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We produce feature films, series, TV shows, entertainment formats, infotainment formats, content for social media channels and co-produce national and international fiction and non-fiction formats. The LEONINE Studios production companies are led by award-winning producers with longterm ties to outstanding creative talents.


We distribute content in theaters, on digital services, in home entertainment, on TV channels and with our own SVOD channels.


We have a market-leading license library which includes programs in all formats and genres. LEONINE Studios’ independence assures that all players in the content sector can be provided with premium content – digital streaming providers, pay TV partners as well as public and private television broadcasters.


Fred Kogel

Max Wiedemann

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Format:          TV Series

Genre:            Drama

Director:        Sebastian Marka, Max Zähle

Cast:               Jeremias Meyer, Zoran Pingel

Mark Zimmermann would love to celebrate his 16th birthday with his new crush Becky. Instead, his brother Thomas is taken to the eerie world of the Black Tower, ruled by a merciless beast, the Gryphon. Mark musters all his courage and embarks on an epic rescue mission. Together with his work colleague and heavy metal expert Memo, he travels deep into the mining plains of the Black Tower. At the same time, Becky tries to find out if this other world really exists. When she learns the truth about Mark, his family and the Black Tower, Mark's time has almost run out. With every adventure he experiences in the other world to get one step closer to his brother, a change takes place in Mark, which he will soon find difficult to control.

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