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After working for the French television broadcaster M6 as a commissioning editor for three years, Thomas Bourguignon became a producer for Alizés Films in 1997 and created the successful show Femmes de loi for TF1 (44 episodes).

He is also a screenwriter and a director. In 2009, he wrote and directed Words of Love, a TV movie which was selected for the Montreal Film Festival, FIPA, the Banff Film Festival, and TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). He also wrote with Olivier Gorce the TV movie Natural Selection (2010).

In 2007, he founded his own production company, Kwaï, which became part of the Fremantle family in 2015. Kwaï produces high-end drama (TV movies and series) and was elected best TV producer in 2017 in France. It works with the main French channels and has currently produced for Canal+, TF1, France 2, France 3 and Arte.

In addition to the French TV market, Kwaï is developing internationally-oriented series for broadcasters and plateforms: 

-  ‘‘KIM KONG’’(3 x 52’) is a miniseries currently being written for Arte that takes place in Korea.

-  ‘‘CASH CACHE’’and ‘‘DANCE BATTLES’’ are two series for the Ivorian Radio Television (RTI). It takes place in Abidjan and will be developed and filmed with local crews.


-  ‘‘HSE’’is an international returning series of 8 x 52 ‘developed in English and set in London.

Why «Kwaï»? Why that name? Because producing a series is like building a bridge over a river in the jungle, with people speaking different languages, and still believing in it..

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Genre:             TV Series / 8 x 52' / Canal+

Genre:             Political Thriller

Director:          Ziad Doueiri  & Antoine Chevrollie

Screenplay:     Eric Benzekri, Jean-Baptiste Delafon

Cast:                Kad Merad, Anna Mouglalis, Hugo Becker, Astrid Whettnall, Pascal Elbé, Patrick Mille, François Morel


In order to ‘save the Republic’ caught between the far-right party and religious fanaticism, Amélie Dorendeu, now running for the presidency, follows the risky strategy elaborated by Philippe Rickwaert, who has just came out of prison and must remain in the shadow while waiting for his trial. But the divisions plaguing the country create an unprecedented institutional crisis. Will Rickwaert’s sole tactical genius manage to reconcile the irreconcilable? Will Amélie become the stateswoman he dreamed of or his best enemy, the one who knows everything about him and even more? Will the Baron noir have to face his own destiny and thus reveal his true nature?

Globes de cristal

Séries Mania

Séries Séries


Format:            TVSeries / 8 x 52’ / Arte / Sky / Wildsid

Genre:             Thriller

Director:          Niccolò Ammaniti, Francesco Munzi, Lucio Pellegrini 

Screenplay:     Niccolò Ammaniti, Francesca Manieri, Francesca Marciano, Stefano Bises

Cast:               Guido Caprino, Alba Rohrwacher, Lorenza Indovina, Elena Lietti, Tommaso Ragno, Monica Bellucci


During a raid into the hiding place of a head of the mafia, the police discovers a little statue of the Madone crying blood tears. This phenomenon seems to be unexplicable as the enigmatic object brings everybody who approaches it into a mystical ecstasy and overwhelms them.

Séries Mania (Special Jury Prize & Best actor award for Tommaso Ragno)

KIM KONG  2017

Format:            TV Mini-series / 3 x 52’ / Arte

Genre:              Comedy

Director:          Stephen Cafiero

Screenplay:     Simon Jablonka et Alexis Le Sec

Cast:                 Jonathan Lambert, Frédéric Chau, Christophe Tek, Audrey Giacomini


During the shooting of a mindless action flick in Asia, Mathieu Stannis, a bitter and frustrated director, is abducted by spies from a neighboring dictatorship. Enraged by the abysmal movie production of his country, its leader wants the French filmmaker to helm a new adaptation of «King Kong» that will glorify his regime. Faced with an inept crew, some equipment that date from the Cold War and the crazy demands of the Supreme Leader, Mathieu’s very life now depends on this film...


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