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CEO / Producer

+ 39 06 84242430

Company Profile

Minerva Minerva Pictures Group is a leading Italian independent film production and distribution company, active as of more than 60 years both in Italy and abroad. The CEO is Gianluca Curti, the President is Santo Versace.


Over 100 feature films produced, some in coproduction with Europe and USA. Many of them have received prestigious awards. Among them: TEREZIN by G. Guidi (currently in post-production) co-produced with Three Brothers and Rai Cinema; DOGWORLD by A. Celli co-produced with Groenlandia, Ascent Film and Rai Cinema (presented at the 78th Venice International Film Festival 2021); CALIBER 9 by T. D'Angelo, sequel of the famous Milan Caliber 9 (a 1972 Minerva production by F. Di Leo) produced with GapBasters and Rai Cinema (nomination for M. Placido as Best Supporting Actor at Nastri D’Argento 2021); THE BACHELORETTE PARTY by F. Apolloni (for weeks in the list of most viewed films on Amazon Prime Video) co-produced with Rai Cinema; IL BUCO IN TESTA by A. Capuano (Nastro d’Argento 2021 for Best Actress to T. Saponangelo and 3 nominations for the Ciak d'Oro Awards); HAMMAMET by G. Amelio co-produced with Pepito and Rai Cinema (Nastro d'Argento for Best Producer and Best Actor, Globo d'Oro for Best Actor); POISON – THE LAND OF FIRE by D. Olivares (Venice 2017 Critics’ Week, Busan 2017 Flash Forward Competition) co-produced with Bronx Film, Tunnel, Sky and Rai Cinema; PER AMOR VOSTRO by M. Gaudino (Coppa Volpi and David di Donatello nomination for Valeria Golino, Golden Lion nomination for M. Gaudino, 5 Nastri d'Argento nominations) co-produced with Buena Onda Eskimo, Bronx Film, Gaundri, Les Films Des Tournelles, Bea Production Company and Rai Cinema; LÀ-BAS - EDUCAZIONE CRIMINALE by G. Lombardi (in competition at the Critics’ Week and Leone del Futuro Award of the 68th Venice Film Festival); FALCHI by T. D’Angelo (Nomination as Best Producer at Nastri d’Argento 2017, winner of the BIFEST - Bari International Film Festival for Best Editing and Best Cinematography); THE SUMMIT by F. Fracassi and M. Lauria (Special Mention as Best Documentary for the Nastro D’Argento 2013); FORTAPÀSC by M. Risi (Golden Globe 2009 for Best Director, David di Donatello nomination for Best Producer) co-produced with BiBi Film and Rai Cinema.


In May 2020 the company has launched the Scripted&Documentary Productions Department, lead by Cosetta Lagani, to extend its production to the TV and OTT markets, with particular focus on TV Series, TV Movies and Documentaries. Its first production, the docuseries MARTA – MURDER AT THE SAPIENZA CAMPUS by S. Manetti, co-produced with Rai Documentari, has recently premiered in prime time on Rai 2. The TV series MISS FALLACI TAKES AMERICA, based on the first novels by Oriana Fallaci, has recently received the greenlight and it is in production with ViacomCBS International Studios and RedString, set to be the first Italian Original for the premium streaming service Paramount+. Two other projects, the TV series GANGS OF ROME and the Feature Film LES ITALIENS, have officially been selected at the 2021 MIA Drama and Film Pitching Forum competitions. With its vast library of over 4.000 titles, including several masterpieces that have left their mark on the history of Cinema, Minerva is also a leading distributor in Italy and a solid point of reference as international sales agent, thanks to its 30 years long presence in the main industry markets. Pioneer in the digital distribution, Minerva has developed a competitive strategy as distributor and editor, working with the main digital platforms both in Italy and abroad and owning its digital channels and platform. Recently the company launched its own channels on Amazon Prime Video, Samsung TV Plus, Rakuten, LG and the first Italian channel on Apple TV.

Gianluca Curti Headshot copy.JPG

Gianluca Curti

Monica Ciarli 

Head of International


Cosetta Lagani 

Chief of Scripted&Documentary Productions / Creative Producer

Company Highlights



Format:            Feature film

Genre:              Action, Drama

Director:          Alessandro Celli

Screenplay:      Alessandro Celli, Antonio Leotti

Cast:                 Alessandro Borghi, Dennis Protopapa, Giuliano Soprano, Barbara Ronchi, Josafat Vagni, Federica Torchetti

Co-production: Groenlandia, Ascent Film and Rai Cinema

In the near future, Taranto is a ghost town surrounded by barbed wire that no one, not even the police, dares to enter. The poorest are left fighting for survival, while a gang is competing for territory with another gang. Two thirteen-year-old orphans, who grew up together, dream of joining one of the gangs.

78th Venice International Film Festival 2021



Format:            Feature film

Genre:              Comedy

Director:          Francesco Apolloni

Screenplay:      Francesco Apolloni, Fabrizio Nardi

Cast:                 Laura Chiatti, Chiara Francini, Antonia Liskova, Jun Ichikawa

Co-produced with Rai Cinema


Five young women, friends since high school, set up a get-together to hold a bachelorette party for one of them. From a suite to strip joint, until reaching their old high school, throughout the whole evening, not a trace of the bride-to-be. Meanwhile, the friends talk about men, their frustrations, their ambitions, about sex and about love. Until the grand finale surprise.   

Nomination at the Nastri d’Argento




Format:            Documentary

Genre:              Crime 

Director:          Simone Manetti

Screenplay:      Emanuele Cava, Gianluca De Martino, Laura Allievi      

Cast:                 Silvia D’Amico (Marta’s voice)

Co-produced with Rai Documentari


May 9th, 1997, Rome. A 22-year-old student is hit in the head by a stray bullet while strolling with a friend through the campus of the Sapienza University. She dies in a hospital five days later. The girl’s name is Marta Russo and her case will shock all of Italy so much so that it will be forever known as the Murder at the Sapienza Campus. 


Italians Doc It Better - MIA MARKET 2021             

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