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Producer / CEO


Producer / CEO

Company Profile


Ostlicht Filmproduktion GmbH is a German-based film production company, established in 2004. Producers, Shareholders and Executives are Marcel Lenz and Guido Schwab. Ostlicht focusses on development and production of feature films for young and grown up audiences on national and international markets. Films (co-) produced by Ostlicht have been presented and awarded at festivals all over the world, including Sundance, Locarno, Berlinale, Tribeca, Montreal, Busan.
Ostlicht Filmproduktion is an active member of the EAVE-Producers Network. Marcel Lenz and Guido Schwab are members of the European Film Academy, the German Film Academy and the European Producers Club.

«Cinema is the most beautiful way to travel the world and beyond. It is a metaphor of life, of a multitude of possibilities, of exchange, relief, orientation and inspiration. We love cinema and we love stories and we do what we love with a clear vision. We want to tell dramatic and entertaining stories for young and old, we want to move and enthuse. A close collaboration with reknown filmmakers is as important to us as the promotion of creative talent, decent handcraft, detailed planning and a great deal of endurance.»





Company Highlights




Format:            Feature film

Genre:              Drama

Director:          Peter Bebjak

Screenplay:     Jozef Paštéka, Tomáš Bombík, Peter Bebjak

Cast:                 Jan Nedbal, Michal Režný, Florian Panzner, Lars Rudolph, Christoph Bach, Wojciech Mecwaldowski, Jacek                                   Beller, John Hanna


This is the true story of Freddy and Walter – two young Slovak Jews, who were deported to Auschwitz in 1942. On 10 April 1944, after meticulous planning and with the help and the resilience of their inmates, they manage to escape. While the inmates, they had left behind, courageously stand their ground against the Nazi officers, the two men are driven on by the hope that their evidence could save lives. Emaciated and hurt, they make their way through the mountains back to Slovakia. With the help of chance encounters, they finally manage to cross the border and meet the resistance and The Red Cross. They compile a detailed report about the systematic genocide at the camp. However, with Nazi propaganda and international liaisons still in place, their account seems to be too harrowing to believe.




Format:            Feature film

Genre:              Family entertainment / Superhero

Director:          Markus Dietrich

Screenplay:     Markus Dietrich

Cast:                 Ruby M. Lichtenberg, Lui Eckardt, Anna Shirin Habedank,,Victoria Mayer, Luc Schiltz, Jeanne Werner, Patrick                           Hastert, Tatja Seibt


The unassuming 12-year-old Sue has physical contact with a secret serum her mother has developed for the good of humankind – and suddenly she is able to make herself invisible. Teaming up with her two dissimilar sidekicks App and Tobi, as well as the precocious AI Alfred, Sue has to undergo lots of dangerous adventures with her new superhero powers so as to free her mother from the clutches of dark forces – and ultimately prove herself on her own abilities as a superhero.

Selection: Nominated - Prize of the German Film Critics 2020 as Best Childrens Film;

Longlist - German Film Award 2020 as Best Childrens Film
2018 - CINEKID, Internationals Festivals für Kinder- und Jugendfilm;

Main Award, OULU - Internationales Kinder und Jugendfilmfestival
2019 - CINEDOC - Kinderfilmfestival Athen;

BUFF - Int. Kinderfilmfestival in Malmö;

Mapple Syrup Award, FIFEM Montréal;

Festival Goldener Spatz;

Special Award of the Children’s Jury- Festival of German Films Ludwigshafen ;

Special Jury Award - Zeroplus Filmfest Tyumen;

Lucas - International Festival for Young Film Lovers;

Busan International Film Festival;

Zlin Film Festival - International Film Festival for Children and Youth;

Audience Award - Zurich Film Festival;

Sarajevo Film Festival; Schlingel - International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience;

Chicago International Childrens Film Festival


Format:            Feature film

Genre:              Family entertainment

Director:          Steven Wouterlood

Screenplay:     Laura van Dijk, based on the novel of Anna Woltz 

Cast:                 Sonny Coops van Utteren, Josephine Arendsen, Julian Ras, Tjebbo Gerritsma, Suzan Boogaerdt, Johannes                                   Kienast, Terence Schreurs


Afraid of being left alone as the youngest of the family, Sam begins his own made up aloneness training during his holiday on the Dutch island Terschelling. But by meeting the elusive Tess, who carries a big secret, he is drawn into an adventure that makes him realize that you should cherish your family instead of fleeing. Sam makes a drastic decision that puts his special friendship with Tess at risk and will change Tess' life forever.

69th Berlinale, Generation - Special Mention
New York International Children's Film Festival 2019 - Grand Prize
Kino Kino Croatia - Audience Award
Kaliningrad Children Filmfest - Grand Prix, Audience Award
Kristiansand International Children's Film Festival - Children's Jury Award


Format:            Feature film

Genre:              Political thriller

Director:          Tarik Saleh

Screenplay:     Tarik Saleh

Cast:                 Fares Fares, Mari Malek, Yaser Aly Maher, Slimane Daze, Ahmed Seleem, Mohamed Yousry, Hania Amar


Weeks before the 2011 revolution in Egypt. Noredin, a police officer in Cairo's corrupt system, investigates the murder of a club singer at the Nile Hilton. Upon realizing the involvement of Egypt's power elite, Noredin changes sides to those who are defenseless against it.
A political thriller based on a true story.

Sundance Film Festival 2017, World Cinema Dramatic Competition, Grand Jury Prize: Dramatic, 
Beaune International Thriller Film Festival Grand Prix, 
Seminci Golden Spike for Best Film, Ribera De Duero for Best Director, Miguel Delibes Award for Best Script, 
Festival Du Film Politique Prix Des Médias, 
Etoiles Et Toiles Du Cinéma Européen Europe Prize For Human Rights, 
Le Parisien Best Foreign Film, 
Milano Noir Festival Best Actor, Fares Fares, 
Guldbagge Award Best Film, Best Male Actor, Fares Fares, Best Set Design, Roger Rosenberg, Best Sound Design, Fredrik Jonsäter, Best Costume, Louize Nissen
Le Masque Et La Plume Best Foreign Film
César 2018 Nominated for Best Foreign Film
Gabes International Film Festival El Seed D’or


Format:            Feature film

Genre:              Drama

Director:          Oleg Novkovic

Screenplay:      Milena Markovic

Cast:                 Uliks Fehmiu, Hana Selimovic, Jasna Djuricic, Nebojsa Glogovac


King (Uliks Fehmiu), a former box champion, is now a dangerous and capricious bar owner of around 40 years, living in the decayed industrial town of Bor. King is a women's man who claims for himself to love no one. Unlike the men around him, he drives a motorbike and keeps in shape. 
When he meets 16-year-old Rosa (Hana Semlinovic), he falls in love for the first time in his life. But rebellious Rosa is also the daughter of his former lover Ruzica (Jasna Djuricic), who just recently was released from prison. While Ruzica tries to change her life, King runs from town with her daughter. When they return, a secret will be revealed, that will destroy them.

Festival Del Film Locarno, International Competition Silver Leopard for Jasna Duric As Best Main Actress
Cicae Prix Art & Essai
Filmfestival Cottbus, Main Prize
Mar Del Plata Festival, 1st Special Mention
Le Festival International Du Film De Pau, Prize For Hana Selimovic as Best Actress
Festival De Cinéma Européen Des Arcs, Prize For Jasna Duric as Best Actress
27. Festroia International Film Festival of Setúbal, Silver Dolphin for The Best Director
Tribeca Film Festival
Sarajevo Film Festival
Sofia International Film Festival 
Busan International Film Festival
Helsinki Film Festival Love & Anarchy
Thessaloniki International Filmfestival
Festival Du Nouveau Cinéma Montreal

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