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Founder, Producer, Creative Producer



Salice Production s.r.l. is an independent audiovisual production company, based in Rome, recently founded by Cosetta Lagani and Ugo Buffa, both former Sky Italia veterans (Comcast group) with over 20 years of experience in media and production.
The company positions itself as a creative factory to develop and produce high-end movies, TV series, and documentaries, placing great emphasis on scouting, the creative process, quality standards, language innovation, and the search for new talents.
Among the projects the company is already working on (both based on IP and original): a TV series based on an Italian bestseller commissioned in the writing stage; a tv series based on an Italian true-crime case in the co-development stage with a US production company; the movie TIME ON HOLD based on a true story written by Monica Zapelli (winner of 2 David di Donatello for I cento passi and L’Arminuta), that recently received the national funding for the development; the debut film by Maddalena Crespi based on her short film MIRANDA'S MIND starring Valentina Bellè (Silver Ribbon for the Disney+ series THE GOOD MOTHERS) winner at Cortinametraggio and selected in many festivals, including the Oscar-qualifying US BendFilm Festival; the docuseries I DIDN'T KILL BORSELLINO by the award-winning director Simone Manetti, selected in the official competition at the Doc Pitching Forum of Mia Market 2023.



MIRANDA'S MIND  Development

Format:           Feature film

Genre:             Drama

Director:         Maddalena Crespi

Screenplay:    Maddalena Crespi

Cast:                Valentina Bellè

Miranda, a thirty-year-old melancholic character, is struggling to find her place in the world. After having her book proposal rejected, Miranda is trying to find peace with the fact that she might never achieve her purpose. The film explores the delicate and contemporary narrative of one woman's journey through life. The struggle to find her place in the world and to realize her dreams causes the protagonist a personal crisis from which it seems impossible to escape. Thanks to encounters with various characters and multiple daydreams, Miranda will bring the audience with her on a journey to find something that was right in front of her all along.


Format:          Documentary 

Genre:             True Crime 

Director:          Simone Manetti

Screenplay:     Matteo Billi, Dina Lauricella, Simone Manetti

IN OFFICIAL COMPETITION AT MIA MARKET DOC PITCHING FORUM 2023 - On 18 July 1994, Tanino Murana, a refuse collector, is stopped by the police on his way to work. Just a check, he thinks. But it’s not. It’s the start of an 18-year ordeal. A mafia supergrass has accused Tanino of being involved in the murder of anti-mafia judge Paolo Borsellino two years earlier. The super-cop Arnaldo La Barbera, who arrested important Cosa Nostra members, is convinced of this. Tanino is convicted at the ‘41bis’ hard prison regime. Fighting to prove his innocence is Rosalba De Gregorio, the devil’s advocate, known for defending prominent mafia members including Provenzano. Through perseverance, Rosalba brings to light the greatest cover-up in Italian judicial history: Tanino is innocent, the supergrass confession is false, and La Barbera is the mastermind behind this plot. But what is behind this conspiracy?

TIME ON HOLD Development 

Format:           Film

Genre:             Period Drama, Coming of age

Screenplay:     Monica Zapelli

Time on Hold, inspired by a true story that happened in Italy during WWII, is a story of courage and acceptance, but also, above all, it is coming-of-age, because the story takes place through the eyes of the children. The movie obtained national development funding.

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