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LuxVide is a leading European TV and Feature Film production company with a great expertise in international TV series and TV movies (Beauty and the Beast, Romeo and Juliet, Anna Karenina, Coco Chanel  etc.), animated series (The Extraordinary Adventures of Jules Vernes) and domestic long running series (The Lady with the Black Veil, Don Matteo, Covent Mysteries etc.). LuxVide is also well known for its primetime Historical Drama series as Medici: Masters of Florence starring Dustin Hoffmann and Richard Madden, War and Peace (co-produced by 7 countries), The Bible (distributed in 140 countries), Roman Imperium  etc...

LuxVide has produced more than 600 primetime hours and achieved 1 Emmy Award for the Best Miniserie Joseph and Emmy  and Golden Globe nominations forCoco Chanel  for best mini series and best actress (Shirley MacLaine) in 2009.

Since its foundation, in 1992, LuxVide achieved partnership with major international TV broadcasters and distributor as CBS, Turner, Lifetime, Mediaset Espana, Beta Film and others.



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Format:            TV-series

Genre:              Comedy Investigation
Director:          Jan Michelini, Daniela Borsese, Monica Vullo
Screenplay:      Mario Ruggeri, Umberto Gnoli
Cast:                 Terence Hill, Nino Frassica


“Don Matteo” is a family, a really large family actually. The number of seasons of this TV series is rising in number as are the members of this TV family. There’s Don Matteo, police officers Cecchini, Tommasi and Severino, Natalina and Pippo in the rectory and Laura, a young single mother, Ester, Laura’s little girl, young Tomas and many others. As in every large family, joy and satisfaction are accompanied by problems, conflict and pain to confront and resolve. Yet most of all, there are unexpected situations…Don Matteo knows this very well and is everyone’s point of reference.


Genre:              Crime Investigation
Director:          Giulio Manfredonia
Screenplay:      Francesco Arlanch, Salvatore Basile, Lea Cafuri
Cast:                 Claudio Gioè, Guido Caprino, Antonio Gerardi, Antonio Folletto, Filippo Scicchitano


2010, district of Casal di Principe, on the outskirts of Naples. This is where Antonio Iovine, boss of the Neapolitan Mafia, has been hiding out for more than fourteen years.The Boss Hunt is inspired by real-life events and the incredible sting operation, which brought to the capture of the boss, carried out by an organized anti-mafia unit in Naples. The investigation activities, which were carried out by few men and even fewer resources, are described by the character of the police commissioner, Michele Romano (character based on Vittorio Pisani, the policeman in charge of actually capturing the boss). This surprising and spectacular operation, result of the individual courage of a handful of men, is the heart of the events told, woven with their personal experiences.Agents Arturo, Salvo, Rosanna and young Carlo are committed to the investigative mission that everyone considered impossible. But they are willing to pay a very high price to succeed putting at stake both their own lives and those of their loved ones. From the conspiring world inside the district of Casal di Principe, Anna is also involved in The Boss Hunt. Anna, Iovine’s very young female sutler who is both a bit accomplice and victim of the boss, is used by the team to identify the boss’ hide-out. Anna’s character embodies a process of transformation and liberation that comes from the transgressive force of her feelings for Emilio, a young man from Casal di Principe that has never had anything to do with the Camorra.



Genre:              Period Drama
Director:          Sergio Mimica Gezzan
Screenplay:     Nicholas Meyers, Frank Spotnitz
Cast:                Dustin Hoffman, Richard Madden


Florence, 1429. Giovanni de’ Medici, thanks to a contract stipulated with the Papacy twentyyears before, has transformed his family bank into an unprecedented economic force. But then, Giovanni is mysteriously murdered, and his sons, Cosimo and Lorenzo, are forced to face a range of enemies plotting to oust the Medici from power. First in line is Rinaldo Albizzi, head of the faction of nobles, who stands opposed not only to the rise of the middle class, favored by the Medici, but also to Cosimo’s vision for the city, including his patronage of magnificent works of art and architecture by such great artists as Donatello and Brunelleschi. Also in the Medici family keeping the peace is not an easy task. Lorenzo and Cosimo are nearly opposite in temperament, and Cosimo’s marriage to Contessina de Bardi – formed as a political alliance but then matured into a formidable partnership – will be severely strained during his exile in Venice. It is there that Cosimo takes up with Maddalena, a beautiful slave who becomes his mistress and the mother of his illegitimate son. In the meantime, the mystery of who killed Giovanni continues to lurk behind the scenes, and a new arch-enemy appears on the horizon in the person of the rival banker Pazzi. All the while, the onerous guilt of the compromises made and the evil done for the good of the family weighs heavily on Cosimo’s soul. He must decide how far he is willing to go to preserve his vision of Florence – a vision we now know as the Renaissance.



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