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PRISMA FILM-UND Fernsehproduktion GmbH




Producer / Managing Director


Producer / Managing Director / Partner


Company Profile


Prisma Film was founded by Mathias Forberg in 2003, since 2008 Viktoria Salcher and Mathias Forberg share the position as managing directors, The company's main purpose is to develop and produce Austrian films for cinema and tv in close cooperation with mainly European partners. Prisma Film offers a platform to successful authors and directors as well as emerging newcomers to develop original characteristic and entertaining stories attracting audiences well beyond the borders of Austria.

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Viktoria Salcher

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Company Highlights


ALPHABET    2013

Genre:           Documentary

Director:        Erwin Wagenhofer

Screenplay:    Erwin Wagenhofer and Sabine Kriechbaum

Cast:               André Stern, Arno Stern, Yang Dongpin, Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther, Pablo Pineda Ferrer, Thomas Sattelberger and many more

We’re living in times of sweeping changes, crises and disorientation. A decision must be made concerning where we want to go. This requires a new relationship culture and new and innovative thinking!

Golden Ticket Austria / Diagonale Producers Award / Amsterdam International Documentary Filmfestival


Genre:            Courtroom Drama

Director:        Christian Frosch

Screenplay:    Christian Frosch

Cast:               Karl Fischer, Alexander E. Fennon, Melita Jurisic, Ursula Ofner-Scribano, Karl Markovics, Gerhard Liebmann, Roland Jaeger, Dov Glickman, Rainer Wöss, Robert Reinagl, Harvey Friedman, Erni Mangold, Franz Buchrieser, Ariel Nil Levy, Susi Stach and more.

Graz, 1963. The respected local politician and wealthy farmer Franz Murer is on trial for a serious war crime allegedly committed while he was in command of the Vilnius ghetto in 1941–43. The evidence of his guilt is overwhelming. But the powers-that-be want to close this dark chapter of their country’s history once and for all.

Best Austrian Feature Film 2018 / Diagonale Best Austrian Feature Film 2018 / German Actors Award Ensemble 2018 / Filmfest Munich / San Francisco Jewish Festival / Haifa Internationale Filmfestival and many more

Mathias Forberg

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