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CEO / Producer

+ 39 06 84242430

Company Profile

Minerva Pictures is an independent production, distribution, and digital publishing company, based in Rome, active in the film, audiovisual and multimedia market, nationally and internationally, since 1953.  
The company has produced over 110 films and more than 40 documentaries, many of which have obtained prestigious awards in Italy and abroad, and it is in the development and production of TV series and TV films for broadcasters and OTT.  Minerva Pictures also controls one of the largest libraries in the independent panorama, with over 2500 owned and licensed films and a further 1,500 films being distributed by third-party partners and associates. Furthermore, Minerva Pictures is among the most advanced European companies in the digital exploitation of audiovisual content and boasts a world sales department with over thirty years of activity at all the main international markets. 

Among its productions: LEGGERE LOLITA A TEHERAN by E. Riklis based on the 2003 bestseller by Azar Nafisi, an Italian-Israeli co-production with Rosamont and Rai Cinema (currently in post-production); the TV series MISS FALLACI, co-produced with Paramount Television International Studios (Paramount+'s first Italian original); ERAVAMO BAMBINI by M. Martani co-produced with Wildside and in collaboration with Vision Distribution and Sky (presented in competition at Alice nella Città 2023 in the Panorama Italia section); MARGHERITA HACK - THE LADY OF THE STARS by G. Base co-produced with Rai Fiction (currently in post-production); BLACK BITS by A. Liguori co-produced with Play Entertainment and Agresywna Band; THE BACHELORETTE PARTY 2 by F. Apolloni produced in collaboration with Rai Cinema and Prime Video; ROSSOSPERANZA by A. Zambrano co-produced by Mad Entertainment (presented in the International Competition of the Locarno Film Festival 2023); DOGWORLD by A. Celli co-produced with Groenlandia, Ascent Film and Rai Cinema (presented at the 78th Venice International Film Festival 2021); the docuseries MARTA – MURDER AT THE SAPIENZA CAMPUS by S. Manetti, co-produced with Rai Documentari; CALIBER 9 by T. D ‘Angelo, the sequel of the famous Milan Caliber 9 (a 1972 Minerva production by F. Di Leo) produced with GapBasters and Rai Cinema (nomination for M. Placido as Best Supporting Actor at Nastri D’Argento 2021); HAMMAMET by G. Amelio co-produced with Pepito and Rai Cinema (Nastro d’Argento for Best Producer and Best Actor, Globo d’Oro for Best Actor); PER AMOR VOSTRO by M. Gaudino co-produced with Buena Onda Eskimo, Bronx Film, Gaundri, Les Films Des Tournelles, Bea Production Company and Rai Cinema (Coppa Volpi and David di Donatello nomination for Valeria Golino, Golden Lion nomination for M. Gaudino, 5 Nastri d’Argento nominations); LÀ-BAS - EDUCAZIONE CRIMINALE by G. Lombardi (in competition at the Critics’ Week and Leone del Futuro Award of the 68th Venice Film Festival); FORTAPÀSC by M. Risi co-produced with BiBi Film and Rai Cinema (Golden Globe 2009 for Best Director, David di Donatello nomination for Best Producer). 

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Gianluca Curti

Monica Ciarli 

Head of International


Company Highlights

READING LOLITA IN TEHERAN (post-production) 2023

Format:                   Feature film

Genre:                     Drama

Director:                 Eran Riklis

Screenplay:            Marjorie David

Cast:                       Golshifteh Farahani, Zar Amir-Ebrahimi, Mina Kavani

Co-production:    Rosamont and Rai Cinema

In the two decades following Khomeini’s revolution, while the streets of Tehran were the scene of terrible violence, Azar Nafisi found herself to teach to young boys and girls, increasingly exposed to Islamic catechesis, one of the most fearsome incarnations of the West: its literature. The result is one of the most touching acts of love for literature ever professed – and, at the same time, a magnificent joke played on anyone who tries to ban it.


Format:                     Feature film

Genre:                      Comedy

Director:                  Francesco Apolloni

Screenplay:             Francesco Apolloni, Fabrizio Nardi

Cast:                        Laura Chiatti, Chiara Francini, Antonia Liskova, Jun Ichikawa

Co-produced with Rai Cinema

Preparations are in full swing for Eleonora’s wedding. Polina, her mother, gives her a jewelry box with a ‘relic’ of her father, asking her to satisfy her father’s wish to be buried in a small cemetery on the border between Italy and Slovenia. Linda, Eleonora, Akiko, and Vanessa will go on an unforgettable road trip where they will discover new sides of their respective personalities that they never imagined they had.

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Format:                      TV series

Genre:                       Biopic, Period, Dramedy

Director:                   Luca Ribuoli, Giacomo Martelli, Alessandra Gonnella

Screenplay:              Viola Rispoli, Thomas Grieves

Cast:                         Miriam Leone

Co-produced with Paramount Television International Studios

The series tells the story of the famous Oriana Fallaci, one of the few, if not the only, Italian journalist and writer known throughout the world, with over 25 million copies of her books sold, and translated into 25 languages. She was a self-made Italian woman who, at just twenty-seven years old, juggles between the Italian Dolce Vita and the America of the star system between the 50s and 60s, telling the story of the American dream, while trying to reach her own: writing about major world political figures and events.

Winner of the VIACOMCBS INTERNATIONAL STUDIO AWARD at MIA Drama Pitching Forum 2020

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