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Company Profile

Partner Media Investment is an independent fProduction and Distribution company, based in Italy. The aim of the company is producing author films and documentary.

Founded in 2006 by Andrea Stucovitz the company have produced and coproduced Feature Documentaries and Feature Films with France, Germany, USA, Albania, Belgium. Participating to international film festivals such as Cannes, Montreal, Athens, Palm Springs, Dhaka, Monaco, Biff, Jerusalem, and others.

Andrea Stucovitz


Company Highlights


Genre:              Drama

Director:          Alessandro Rossetto

Screenplay:     Romolo Bugaro, Alessandro Rossetto

Cast:                Fabio Sartor, Sandra Toffolatti, Diego Ribon, Mirko Artuso, Valerio Mazzucato, Davide Sportelli, Riccardo 


In the ball room of a Palladian Style Villa, is taking place a party. Men in blazer, and ladies in gown. Many of them have lost millions with the default of the Bank of Nord Est. In between a flute of champagne and a dance, personal tensions are mixing with a collective frustration. With the arrival of the former president of the bank, the violence and the acrimony of the guests raise up high, indeed the president has the firm intention to tell his own truth about the collapse of his bank. At sunshine finally a good news arrives, the life of a little child was saved over the night.


Genre:               Dramedy
Director:           Elisa Mishto
Screenplay:       Elisa Mishto
Cast:                  Natalia Belitski, Celine Graffon, Giuseppe Battiston


Funny and smart young Julie decides she doesn’t want to do anything in her life. By doing so she starts a rebellion that will question and destabilize everything and everybody around her. STAY STILL is the story of a generation with a poetic and witty undercurrent. Yes it is dangerous, but yes, it is also very exciting.




Genre:            Drama
Director:         Andrea Pallaoro
Screenplay:    Andrea Pallaoro, Orlando Tirado
Cast:                Charlotte Rampling, André Wilms 


Hannah is a merciless, yet compassionate, lyrical, and daring character study of Hannah, a Polish woman in her sixties, as she copes with loss and self-doubt about the incarnation of her husband. As Hannah's persistent denial reveals itself against a general truth, her reality becomes increasingly unhinged. Through the exploration of Hannah's compromised sense of identity and self-control, the film investigates contemporary alienation, the human struggle to connect and the boundaries between individual identity, couplehood and society. 


Biennale di Venezia Mostra d’Arte Cinematografica, Coppa Volpi Best Actress; Toronto Internaitonal Film Festival, Berlinale Retrospective on Charlotte Rampling, and many others festival (please visit web page of Film Italia for details)



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