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Company Profile


Starhaus Filmproduktion GmbH was founded by Rainer Kölmel in 1994 as Kinowelt Filmproduktion.

The company has an eclectic portfolio and is focused on producing and coproducing feature films and documentaries like István Szabó’s SUNSHINE, Todd Louiso’s LOVE LIZA, Ben Verbong’s THE SLURB, Dominik Wessely’s REVERSE SHOT - REBELLION OF THE FILMMAKERS, Mika Kaurismäki’s MAMA AFRICA and THE GIRL KING, Julian Roman Pölsler’s award-winning THE WALL and most recently Ece Ger’s portrait of Jim Haynes, an icon of the roaring sixties MEETING JIM, Hans Weingartner’s roadmovie 303, Eva Trobisch’s acclaimed debut feature ALL GOOD and Jim Rakete’s engaging documentary NOW, about the climate activists of our time.
Starhaus does not see itself restricted to any particular genre. The selection of the projects is based on personal taste and many years of experience in distributing feature films and documentaries. In this way, it achieves a good balance of quality and commercial viability.

Wasiliki Bleser


Nina Spilger

Company Highlights


NOW  2020
Genre:             Documentary
Director:          Jim Rakete
Screenplay:     Claudia Rinke
Cast:                Vic Barrett, Felix Finkbeiner, Marcella Hansch, Zion Lights, Nike Mahlhaus, Luisa Neubauer, Greta Thunberg,                              Muhammad Yunus, Patti Smith, Heiko Maas, Wim Wenders, Dr. Parag Khanna, Antonis Schwarz, Franziska                                  Heinisch, Dr. Jason Hickel, Marc Buckley

Now shows how young activists from around the globe such as Felix Finkbeiner (Plant for the Planet), Luisa Neubauer, Greta Thunberg (Fridays for Future) and Vic Barrett (Youth v. Gov) are currently challenging the status quo and pushing for social and political change.
Now is focusing on these young protagonists and the question what it feels like to be an activist and what is at stake for them. Experienced activists as well as experts for different and relevant topics will provide background information and forecasts for future developments.


CPH:DOX 2020, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2020


Genre:             Drama
Director:         Eva Trobisch
Screenplay:     Eva Trobisch
Cast:                Aenne Schwarz, Andreas Döhler, Hans Löw, Tilo Nest, Lisa Hagmeister, Lina Wendel


‘If you don’t see any problems, you don’t have any’ is Janne’s attitude regarding the fact that her new boss’s brother-in-law has slept with her against her will. She keeps the incident under wraps and lets everything take its normal course. Her silence has consequences, though, and not just for her relationship with Piet.


Locarno IFF 2018 - Swatch First Feature Award (Eva Trobisch);
Munich IFF 2018 - FIPRESCI Prize, German Cinema New Talent Award ‘Best Director’ (Eva Trobisch) & ‘Best Actress’ (Aenne Schwarz);
Hamptons IFF 2018 – Best Narrative Feature;
Thessaloniki IFF 2018 – Special Jury Award ‘Silver Alexander’, Best Actress (Aenne Schwarz);
Stockholm FF 2018 – Best Director (Eva Trobisch);
Subtitle European FF 2018 – Angel Award for Director (Eva Trobisch) and Actress (Aenne Schwarz);
IFF Marrakech 2018 – Best Actress (Aenne Schwarz);
IFF & Award Macao 2018 – Best Actress (Aenne Schwarz)



303  2018


Genre:              Road movie / Romance

Director:         Hans Weingartner

Screenplay :    Hans Weingartner, Silke Eggert

Cast:                Mala Emde, Anton Spieker

On the way from Berlin to Portugal in her rusty ‘303’ camper van, young biology student Jule picks up hitchhiker Jan. While having intense conversations about everything and the world, they try not to fall in love.

Berlinale 2018 - Generation 14plus section, nominee Crystal Bear Best Film;
Festival des Deutschen Films Ludwigshafen 2018 - Audience Award, Best Director (Hans Weingartner);
Fünf Seen FF Starnberg 2018 - Best Screenplay (Silke Eggert & Hans Weingartner);
Filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - Best New Actor (Mala Emde & Anton Spieker);

Festival of German Films Paris 2018 - Audience Award;

Festival Augenblick Alsace Cinemas 2018 - Audience Award;

Valladolid IFF 2018 - nominee Best Feature Film;

PÖFF Tallinn 2018;

PÖFF Tallinn 2018;

Black Nights Tallinn 2018

THE WALL  2012
Genre:                Drama
Director:            Julian Roman Pölsler
Screenplay :      Julian Roman Pölsler
Cast:                  Martina Gedeck, Karl-Heinz Hackl, Ulrike Beimpold, Hans-Michael Rehberg


One morning a woman awakes in a hut up in the mountains and finds herself enclosed by an insurmountable vitreously wall behind which there seems to be no life. With a dog, a cow and a cat she meets the new challenge in her life.


Berlinale 2012 :Monterrey International Film Festival,
Prize Of The Ecumenical Jury
Audience Award
German Film Award (Lola) 2013 for Best Sound Design
Shanghai IFF 2012
Karlovy Vary 2012
BFI London 2012

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