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Founder / Producer

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Company Profile 


The Mogambo team has extensive experience in movie production and managing private investment in movies since 2015. Ignacio Salazar-Simpson has been a cinema and theatre producer for over 15 years.


Given their experience, both Ignacio and his partner Ricardo Marco Budé, who has a successful trajectory in financial bussiness, lead Mogambo with the aim of creating more and better cinematographic content in Spain. Currently, the company has three lines of action: Mogambo's own productions, co-productions and the financing of projects shot in Spain through tax incentives and tax rebates.

Ignacio Salazar-Simpson


Company Highlights


Genre:             Comedy

Director:         Javier Ruiz Caldera

Screenplay:     Borja Cobeaga, Diego San José

Cast:                Dani Rovira, Alexandra Jiménez, Julián López, Maribel Verdú

Since his arrival on Earth from the planet Chiton, the life of Juan López has not been easy. With superpowers it’s hard not to stand out. Being able to fly, read minds, have supervision and stopping a subway convoy from derailing... And then going back to the office, struggling to be a normal guy, it wasn’t easy for him. Or maybe it was, because Juan needs nothing more than his morning croissant to be happy...

However, something is about to change. The appearance of Luisa, an old high school sweetheart, in the orderly life of Lopez, is about to wreak havoc. Now is not the time to go unnoticed. Even though it may draw the attention of the evil Skorba and his sibiline daughter, Ágata, and endanger the survival of their home planet.


3 2019 GOYA nominations

Official Selection STIGES FF

1 2019 FEROZ Award Nomination for Best Picture



Genre:             Thriller/Drama

Director:         Dani de la Torre

Screenplay:    Patxi Amezcua

Cast:                Luis Tosar, Michelle Jenner, Vicente Romero, Ernesto Alterio


The Year is 1921. Spain is experiencing a turbulent and chaotic moment in history: these are the years of the lead, the result of violent street clashes between thugs and anarchists. Gangsters and illegal businesses are deeply embedded in society. In this situation of unrest, Aníbal Uriarte, is the police officer sent to Barcelona to assist in the arrest of those guilty of stealing a military train. Aníbal and his ways do not find much support among his companions, and soon the clashes and mistrust with Inspector Rediú, a corrupt superior begin. Aníbal will come into contact not only with the underworld of Barcelona society, but also with the most radical anarchists in the world, ready to do anything to achieve their goals. There he will meet Sara, a young fighter and volatile woman, whose encounter will have unexpected consequences for both. 


6 2019 GOYA Awards Nominations



Genre:             Horror/Thriller/Supernatural

Director:         David Victori

Screenplay:     David Victori, Jordi Vallejo

Cast:                 Belén Rueda, Mireia Oriol, Dario Grandinetti, Antonio Durán

What would you be willing do to save the life of your most beloved one? This is the terrible dilema Monica is facing with the irreversible coma of her daughter Clara. The anguish of knowing that she may lose her daughter disappears when she meets a shaman who offers her the possibility of recovering Clara’s life. Monica agrees to carry out the shaman’s proposed ritual, not being aware that every pact has a price: after saving her daughter life’s she has to kill somebody. It’s The Covenant: life for life. And now that she owns that power... Is she going to use the Covenant again?



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