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Lemming Film is a leading production company with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Ghent. Since its establishment in 1995, we have built a proven track record consisting of high-quality films and drama series, which are regularly selected for prestigious festivals all over the world. Our projects reflect an open-minded vision of contemporary society, where diversity and inclusivity take center stage. Lemming Film greatly values international co-production, as the vast majority of our productions are produced in collaboration with foreign partners.
In 2021 Lemming Film founded a new creative alliance with nine other independent production companies called “The Creatives”, to jointly develop a slate of high-end drama series and feature films.
Lemming Film is run by CEO/Producer Leontine Petit and Producers Erik Glijnis and Tom van Blommestein.
Amongst others, their latest (co-)productions are:
· ABOVE THE DUST by Wang Xiaoshuai (CH) – 2024
· SWIMMING HOME by Justin Anderson (GR) – 2024
· MELK by Stefanie Kolk (NL) – 2023
· SWEET DREAMS by Ena Sendijareviç (NL) – 2023
· KALAK by Isabella Eklöf (DK) – 2023
· LOST IN THE NIGHT by Amat Escalante (MX) – 2023
· DAY & NIGHT (drama series) by Joram Lürsen and (NL) – 2023
· RHEINGOLD by Fatih Akin (DE) – 2022
· WITH KNIFE by Sam de Jong (NL) – 2022
· PLEASURE by Ninja Thyberg (SE) – 2021
· DO NOT HESITATE by Shariff Korver (NL) -2021
· DEAD AND BEAUTIFUL by David Verbeek (NL) – 2020
· BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ by Burhan Qurbani (DE) – 2020
· HEIRS OF THE NIGHT (drama series) by Diederik van Rooijen (NL) - 2020
· MONOS by Alejandro Landes (CO) – 2019
· FENIX (drama series) by Shariff Korver (NL) 2018
· ZAMA by Lucrecia Martel (AR) – 2017
· MY GIRAFFE by Barbara Bredero (NL) -2017
· THE LOBSTER by Yorgos Lanthimos (GR) - 2015



Format:           Feature Film 

Genre:             Drama

Director:         Ena Sendijarevic

Screenplay:    Ena Sendijarevic

Cast:               Renée Soutendijk, Hayati Azis, Lisa Zweerman, Florian Myjer, Muhammad Khan, Hans Dagelet, Rio den Haas,                             Peter Faber

On a remote Indonesian island, during the waning days of the colonial era, Dutch sugar factory owner Jan and his wife, Agathe are at the top of the food chain. That is, until Jan upon returning from his nightly visit to his native concubine Siti, suddenly drops dead in front of his wife. Desperate to keep the privileges of her status quo, Agathe forces her estranged son Cornelis and his heavily pregnant wife Josefien, to travel from Europe and take over the family business. In the midst of a worker’s uprising, Cornelis displays his plans for progressive change, but when Jan’s will puts Siti at the forefront of the family estate, ideals prove to be idle and blood thicker than water.

Palm Springs International Film Festival
*Won, Directors to Watch, Ena Sendijareviç
Nominated, FIPRESCI Prize, Best Foreign Language Film, Ena Sendijareviç
Goteborg Film Festival, Swedish premiere

Chicago International Film Festival
*Won, Silver Hugo, New Directors Competition, Ena Sendijareviç
Nominated, Gold Hugo, New Directors Competition, Ena Sendijareviç
Festival du nouveau cinema
Nominated, Louve d'Or, Best Film, Ena Sendijareviç
Ghent International Film Festival
Nominated, Grand Prix, Best Film, Ena Sendijareviç
Haifa International Film Festival
Nominated, Golden Anchor Award, Best Debut Film, Ena Sendijareviç
Les Arcs European Film Festival
Nominated, Cineuropa Award, Ena Sendijareviç
Locarno International Film Festival (world premiere)
*Won, Best Performance, Renée Soutendijk
Nominated, Golden Leopard, Best Film, Ena Sendijareviç
Netherlands Film Festival
*Won, Golden Calf, Best Costume Design, Bernadette Corstens
*Won, Golden Calf, Best Cinematography, Emo Weemhoff
*Won, Golden Calf, Best Supporting Role, Florian Myjer
*Won, Golden Calf, Best Leading Role, Renée Soutendijk
*Won, Golden Calf, Best Director, Ena Sendijareviç
*Won, Golden Calf, Best Feature Film, Leontine Petit, Erik Glijnis, Lemming Film
Thessaloniki Film Festival
Nominated, Golden Alexander, International Competition, Ena Sendijareviç
Valladolid International Film Festival
Nominated, Punto de Encuentro Award, Best Feature Film, Ena Sendijareviç
Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival, premiere India
Zagreb Film Festival, premiere Croatia
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, premiere Taiwan


Format:            Feature Film 

Genre:              Drama 

Director:          Ninja Thyberg

Screenplay:     Ninja Thyberg

Cast:                Sofia Kappel

Bella Cherry arrives in Los Angeles with dreams of becoming an adult film star, but she soon learns that fame won't come easy as she harnesses her ambition and cunning to rise to the top of this mesmerizing and singular world.

Festival de Cannes Official Selection

Sundance Film Festival 2021

MELK 2024

Format:            Feature Film 

Genre:              Drama

Director:          Stefanie Kolk

Screenplay:     Stefanie Kolk, Nena van Driel

Cast:                Frieda Barnhard, Aleksej Ovsiannikov

Days after giving birth to a stillborn baby, Robin’s breasts start to produce milk. Unable to throw the milk away, Robin takes the unusual decision to donate her milk. As her quest for a place to donate becomes more difficult than anticipated, more and more milk starts to crowd her freezer, relationship, and life.

Giornate degli Autori 2023, Venice Film Festival, World Premiere. IFFR, Festival International du Film Indépendante Bordeaux 2023, International Competition.Winner: Prix Erasmus +, Sao Paolo International Film Festival 2023, New Directors Competition, Zurich Film Festival 2023, International Competition, Warsaw Film Festival 2023, 1-2 Competition


Format:            Feature Film 

Genre:              Drama

Director:          David Verbeek

Screenplay:     David Verbeek

Cast:                Jessica Reynolds, Naomi Kawase, Marie Jung, Nicholas Pinnock

The Wolf, The Fox & The Leopard is a dystopian story about Isa who has been found living amongst the wolves. She is brought back to a medical centre only to be kidnapped by a couple of extremists in order to build a new, purer world. A story about strength, faith and the ability to create an alternate reality.


Format:            Feature Film 

Genre:              Drama

Director:          Tallulah Schwab

Screenplay:     Tallulah Schwab

Cast:                Crispin Glover, Sunnyi Melles

Mr. K, a traveling magician, finds himself in a Kafkaesque nightmare when he can’t find the exit of the hotel, he has slept in. His attempts to get out only pull him deeper, entangling him further with the hotel and its curious inhabitants.


Format:            Feature Film 

Genre:              Drama

Director:         John Skoog

Screenplay:     John Skoog

Cast:                Denis Lavant

On a hot, bright, and dry summer, sometime in the second half of the 20th century, farmhand and loner Karl-Göran Persson begins to fortify his house on the flat plains of southern Sweden. Deeply affected by the state’s advice for war preparations in the pamphlet “If war comes”, he wants to protect him and his neighbors when the enemy attacks or the disaster comes.

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