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Company Profile


Stefi&Lynx Productions is creating magnificent work since 1971. We are the brainchild of two dreamers, which imagined a company that will produce vision, ideas and pioneering work. We’re a company that finds meaning through creating and making things happen in the best possible way. We always aim to produce work that is unique and spectacular.

Our work has been awarded in Greece and abroad, making us proud to follow our vision and mission, without lowering our standards. Greece’s Oscar proposal for 2019 - the documentary WHEN TOMATOES MET WAGNER is produced by Stefi&Lynx.

Through the years, we have proved that we are the ones who can carry out even the most difficult projects. We collaborate with skilled professionals that can cover any shooting demand: key crews (Directors, D.O.P.’s, Production Designers and editors) to specialized crews (underwater, aerial, etc.). We also provide in-house post-production, vehicles and office space.

Our International Projects & Service Department is dedicated in guiding and supporting companies that want to shoot in Greece. We are working together through every step of the production and the rebate process, in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

As a result of our vast experience, highly rated reputation and collaborations with municipalities and state authorities, we can provide permits for shooting in archaeological and other special sites.

We are based in Athens, Greece but we have worked all over the planet and collaborated with agencies and professionals in every corner of the globe.

See our work in, give us a call to discuss your ideas and projects and when you are in Athens, visit us. You’re always welcome.


Company Highlights


Genre:               Documentary
Director:           Marianna Economou
Screenplay:      Marianna Economou


In a dying Greek village, two cousins and five women decide to do things differently. With a little help from Wagner, they cultivate an ancient tomato seed and enter the world market with their organic products. The film speaks about the power of human relationships and the importance of reinventing oneself during difficult times. 


Heartland International Film Festival 2019 Winner Audience Choice Award; Best International Feature Film Oscar® Contender; Palm Springs International Film Festival 2020 Nominee; FIPRESCI Prize Best Foreign Language Film;

Marianna Economou (director): Sarajevo Film Festival 2019 Nominee Heart of Sarajevo Best Documentary Marianna Economou Greece’s Best Feature Doc Award, Official Selection DocsBarcelona, San Sebastian, Berlin, CineEuropa

Format:           Feature Film

Genre:             Drama
Director:         Argyris Papadimitropoulos - Jan Vogel
Screenplay:    Argyris Papadimitropoulos - Jan Vogel


Harris, a 16 year old boy spends his day skateboarding aimlessly around Athens with his friends. Vassilis, a middle aged cop, is frustrated with his dead-end job and crammed in his small apartment with his family.


Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema 2011
Nominee: Best Film Rotterdam International Film Festival 2011
Nominee: Tiger Award
Nominee:Hellenic Film Academy Award Best Director; Argyris Papadimitropoulos; Best Supporting Actor Ieronymos Kaletsanos




Genre:               Documentary

Director:           Marianna Economou

Screenplay:      Marianna Economou


Jasim and Alsaleh are underage refugees in a Greek prison. Coming from Syria and Iraq, they were arrested and accused of smuggling illegal immigrants. With unique access in the juvenile prison and court room, the film fol- lows the two friends closely while in custody, during the trial and after the verdict, through a narrative of suspense which reveals how youngsters are forced to transport migrants across the border to Greece while the smugglers stay behind and continue their job uninterrupted. If Jasim and Alsaleh are found guilty, they will face extremely long prison sentences. Phone conversations between the imprisoned young boys and their mothers at their war-stricken countries accentuate the double enclosure that these families experience. No one knows how and when their long run will end.


DOK LEIPZIG 2016, Doc Fest 2016, Doc Point 2016, Tempo Festival, Guth Gafa 2016, One World Festival Prague 2016, Marseille Festival 2016.


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