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Ines Vasiljević

Producer CEO

Company Profile

Nightswim means swimming at night. In other words, something bold, fun and sensual. We would love to produce things like this. Trying to do so we work a lot on ideas - going after them, first, and then refining them until they're ready - because we believe this makes the difference. And then the care for details throughout the production process, always trying to broaden the horizons, going beyond the Italian borders, working with many co-productions. We try to produce films that we would like to see as spectators. We do not always succeed in this, but it seems to us the best direction in which to continue swimming.

Nightswim was founded in Rome, in 2015. Its major goal is to identify and invest in new talents and languages, developing original narratives with a strong visual personality, without any format limitations.

The production structure includes two partners whose talents and fields of interest complement each other: Stefano Sardo, screenwriter, director and creative producer, and Ines Vasiljević, producer with many years of experience in Italy and abroad.

Ines Vasiljevic

Ines Vasiljević

Company Highlights


Genre:             Sci-Fi

Director:         Alberto Mascia

Screenplay:    Alberto Mascia, Enrico Saccà

Cast:                Stefano Accors, Katsiaryna Shulha, Astrid Meloni


Near future. The old penitentiaries are a memory. Inmates now serve their sentence in a state of deep sleep. Until one day David Damiani, a prison psychologist, finds himself confronted with a prisoner over whom he has lost all control.

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