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Minerva Pictures Group is an independent film production company based in Rome, Italy, that has been producing films for the international market for over 60 years.

Minerva has produced and co-produced award-winning films, like: NEVERMIND by Eros Puglielli (Italy, selected at ‘Alice nella città, Audience Award at Fantafestival 2018; FALCHI (FALCHI: FALCONS SPECIAL SQUAD) by Toni D’Angelo (Italy, Best Cinematography Award & Best Editing Award at Bari 2017); VELENO (POISON – THE LAND OF FIRE) by Diego Olivares (Italy, Venice 2017 Critics’ Week, Busan 2017 Flash Forward Competition); PER AMOR VOSTRO (FOR YOUR LOVE) by Giuseppe M. Gaudino (Italy / France, Volpi Cup Best Actress at Venice 2015); JUST LIKE A WOMAN by Rachid Bouchareb (UK/USA/France/Italy, 2012); among the others.

Among the films just completed: NESSUNO È INNOCENTE by Toni D’Angelo, co-produced with Bronx Film and Tunnel Produzioni, opening short film at the Venice 2018 Critics’ Week; RESTIAMO AMICI (FRIENDS WILL BE FRIENDS) by Antonello Grimaldi, produced with Rai Cinema, the film won the Best Producer Award at 2018 Taormina Film Festival, to be releaed in theatres in Italy the next months; NON È VERO MA CI CREDO (HAPPY GO LUCKY) by Stefano Anselmi, co-produced with Notorius Pictures, Lotus Production; COPPERMAN by Eros Puglielli, co-produced with Eliofilm, Rai Cinema, Notorius Pictures, and about to be released theatrically in Italy.

In post production: IL LADRO DI CARDELLINI (THE FINCH THIEF) by Carlo Luglio, in co-production with Bronx Film, P.F.A. Films and with Rai Cinema; In post-production: ERRE11 (R-11) by Marco Bocci, an Italian/Spanish co-production, with Rai Cinema. Among the many films in development: CALIBRO 9 (CALIBER 9) by Toni D’Angelo, with RAI Cinema; ADDIO AL NUBILATO (THE BACHELORETTE PARTY) by Francesco Apolloni; FUGITIVE CHILDREN, based on the novel ‘Bambini in fuga’ by Mirella Serri.

Minerva also acts as distributor for the Italian and the international market. With a library of 

approximately 1.700 film titles, Minerva stands out as one of the leading independent content providers in Italy and Europe.

The company has a strong digital strategy and owns and manage a YouTube channel that has reached over 1,5 million subscribers (https://www.youtube.com/user/MinervaPicturesGroup/featured), a platform called The Film Club (https://thefilmclub.it/) and it’s about to launch the first movie channel dedicated to Italian cinema on Amazon USA, called “MOVIEITALY”. Along with features, Minerva is currently working on developing TV series.


Company Highlights



Format:            Feature film

Genre:             Drama / Comedy

Director:          Eros Puglielli

Screenplay:     Eros Puglielli, Giulia Gianni, Francesca Sambataro, Antonio Muoio

Cast:                Andrea Sartoretti, Giulia Michelini, Paolo Sassanelli   


Episodic comedy film. In each episode, common people are forced in extremely strange situations. Situations that are incredible and that could happen to anyone. Each episode is a short shocking cult!

Selected at ‘Alice nella città’ independent and parallel section of the Rome FF; winner of the Audience Award at Fantafestival 2018; selected at Pune International Film Festival (PIFF) 2019 




Format:            Feature film

Genre:             Drama

Director:          Diego Olivares

Screenplay:      Diego Olivares

Cast:                 Salvatore Esposito, Luisa Ranieri, Massimiliano Gallo


In a small village in the countryside of Naples, a farmer family lives the drama of a violated territory, contaminated by poison that cruel criminal organizations have spread in most of the area. They go through the pain of the disease of the head of their family, Cosimo, and the several conflicts caused by his illness.        

Venice 2017 Critics’ Week; Busan 2017 Flash Forward Competition; Festival di Tetouan (Marocco); Best Actress Award etc.






Format:            Feature film

Genre:             Drama

Director:          Giuseppe M. Gaudino

Screenplay:     Giuseppe M. Gaudino, Isabella Sandri, Lina Sarti        

Cast:                Valeria Golino, Massimiliano Gallo, Adriano Giannini,Salvatore Cantalupo, Rosaria De Cicco, Elisabetta                                           Mirra, Edoardo Crò, Daria D’Isanto    


Anna, mother of three, has lived for forty years in her corner of hell. She was an impertinent and unfortunate girl, but by now she has become a generous woman, perhaps far too tolerant. She is a prisoner of her own duties and of her family. She is comforted by underprivileged «poor little souls», but is actually surrounded by many demons, real and imaginary.mocracy to shreds. 


Volpi Cup and Pasinetti Awards for Best Actress at Venice film festival 2015; Nominee Golden Lion and Green Drop Award for best director at Venice Film Fest 2015; BIFEST – Bari International Film Festival 2016; Best Actress Award                

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