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Wasiliki Bleser is an award-winning producer and the CEO of Starhaus Filmproduktion GmbH. She started her film career as a junior producer for Serial and International Coproductions at Prosieben Media AG in 1995. 4 years later she joined the Kinowelt Filmproduktion GmbH as the director of International Coproduction in 1999. 


Starhaus Filmproduktion GmbH was founded by Rainer Kölmel in 1994 as Kinowelt Filmproduktion.



The company has an eclectic portfolio and is focused on producing and coproducing feature films and documentaries like István Szabó’s SUNSHINE, Todd Louiso’s LOVE LIZA, Ben Verbong’s THE SLURB, Dominik Wessely’s REVERSE SHOT - REBELLION OF THE FILMMAKERS, Mika Kaurismäki’s MAMA AFRICA and THE GIRL KING, Julian Roman Pölsler’s award-winning THE WALL and most recently Olaf Kraemers’s 5 WOMEN.



Starhaus does not see itself restricted to any particular genre. The selection of the projects is based on personal taste and many years of experience in distributing feature films and documentaries. In this way, it achieves a good balance of quality and commercial viability.


Wasiliki Bleser is a member of the German, Austrian and the European Film Academy. 

Company Highlights


5 WOMEN 2016
Genre:               Thriller
Director:            Olaf Kraemer
Screenplay:      Olaf Kraemer
Cast:                 Anna Koenig, Julia Dietze, Odine Johne, Korinna Krauss, Kaya Marie Möller


A group of female friends meet in the south of France, as they do every year, for a relaxing  break and to get away from everything. It's all going well until one night a man breaks into the house and the idyll goes to pieces.


Munich Film Festival 2016 : New German Cinema Competition
Mostra Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo 2016 : New Filmmakers Competition


Genre:            Drama, History
Director:         Mika Kaurismäki
Screenplay:    Michel Marc Bouchard
Cast:               Malin Buska, Sarah Gadon, Michael Nyqvist, Lucas Bryant, Laura Birn, Hippolyte Girardot


THE GIRL KING is the story of one of the most iconic Queens in history. Queen Kristina, at her father’s request raised as a prince, is thrust into a world of conflict. Faced with the austere, fiercely conservative Lutheran values of the time she begins her reign in confrontation – opting for education for all her subjects and an end to the Thirty Years War. Pulled between the Lutheran and Catholic forces, conspiring for her allegiance, she also faces an internal struggle. Falling deeply in love with her lady in waiting, the stunning Ebba Sparre, she is left confused and wanting. As the forces converge, Kristina is pushed towards making one of the greatest and most scandalous decisions in history. This is the story of the young Kristina, preceding this momentous and influential decision.


2Montreal World Film Festival 015 : Best Actress - Malin Buska / Audience Award - Most Popular Film
Awards2016 : Best Costume Design - Marjatta Nissinen
Mill Valley Film Festival2015 : World Cinema Section
Mostra Int’l Film Festival, Sao Paulo 2015
NewFest, New York2015 : Official Selection
60. Semana Internacional de Cine, Valladolid2015 : Competition
Palm Springs International Film Festival2016 :
World Cinema Now Section




Genre:               Family Film

Director:           Xavier Koller

Screenplay :     Fritjof Hohagen, Klaus Richter based on the novel by Lisa Tetzner and Kurt Held

Cast:                 Moritz Bleibtreu, Fynn Henkel, Richy Müller, Dominique Horwitz, Leonardo Nigro, Waldemar Kobus, Sabine                                Timoteo


Switzerland, 19th century. 14-year-old Giorgio is sold to a Milanese man who trains him to become a chimney-sweep. When the boy and his friends are threatened by a gang called the Wolves, Giorgio’s friend Alfredo founds a rival gang, the Black Brothers. It’s the start of an adventure with invigorating ups and terrible downs...


Best Feature Film in the Children Competition
Juniorfest Czech Republic – International Film Festival for children and youth (2013) :
Walo2014 :German Children’s Film and Media Festival ‘Golden Sparrow’ (2014
Best Film
) : Best Actress - Ruby O.
Fee / Best Feature Film by Youth Jury, age 9-13 years / Best Director - Xavier Koller


Genre:                Drama
Director:            Julian Roman Pölsler
Screenplay :      Julian Roman Pölsler
Cast:                  Martina Gedeck, Karl-Heinz Hackl, Ulrike Beimpold, Hans-Michael Rehberg


One morning a woman awakes in a hut up in the mountains and finds herself enclosed by an insurmountable vitreously wall behind which there seems to be no life. With a dog, a cow and a cat she meets the new challenge in her life.


Berlinale 2012 :Monterrey International Film Festival,
Prize Of The Ecumenical Jury
Mexico2012 :
Audience Award
German Film Award (Lola) 2013 for Best Sound Design
Shanghai IFF 2012
Karlovy Vary 2012
BFI London 2012

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