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Head of Business Development and Co-Productions


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Company Profile

Lux Vide is a leading international television production company in Europe, the largest in the Italian scripted market, with more than 1000 hours in prime time.Specialized in long series, it boasts a portfolio of successful productions such as DON MATTEO (12 seasons), SISTER ANGELA’S GIRLS (6 seasons), ONE STEP FROM HEAVEN (6 seasons).

The only Italian company to receive an Emmy for «Best Miniseries» for Joseph, Lux Vide also boasts 18 Emmys and 2 Golden Globe nominations, for productions such as COCO CHANEL and the THE BIBLE COLLECTION, distributed in 140 countries.

Among the recent international co-productions, MEDICI, the three-season history of the Renaissance dynasty, with the participation of stars such as Dustin Hoffmann, Sean Bean, Richard Madden and Daniel Sharman, distributed in over 100 territories with large international acclaim.In 2019 Lux Vide produced with Sky Italia, Sky Studios and Orange Studio, DEVILS, a thriller on global finance starring Patrick Dempsey and Alessandro Borghi, distributed by NBC Universal.In 2019 he created a new medical format, DOC- TWELVE YEARS MISSING, based on a true story, broadcast on Rai Uno in 2020.

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Company Highlights

DOC  2020

Format:            TV Series 16x50min

Genre:              Medical
Director:          Jan Maria Michelini, Ciro Visco
Screenplay:      Francesco Arlanch, Viola Rispoli
Cast:                 Luca Argentero, Matilde Gioli


Authoritative. Confident. Flawless. That’s how we imagine doctors – as guardians of exclusive knowledge, who use an impossibly technical language and have in their hands our lives and our deaths.
But what happens when the man inside that white coat is sick? This doctor is also a patient. Or rather, this patient is also a doctor.
His name is Dr Andrea Fanti. Dr Fanti has lost all the memories of the last 12 years of his life following a head injury. As such, for the first time ever, he finds himself “on the other side”, no longer a doctor, but a patient.
Stripped of years of memories, he feels thrust into an unfamiliar world. Children, friends, colleagues: all strangers to him. He has only one option if he does not want to go mad and lose hope: to remain in his hospital and find a new way of being what he always wanted to be, a doctor.

DEVILS  2020

Genre:              Financial Thriller
Director:          Nick Hurran, Jan Maria Michelini
Screenplay:     Alessandro Sermoneta, Elena Bucaccio, Guido Maria Brera, Mario Ruggeri, Ben Harris, Chris Lunt, Michael A.                             Walker, Peter Jukes
Cast:                 Patrick Dempsey, Alessandro Borghi

London, 2011. The Italian Massimo Ruggero is the Head of Trading at the huge American New York – London Bank (NYL). As his mentor Dominic Morgan, the American CEO of NYL, fully supports him, the talented trader seems to be the first choice in the run for vice-CEO. But when Massimo is involved in a painful scandal, Dominic denies him the promotion. Convinced that the scandal was a set-up, Massimo is determined to seek the truth but when Edward suddenly dies, Massimo realizes that something bigger is at stake. With the help of his team and a group of hacktivists, he will discover the hidden agenda behind apparently unrelated events such as the Strauss Khan scandal, the Libyan war and the crisis of the PIIGS. Facing the Devils who pull the strings of the world, Massimo will have to choose whether to fight them or to join them.

FILMING ITALY BEST MOVIE AWARD - Migliore attore in una Serie TV - Alessandro Borghi


DON MATTEO 12  2020

Genre:             Detective Comedy
Director:         Raffaele Androsiglio, Cosimo Alema
Screenplay:    Mario Ruggeri, Umberto Gnoli
Cast:                Terence Hill, Nino Frassica


Don Matteo is a journey through life and today’s society as seen from the determined eyes of a man who always believes in the possibility of change.
In this season, Don Matteo renews himself, facing more complex cases that will involve our characters.
At the center there are always Don Matteo, the Captain and the Marshal, a triplet capable of telling a story where laughs and emotions coexist in creating a simply unique world.

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