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Pepito Produzioni is an independent film and television production company founded in 2011 by Agostino Saccà and Giuseppe Saccà, joined in 2013 by Maria Grazia Saccà. The company has produced 9 films for the cinema, 13 TV comedies, 2 TV series and 3 documentary series. Pepito has triumphed in Berlin winning one of the most important international awards, the Silver Bear for Best Screenplay Bad Tales 2020.

Since its debut, Pepito has focused on creating exquisite products with a typically popular vocation. Films, TV series, documentaries, the goal is always to satisfy the most demanding audiences and to export Italian popular culture in the world. Understanding the content needs of major commercial markets in order to satisfy a growing demand for narrative storytelling, facilitated by Agostino’s extensive experience in international partnerships with key industry players.

Today Pepito Produzioni is currently developing an ambitious slate of film and TV series projects of international scope, in association with Europe’s greatest independent groups.

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Genre:           Drama
Director:       Damiano D’Innocenzo, Fabio D’Innocenzo
Screenplay:   Damiano D’Innocenzo, Fabio D’Innocenzo
Cast:              Elio Germano, Barbara Chichiarelli, Ileana D’Ambra, Tommaso Di Cola, Giulietta Rebeggiani, Gabriel Montesi,                             Justin Korovkin, Lino Musella

Once upon a time, there was a black tale set in the Roman province, amongst the brutally built coastal melancholy and a countryside, which was a former marsh. A small community made up of families, their teenage sons, school. An apparently regular world where, silent, the subtle sadism of fathers broods. Imperceptible but inexorable, the passivity of the mothers, the guilty indifference of adults. Above all, the desperation of the diligent and cruel sons, unable to make themselves heard, which explodes in dormant anger and rushes towards the defeat of all.


2020 Berlin International Film Festival, Silver Berlin Bear Best Screenplay

Brussels International Film Festival, Jury Award

Cork International Film Festival Won, Gradam Spiorad na Féile (Spirit of the Festival Award)

Golden Globe Best Screenplay (Migliore Sceneggiatura)

European Film Awards Nominated, European Film Award European Screenwriter


Genre:            Biography, Drama
Director:        Gianni Amelio
Screenplay:   Gianni Amelio, Alberto Taraglio
Cast:               Pierfrancesco Favino, Livia Rossi, Luca Filippi

An undisputed protagonist of international politics and, until recently, revered in Italy, Bettino Craxi is now in Hammamet, far from his homeland. Overwhelmed by the populist surge that toppled the formerly governing democratic parties which rose to power during the first fifty years of the Italian Republic, and caught up in a series of judicial inquiries, President Craxi can no longer return to his homeland as a free man. A master at commanding respect in the political arena, Craxi is also surrounded by opportunists; he is down but not out; and he is left to fend for himself in a home on a hill, where he lives out his final months like a caged beast. Hammamet is also the touching story of a father and a daughter, Anita, who stands by his side after everyone else has fled. Craxi is ill and in dire need of life-saving treatment. Anita goes to lengths that only the greatest love can justify as she struggles to make her father relent and set aside his ideas at least at this crucial time in his life; he must agree to return to Italy to be treated, at the cost of losing freedom he believes he deserves. The conflict between his ideas and his familial love – between political motivations and those of the man – will be fierce and, eventually, fatal. Hammamet is the never-ending struggle typical of the great Classical tragedies. Like in Antigone, the reason of State conflicts with the reason of man; like Oedipus at Colonus, the mystery of human life is investigated; hence, the greatness of public life stretches inexorably towards the sunset and the veil of death. The story is more private than public; politics are worked into the plot only to provide the necessary context. Like in a Shakespearean play, feelings are fathomed to shed light on facts.


Golden Globes, Italy Won, Golden Globe Best Actor (Migliore Attore)

Ischia Global Film & Music Festival Won, Ischia Producer Award Best Global Producer

Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists Won, Silver Ribbon Best Producer (Migliore Produttore)

Genre:            Family Comedy
Director:         Matteo Oleotto
Screenplay:    Series bible: Andrea Agnello, Daniela Gambaro, Matteo Oleotto, Valentina Santandrea, Matteo Visconti e                                     Alessandro Sermoneta. Head writer: Alessandro Sermoneta. Story episode 1: Alessandro Sermoneta, Andrea                                Agnello, Daniela Gambaro, Matteo Oleotto, Matteo Visconti. Screenplay episode 1: Alessandro Sermoneta,                                  Andrea Agnello, Daniela Gambaro, Matteo Visconti. Story episodes 2-12: Alessandro Sermoneta, Giacomo                                  Bisanti, Matteo Oleotto, Matteo Visconti. Screenplay episodes 2-12: Alessandro Sermoneta, Giacomo Bisanti,                            Matteo Visconti
Cast:               Giuseppe Battiston and Valentina Bellè, Angela Finocchiaro, Emanuela Grimalda, Riccardo Maria Manera,                                     Margherita Morchio, Alessia Debandi, Sara Lazzaro, Matteo Lai, Fabrizio Costella, Lorenzo Adorni, Ernesto                                   D’argenio, Davide Iacopini, Diego Ribon, Anita Kravos, Emilio De Marchi with the participation of Teco Celio.


At 16 years old Olivia was wild at heart, dreaming to set the world on fire with her rock band. But life took over and at 27 Olivia now finds herself single mother of two teenage twins, with an unreliable brother and a crazy mother to take care of, and the bugging feeling that she will never be happy. A car accident will bring on a new perspective and trigger the wish of getting back all that was left behind.

Selection: Diversity Media Awards



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