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CEO, Producer


Director, Producer, Editor

Company Profile

O Som e a Fúria is the breeding ground of the so-called Portuguese “short-film generation”. We have been producing cinema since 1998, committed to the development of the individual universes of our authors, which are and have been the backbone of this production company.


We were able to internationalize our work through our regular presence in the most prestigious Film Festivals, the recognition of more than 30 awards, film premieres all over the world, and several co-productions with European, South American, Chinese and Macanese partners. Directors such as Miguel Gomes, João Nicolau, Salomé Lamas, Sandro Aguilar, Ivo M. Ferreira, Eugene Green, Manuel Mozos, among others, worked with us, including the maestro Manoel de Oliveira with his last 2 films (Gebo and the Shadow and The old man of Belém – short).

Zama, by Lucrecia Martel, Frankie, by Ira Sachs , 9 Fingers, by F.J Ossang', A Yellow Aninal, by Felipe Bragança, Pedro, by Laís Bodanzky and Tout le Monde Aime Jeanne, by Céline Devaux are titles we've co-produced.

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Luis Urbano

Company Highlights


Format:           Feature Film

Genre:             Drama, Musical, Comedy

Director:         João Nicolau

Screenplay:     João Nicolau, Mariana Ricardo 

Cast:                Miguel Lobo Antunes, Luísa Cruz


Luís Rovisco, divorced and well into his sixties, is hoping to retire soon from his job as the commercial director of SegurVale – Integrated Systems of Access Control. Until that happens, he can more often be found behind the wheel of his car, singing about what he sees along the way. Quick on the draw and with a ready smile, his years of experience allow him to gracefully avoid the traps that technology, his coworkers and a mysteriously absent boss keep setting on his path. Not even the death of Napoleão (a cat), the constant pain on his knee or a family altercation overpower him: there’s no wrong that a song can’t make right. But before Lucinda, the receptionist at Almadrava Hotel, he finds himself singing to a different tune.


Locarno Film Festival [CH 2019] {Official Competition}

Sevilla International Film Festival [ES 2019] {Official Selection} : Gran Premio del Jurado


Format:           Feature Film

Genre:             Drama

Director:         Ivo M. Ferreira

Screenplay:     Ivo M. Ferreira, Edgar Medina

Cast:                Miguel Nunes, Margarida Vila-Nova, Ricardo Pereira


1971. António Lobo Antunes life is brutally interrupted when he is drafted into the Portuguese Army to serve as a doctor in one of the worst zones of the Colonial War – the East of Angola. Away from everything dear he writes letters to his wife while he is immersed in an increasingly violent setting. While he moves between several military posts he falls in love for Africa and matures politically. At his side, an entire generation struggles and despairs for the return home. In the uncertainty of war events, only the letters can make him survive. 

BERLINALE – Official Competition [DE 2016]
SOPHIA AWARDS [PT 2017] – Best Film: Ivo M. Ferreira, produced by Luís Urbano and Sandro Aguilar (O Som e a Fúria); Best Director: Ivo M. Ferreira; Best Adapted Script: Ivo M. Ferreira and Edgar Medina; Best Cinematography: João Ribeiro; Best Editing: Sandro Aguilar; Best Arts Direction: Nuno G. Mello; Best Hair and Makeup: Blue; Best Sound: Ricardo Leal, Tiago Matos; Best Wardrobe: Lucha D’Orey

TABU  2012

Format:           Feature Film

Genre:             Drama 

Director:         Miguel Gomes

Screenplay:     Miguel Gomes, Mariana Ricardo

Cast:                Laura Soveral, Teresa Madruga, Ana Moreira, Carloto Cotta, Ivo Müller 

A temperamental old woman, her Cape Verdean maid and a neighbour devoted to social causes live on the same floor of a Lisbon apartment building. When the old lady dies, the other two learn of an episode from her past: a tale of love and crime set in an Africa straight from the world of adventure films. 

62nd Berlinale – Competition Alfred Bauer Award; Critics Award FIPRESCI [Germany, 2012]
Las Palmas International Film Festival [Gran Canaria – Spain, 2012]: Lady Harimaguada de Prata Award, Public Award
Festival Paris Cinéma: Coup de Coeur du Jury, Prix du Jury des bloggers et du web [France, 2012] Avvantura Festival – FilmForum Zadar [Croatia, 2012]: Best Director
Auteur Film Festival [Croatia, 2012]: Grand Prix
Film Festival Ghent: Grand Prix for Best Film [Belgium, 2012]
Muestra de Cine Europeo de Lanzarote: Best Film [Spain, 2012]
Time Out Awards 2012 [Portugal, 2012]: Portuguese Film of the Year
French Critics Association Cinema Awards [France, 2012]: Best Foreign Film
International Cinephile Society [2012]: Best Original Screenplay
Prémio Autores 2013 – Portuguese Author’s Society [Portugal, 2013]: Best Film
Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indias [Colombia, 2013]: Cinecolombia Award for Best Film

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