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Mallerich Films Paco Poch produces low budget fiction films, TV films and 52 minute documentaries for television.

PhD in Audiovisual Communications from the Pompeu Fabra University, Paco Poch started working as a photographer of cultural events and line producer. He has produced various feature films and documentaries for cinema and television, such as THE LEGEND OF TIME, directed by Isaki Lacuesta, INNISFREE, by José Luís Guerín, and he has co-produced films like THE PINOCHET CASE and I SAW BEN BARKA GET KILLED. He is founder and director of the Master in Film Production and Distribution by Mediapro/Ecib/Uvic. He is producer in Mallerich Films and distributor in Paco Poch Cinema.


Company Highlights


Genre:               Documentary Feature Film

Director:           Pedro Ballesteros

Screenplay:      Pedro Ballesteros, Aurora Sulli

“Can You Hear Me?” is an in-depth exploration of the work and personality of the sculptor Jaume Plensa.
Together with Plensa we visit some of his most representative pieces, sited in public spaces in Spain, France, Sweden, the US, Canada and Japan, on a series of trips that also take in the ideas that nurture his works.
Making the most of the access and intimacy provided by one of the most import artists active on today’s art scene, this documentary deals with the mechanisms leading to artistic creation, the questions that arise from our engagement with it, and how art, that thing which has no use, can transform our ways of seeing and being in the world, if only for an instant.


Docs Barcelona’s Audience Award
Official Selection at Venice Fine Arts Film Festival


Genre:              TV documentary

Director:          Luis Ortas

Screenplay:     Luis Ortas, Anne-Laure de Franssu

At the crossroads of numerous musical and cultural worlds, Pascal Comelade’s compositions form an irreducible and prolific ensemble. For over 40 years now he has been performing around the world, but his roots are set between the north and the south of the Catalan border. To outline his “instrumental galaxy”, we accompany him on a journey through his homeland, where he lives and where he often performs with some of his friends, visual artists and musicians. As in a kaleidoscope, each of them offers us the reflection of their own experience with Pascal revealing his unique language in constant progress.

Selected at Docs Barcelona and Atlantida Film Festival


Format:            Feature Film

Director:          Agustí Villaronga

Screenplay:     Agustí Villaronga, Alessandro Baricco

Cast:                Roser Casamajor, Oscar Kapoya

The Italian writer Alessandro Baricco narrates these events to the novel Oceano Mare, concentrated in a chapter titled The belly of the sea. June 1816. The frigate the Alliance, of the French Navy, ran aground on a sandbar off the coast of Senegal. To the attempts to free the hull prove futile, there is no choice but to abandon the ship. As the available boats are not enough to accommodate all the crew, build a raft about 12 meters long and 6 wide. In that boat precarious they force 147 men to board: soldiers, sailors, a few passengers and a few officers. The ship's evacuation plan foresees that the available boats will tow them up to the shore. Still, panic and confusion seize the convoy trying to reach the coast. Due to cowardice or ineptitude, the boats lose contact with the raft. The rope that towed him it breaks, or someone cuts it. The boats continue to approach land, but leave the raft at your luck. The current carries her away, and she disappears over the horizon.

A horror that lasted for days and days.

A scenario in which the worst of cruelties and the sweetest of pities.

A conflict that evokes the wound of man.

Critics Award at Moscow Film Festival - Official Selection at Int Film Fest Rotterdam and Festival Int de Málaga

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