Format:           Feature Documentary

Genre:             Documentary

Director:         Lisa Bosi, Francesca Zerbetto

Screenplay:     Lisa Bosi

Cast:                Ondina Quadri, Dj Albertino, Dj Coccoluto, Dj Ralf

Broadcaster:   Sky Arte

Coproducer:   Sonne Film

Italian Theatrical Distributor: Wanted Cinema


A visionary journey into the history of clubbing in Italy that starts with a look at its ruins spread across Italy. Its rise and fall, as told by the history’s key players; a tale that lasted 40 years, between nights on the highway and days consumed in afterhours clubs. It was a seemingly unstoppable rise, like house music coming out of New York. It’s a story of four generations yearning to be added to a list get into places of gathering and perdition, where what counts is not what you do during the day, but only who you turn into at night. Fourty years of “planet disco” producing culture, art, music and style, among plenty of contraddictions and aberrations.


Rome Film Fest 2020
Jury Special Price – Bardolino Film Festival 2021

Extra DOC City Fest – Extra DOC Festival 2021

Audience Award – Ortigia Film Festival 2021


Format:           Feature Film

Genre:             Comedy

Director:         Alberto Rizzi

Screenplay:    Marco Pettenello, Alberto Rizzi

Cast:                Alessandro Roja, Alessandra Mastronardi, Neri Marcorè, Francesco Pannofino, Amanda Lear

Italian Distributor and Int. Sales Agent: Fandango


Orlando is a solitary man, lazy and on his way to give up. He lives day-to- day on the banks of the Po’ river, until the 2012 earthquake forces him to takehis life back into his own hands, to take care of his niece, to deal with an old love and, above all, to bring his old band back. He ends up rediscovering the beauty of doing things together. A story told amid the dance halls known as “balere,” poplar forests, and life along the shores of the great river which, with its undulating banks, assembles, pulls apart, and brings with it the wisdom of a culture that, despite its modernity, never forgets its identity. A colourful and light-hearted comedy, brought alive by music, landscapes, love, and a desire to get back n the game.


BIF&ST – Bari International Film Festival 2020, official selection

Ischia Film Festival 2020, official selection
Italian Film Festival USA 2021: IFFUSA@Home Winter Edition

Los Angeles - Italia 2021: Italian Worldwide

MittelCinemaFest 2020, official selection
Award for Best Director at Festival del Cinema Italiano 2021


Format:           Feature Film

Genre:             Noir

Director:         Antonio Padovan

Screenplay:     Fulvio Ervas, Antonio Padovan, Marco Pettenello

Cast:                Giuseppe Battiston, Liz Solari, Roberto Citran, Silvia D’amico, Rade Šerbedžija

Italian Distributor: Parthenos

Int. Sales Agent:    Fandango

Distribution plartforms: Sweet Chili Distribution Aps, Under the Milky Way

The story unravels on the rolling hills where Prosecco grapes are grown; a winemaker Count, fighting to protect his territory, a half Italian half Persian police inspector who is more stubborn than a thick fog; the manager of a cement plant who on a rainy night falls in the mud forever, killed by three gunshots; and a crazy man who scrapes the rust from the tombs in the cemetery, chatting blessings.

Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2019: Screen Cuisine
Cinema Italian Style - Seattle 2018
CinemaItalia Oggi - Poland 2018
Italian Film Festival of Ajaccio 2018: En Compétition
Festival du Film Italien de Villerupt 2018: Panorama
ICFF Italian Contemporary Film Festival 2018
Italian Film Festival USA 2018
Lavazza Italian Film Festival 2018: Lights, Drama, Action!
Les Rencontres du Cinéma Italien à Grenoble et en Isère 2018: Competition
NICE New Italian Cinema Events Festival - USA 2018: in Competition
Russia-Italy Film Festival RIFF 2018
WorldFest-Houston 2018: Feature Film
Rome International Film Festival 2017: Alice nella Città - KINO Panorama Italia
Silver Ribbons 2018: Best leading male actor (in competition)
Italian Golden Globes 2018: Best first work, best screenplay, best photography (in competition)


Cape Town International Film Market & Festival 2017: Best cinematography

Italian Film Festival of Madrid 2017: Largometrajes
Les rencontres du cinéma italien à Toulouse 2017: En compétition - Mention spéciale

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