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Sofie Wanting Hassing



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Company Profile

Sofie's Choice Production is owned by Danish producer Sofie Wanting Hassing who has worked on a large range of feature films, documentaries, and dramaseries including Academy-award-winning movie IDA by Pawel Pawlikowski and the international Emmy-awarded TV series Atlantic Crossing. Sofie's Choice Production focuses on Drama series, feature films, documentaries, and animation.

Company Highlights

(This is a brand-new company. Following is information on previous works)



Genre:             Historical Drama 

Director:         Alexander Eik

Screenplay:     Alexander Eik, Linda May Kallestein, Paul Minx

Cast:                Kyle MacLachlan, Sofia Helin, Tobias Santelmann


Based on the true story of how the Norwegian crown princess steals the heart of President Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II and changes the face of world politics.

IDA  2013

Genre:             Historical Drama 

Director:        Pawel Pawlikowski

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