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Company Profile 

Perfo Production is one of a leading Slovenian independent film and TV production company established in 2005 by producers Ales Pavlin and Andrej Stritof. We deliver critically and commercially successful projects to domestic, European and global audiences. We have a passion for nurturing emerging talent and maintaining creative relationships with established writers, directors and creatives.

We want to reach a global audience through uplifting, diverse stories with universal themes. We have built relationships with European and International partners, sales agents,

distributors and A-List festivals to ensure our projects reach the widest audience while

maintaining artistic vision.

The company has produced many feature-length films, all were produced in international

co-productions, mainly as delegate producer and sometimes as minor co-producer.

We have also produced more than ten very successful TV series and some short films.

Some films were among top hits in cinemas and all of them were screened at numerous

festivals around the world, winning many awards.

Perfo remains a truly independent company retaining and building alliances with key Slovenian and international talent to deliver film and television of the highest quality.

PERFO offers full production services for films, commercials and television series in Slovenia.


Ales Pavlin

Company Highlights



Genre:             DRAMA

Format:           TV mini series 6x52 min

Director:         Dalibor Matanic

Screenplay:     Milan F. Zivkovic, Hana Jusic and Jelena Paljan

Cast:                Rene Bitorajac, Kresimir Mikic, Jovana Stojiljkovic, Izudin Bajrovic, Goran Bogdan, Tihana Lazovic,


The Last Socialist Artefact is a six-part series based on the novel by Robert Perišić and directed by Dalibor Matanić.

It is a story about two guys from Zagreb who, with few good intentions, go to a former industrial town full of discouraged and depressed residents and manage to bring life and hope.

Grand Prix for best show in International Panorama competition at Series Mania 2021

APPLES  2020

Genre:              Drama

Director:          Christos Nikou

Screenplay:      Christos Nikou & Stavros Raptis

Cast:                 Aris Servetalis, Sofia Georgovassili...


How selective is our memory? Do we remember what we have experienced or what we have chosen to remember? Can we forget the things that hurt us?
In the end, are we simply just the sum of all those things we don’t forget? Apples, an allegorical and somehow funny story, is in its core an effort to explore the way our memory functions and how this affects our being.

Venice Opening film Orizzonti (World Premiere)

Chicago – Best Screenplay Award

Denver – Special Jury Mention for Storytelling originality

Tokyo Film Festival – Tokyo Premiere 2020

Philadelphia – Honorable mention of Best Direction

APPLES is the Official Greek Entry for the Oscars

Sevilla – New Waves Best Film Award

Thessaloniki – Best Actor Award

Stockholm – Competition

Ljubljana – Life – Kingfisher Award for Best feature, Best Sound and Best Co-production

Taipei, Golden Horse


Genre:              Drama

Director:          Jan Cvitkovic

Screenplay:     Jan Cvitkovic

Cast:                 Irena Kovacevic, Primoz Vrhovec 


The main story arc of “The Basics of Killing” is the downfall of an idyllic relationship between parents Marko and Dunja that falls apart entirely due to lack of respect that is itself a result of the loss of the job and the consequent financial ruin. As the story progresses, the burden that the parents are unable to carry is slowly beginning to fall more and more onto the children’s shoulders.
It’s a story that is happening every day in Slovenia, but it could also happen anywhere else. For the ones familiar with this phenomenon, it will be a painful experience, for the rest, let it be a reminder.


World premiere at Montreal World Film Festival 2017 – Won Best Actress and nominated for Grand Prix des Ameriques for Best Film
- Slovene Film Festival 2017 – Won Best Costume Design, Best Sound, Best Cinematography, Best Music and Nominated for Best Film
- Cottbus Film Festival of Young European Cinema 2017 – Nominated for Grand Prize for Best Film
- Zagreb Film Festival 2017 – Won Best Feature Jury Prize, Special Mention Feature Film, Nominated for Golden Bicycle Award for best Film
- Ostende Film Festival 2017
- Chicago International Film Festival 2017
- Otranto Film Festival 2017




Genre:             Comedy

Director:          Jan Cvitkovic 

Screenplay:     Jan Cvitkovic

Cast:                Žiga Födransperg, David Furlan, Marko Miladinovic, Petre Arsovski

Absurd comedy taking place in the Šiška district of Ljubljana. Forty year-old longtime friends Mile –“smart-ass” and “know-it-all” living with his mother–, Fedr –ex-skinhead and divorced dad– and Zekir –ex-punker orphan–, decide to open a pizzeria with the hope that success in the new business will help them reconduct their calamitous professional and personal lives. Unable to focus and put an end to their messy behaviour, they seldom get any customer. It is then when mysterious Jana shows up in their lives and inspires them in the creation of a unique pizza service called Šiška Deluxe: „Order a pizza and whatever else that would make you happy right now, we’ll make it happen for you!“ Business rockets immediately and everybody in Šiška seems happier thanks to the dream maker pizza. But will Šiška Deluxe also bring what Mile, Fedr and Zekir need to be happy?


Cottbus FilmFestival

 - Audience Award

Montreal World Film Festival 

Let’s CEE Film Festival - Vienna

CinEast film festival - Luxembourg


Trieste Film Festival                 

PRAGUE International Film Festival- FEBIOFEST

FEST Beograd                         

Cleveland International Film Festival





Genre:              Drama, History, War

Director:          Marko Nabersnik

Screenplay:     Marko Nabersnik, Robert Hofferer

Cast:                Michael Kristof, Simon Serbinek, Clemens Aap Lindenberg, Kristian Hodko


A story about a group of Austria-Hungarian soldiers in the 1st World War. They hold an artillery post in the mountains on the southern front to Italy. The group is cut off from their own troops and under heavy artillery fire from the Italian. When the post receives a fatal direct hit from a shell, killing the comrades, private Jacob Lindner and the seriously injured captain Jan Kopetzky are the only survivors of the post. Jakob has to suffer the madness of this hellish war in all its human atrocities. Without care, help from the command, food and water, to survive becomes an existential challenge. The young soldier tries desperately with humanity and dignity to save his and the injured captains life.


Shanghai International Film Festival             

Cinedays Skopje Film Festival

Cottbus Film Festival of Young East European Cinema

Manaki Film Festival (The International Cinematographers Film Festival ‘Manaki Brothers’)





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