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Oble is an independent and international studio. We produce fiction and factual stories.​ We entertain differently. Meaningfully.


In a society where inequalities are growing and climate change accelerating, it’s urgent to change habits, norms, and mentalities. At Oble, we believe that stories have the power to change the way we see the world, fight against stereotypes, and build a new reality. By shaping new imaginaries, we fight for an alternative future, with more inclusion and solidarity.




Genre:          Detective Drama 

Director:      Matti Kinnunen

Screenplay:  Harri Virtanen

Cast:              Olli Rahkonen, Olga Temonen


Timo Harjunpää lives in the small, peaceful town of Kirkkonummi with his wife Elisa, and two young daughters. Harjunpää’s summer should be peaceful too but is anything but. Police Sergeant Harjunpää works with the Helsinki Murder Squad, and with his newly assigned partner Onerva Nykänen gets to deal with cases where every behaviour humanly possible becomes familiar to them.
The beautiful summery Helsinki looks very different to the eyes
 of Harjunpää and Nykänen: to them, people are not safe at home, or on the streets. Their cases don’t leave them alone even on their days off, and they both need to think of the impact their choice of profession has on their families, where, after a difficult day’s work, they both face their challenges and problems. Being in the Murder Squad makes you fear for your own family, fear that you’ll lose control of the life of your children.



Genre:          Period Drama 

Director:      Pierre Monnard

Screenplay:  Lindsay Shapero

Cast:               Cyril Metzger, Manon Clavel, Astrid Roos, Axel Granberger, Clive Standen, Simon Ludders, Henri Pettigrew, Vincent Heneine, Astrid Whettnall

The Swiss Alps, 1899. André Morel, a young and ambitious hotelier has a daring vision: the very first five-star Alpine palace that will stay open throughout the winter season. With his partner Lord Fairfax, a wealthy aristocrat, he'll have to overcome the hostile climate, demanding clientèle and uncooperative staff to rise to the challenge of this risky venture.
Winter Palace combines a lavish period drama with compelling, character-driven stories full of hidden desires, ambitions, a
nd love, and depicts the birth of Alpine tourism and winter sports holidays.


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