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Company Profile


PORT AU PRINCE is a Berliner, multiple award-winning port for voyagers united by one single passion - film! To develop films and stories, to produce and to reach out to a big audience is our special privilege. The more passionate a story is being told, the more the audience will be emotionally touched by it. For our team, this means the obligation to produce and distribute our films with the highest level of passion.


People and their stories constitute the main subject of our work. The founding of our company gave birth to the idea of a “Creative Factory”, in which individual people of the film industry feel the obligation to maintain a platform for professional exchange and collaboration. Providing space for creativity and a short process of decision-making are essential for us. 


We set our sails for intensive and powerful stories, always centered by an original idea that entertains and affects audiences, makes them laugh or challenges them. Never accept the horizon!


The Production company PORT AU PRINCE FILM & KULTUR PRODUKTION was founded in 2008  by Oliver Rihs and René Römert. In 2010 the creative producer and dramatic advisor Melanie Möglich and producer Jan Krüger, joined the company as partners. Jan Krüger is also the CEO of the company.

In 2012 followed the independent distribution company PORT AU PRINCE PICTURES. Since then, the PORT AU PRINCE FILMS has produced, distributed and released national and international productions.

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Jan Krüger


Roshanak Khodabakhsh

Company Highlights


Magnetic Beats    2021

Genre:           Drama

Director:        Vincent Maël Cardona

Screenplay:    Vincent Maël Cardona, Chloe Larouchi, Mael Le Garrec, Catharine Paille, Rose Philippon, Romain Compingt

Cast:               Thimotée Robert, Marie Colomb, Joseph Olivennes, Meinhard Neumann


Brittany, 1980s: A bunch of friends yearning for excitement broadcast a free radio station from their hometown in the countryside. Jerome leads it with unique charisma while Philippe, the technical genius, lives in the shadow of Jerome, his big brother. When called for the military service, Philippe has no choice but to leave for West Berlin. He’s determined to keep on broadcasting, but realizes that he just lived the last glorious moments of a world on the verge of extinction.


SACD Award 2021 at Cannes Directors’ Fortnight

 César 2022 for Best Feature Debut

And many more….



Genre:            Drama/Biopic

Director:        Oliver Rihs

Screenplay:   Oliver Rihs

Cast:               Joel Basman, Marie Leuenberger, Jella Haase a.o.

The true stirring story of two nonconformists – an idealistic lawyer and an unpredictable criminal – in a struggle for social and personal freedom against the backdrop of the Swiss state repression in the 1980.


Tallinn Black Nights Festival - Official Selection,

Filmfest Hamburg,

Camerimage - Main Competition

EDEN  2019

Genre:             Drama

Director:         Dominik Moll

Screenplay:    Bernd Lange, Constantin Lieps a.o.

Cast:               Sylvie Testud, Juliana Köhler, Walfram Koch, Trystan Pütter


A Greek beach on a sunny day. All of a sudden, a small dinghy boat crammed with fifty refugees lands on the beach and its passengers start running through a crowd of flabbergasted tourists. This disturbing scene shapes the destinies of many characters: a Nigerian on the run, a Greek security guard haunted by guilt, a French camp owner caught up in the upheaval, a German couple hosting a secretive refugee, a Syrian family taking a fresh start but soon to be tormented by their past…


Series Mania Festival 2019, Winner Grimme Preis 2020

JACK   2014

Genre:           Drama

Director:       Edward Berger

Screenplay:   Edward Berger, Nele Mueller-Stöfen

Cast:              Ivo Pietzcker, Georg Arms, Luise Heyer, Nele Mueller-Stoefen


Jack is 10 years old and hasn’t been at the children’s home for very long. It is summer and the anticipation of the holidays is at its height. But on the last day of school, no one comes to pick him up. His mother Sanna (26) calls and consoles him. After Jack picks up his brother Manuel from a friend’s house, they go out looking for their mother. For days, they wander through the city, following her trail. No one seems to notice that they are all alone. Then one night there is light in their apartment. Jack and Manuel run home and are taken into their mother’s arms. They eat dinner together. Jack tries to communicate, but Sanna isn’t listening.

JACK is a film about the journey of a young boy who learns to accept responsibility very early in life. In the end, he surprises us with a decision which holds a mirror to our own courage.


German Academy Award 2014: Best film (silver)

Berlinale 2014: Official Competition



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