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CEO / Producer


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Company Profile

Minerva Pictures Group is an independent film production company based in Rome, Italy, that has been producing films for the international market for over 60 years.

Minerva has produced and co-produced award-winning films, like: HAMMAMET directed by Gianni Amelio, co-produced with Pepito and RAI Cinema; SE C’È UN ALDILÀ SONO FOTTUTO. VITA E CINEMA DI CLAUDIO CALIGARI co-produced with Kimera Film (Italy, selected at Venice Classics 2019, nominated as best documentary at the David di Donatello); A TOR BELLA MONACA NON PIOVE MAI (IT’S A MAD WORLD) by Marco Bocci, an Italian/Spanish co-production, with Rai Cinema; NESSUNO È INNOCENTE by Toni D’Angelo, co-produced with Bronx Film and Tunnel Produzioni (Italy, opening short at the Venice 2018 Critics’ Week); RESTIAMO AMICI (FRIENDS WILL BE FRIENDS) by Antonello Grimaldi, with Rai Cinema (Italy, Best Producer Award at 2018 Taormina Film Festival); NON È VERO MA CI CREDO (HAPPY GO LUCKY) by Stefano Anselmi, co-produced with Notorius Pictures, Lotus Production; COPPERMAN by Eros Puglielli, co-produced with Eliofilm, Rai Cinema and Notorius Pictures; NEVERMIND by Eros Puglielli (Italy, selected at «Alice nella città», Audience Award at Fantafestival 2018); FALCHI (FALCHI: FALCONS SPECIAL SQUAD) by Toni D’Angelo (Italy, Best Cinematography Award & Best Editing Award at Bari 2017); VELENO (POISON – THE LAND OF FIRE) by Diego Olivares (Italy, Venice 2017 Critics’ Week, Busan 2017 Flash Forward Competition); PER AMOR VOSTRO (FOR YOUR LOVE) by Giuseppe M. Gaudino (Italy / France, Volpi Cup Best Actress at Venice 2015); JUST LIKE A WOMAN by Rachid Bouchareb (UK/USA/France/Italy, 2012).

Among the films just completed: IL LADRO DI CARDELLINI (THE FINCH THIEF) by Carlo Luglio, in co-production with Bronx Film, P.F.A. Films and with Rai Cinema. In post production: CALIBRO 9 (CALIBER 9) by Toni D’Angelo, an Italian/Belgium co-production with RAI Cinema and BASTARDI A MANO ARMATA (A BUNCH OF BASTARDS) by Gabriele Albanesi, an Italian/Brazilian co-production. In development: ADDIO AL NUBILATO (THE BACHELORETTE PARTY) by Francesco Apolloni, an Italian/France co-production; FUGITIVE CHILDREN, based on the novel ‘Bambini in Fuga’ by Mirella Serri; LE TERME DI TEREZIN (TEREZIN) by Gabriele Guidi, an Italian/Czech/Slovak co-production.

Minerva also acts as distributor for the Italian and the international market. With a library of approximately 1.700 film titles, Minerva stands out as one of the leading independent content providers in Italy and Europe.

The company has a strong digital strategy and owns and manages a YouTube channel that has reached over 2,5 million subscribers. (https://www.youtube.com/user/MinervaPicturesGroup/featured), a platform called The Film Club (https://thefilmclub.it/) and it’s about to launch the first movie channel dedicated to Italian cinema on Amazon USA, called “MOVIEITALY”.
Along with features, Minerva is currently working on developing TV series.

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Gianluca Curti

Company Highlights


CALIBRO 9 / CALIBER 9  2020/21

Format:            Feature film

Genre:              Action / Crime / Thriller

Director:          Toni D’Angelo

Screenplay:      Luca Poldelmengo, Toni D’Angelo, Gianluca Curti in collaboration with Marco Martani

Cast:                 Marco Bocci, Ksenia Rappoport, Barbara Bouchet, Michele Placido, Alessio Boni


Milan, Nowadays: Fernando, son of Ugo Piazza, is a brilliant criminal defense lawyer whose mother, Nelly, has done everything in her power to raise him different from his father, a deplorable gangster. When 100 million euros disappear in a telematic fraud, and the prime suspect is Fernando Piazza’s client, his name is set to be dangerously compromising. Especially if the frauded company is actually a cover up for the most powerful criminal activity of the world, the ‘ndrangheta mafia. Milan, Platì, Frankfurt, Toronto, Melbourne and Antwerp are just a few of the moves Fernando is forced to make in what will become the dangerous game of his life.




Format:            Feature film

Genre:              Drama, Biographic

Director:          Gianni Amelio

Screenplay:      Gianni Amelio, Alberto Taraglio

Cast:                 Pierfrancesco Favino, Livia Rossi, Luca Filippi, Silvia Cohen, Omero Antonutti, Renato Carpentieri, Giuseppe                               Cederna, Claudia Gerini


The film is a modern tragedy, staging timeless feelings and relationships: the leader of a great party, one of the most influential politicians of his time, spends the last months of his life exiled in Hammamet, Tunisia. When at the top of his power, a big scandal hit him and heavily condemned him. His “exile” has been seen by public opinion as a real escape from Courts’ judgement. The President has serious health issues, that should be addressed in hospitals other than those in Tunisia. But he firmly refuses to return to Italy, where, for sure, he would be convicted. He spends the last days of his life warmed by the love of his daughter who will be by his side until the very end.        

(TBA) INTERNATIONAL PANORAMA 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF)




Format:            Feature film

Genre:              Drama

Director:          Marco Bocci

Screenplay:      Marco Bocci        

Cast:                 Libero De Rienzo, Andrea Sartoretti, Lorenzo Lazzarini, Antonia Liskova, Lorenza Guerrieri, Giorgio Colangeli,                               Massimiliano Rossi, Giordano De Plano, Gabriel Montesi    


Mauro is born among the tenements of Tor Bella Monaca, a difficult area in Rome; all his life he has tried to play by the rules and waited for the right opportunity and dreamt of a real job. When his friends Domenico and Fabio decide to rob the Chinese mafia, he can’t help to get involved. But playing the bad guy is no small thing.


Sudestival 2020, Los Angeles - Italia 2020: Italian Cinema Today