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Superfilm Filmproduktions GmbH – based in Vienna - was founded by John Lueftner
and David Schalko in 2006.

The output to date includes many productions for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF), mostly black comedies and satires that have received numerous national and international awards. Among these is the late-night talk show Welcome Austria (Willkommen Österreich), which is Superfilm’s backbone for already more than nine years.

Other notable productions for the ORF include Aufschneider - Carve the Joint, Braunschlag, and Old Money, all of them written and directed by David Schalko. Among the other productions are three movies for the Tatort series, as well as European co-productions for cinema (Sennentuntschi, One Way Trip 3D) and TV (The Team).

Superfilm is and will always stay an Indy and try to keep up its promise of high-quality productions implicitly stated in its company name. Superfilm is currently also the only climate-neutral film production company in Austria.

Company Highlights

Genre:              Comedy
Director:          David Schalko
Screenplay:     David Schalko
Cast:                Robert Palfrader, Maria Hofstätter, Nicholas Ofczarek, Nina Proll, Manuel Rubey,


Braunschlag, a small town at the Austrian-Czech border, is bankrupt. It would take no less than a miracle to survive between Russian loan sharks and demands from the state governors office. And exactly that is what mayor Tschach (Robert Palfrader) and his best friend, the struggling disco entrepreneur Pfeisinger (Nicholas Ofczarek) have in mind. In the hope of finally putting Braunschlag on the map and luring masses of tourists into town they stage an apparition of the
Holy Virgin Mary. While initial results are encouraging, things don’t quite work out as planned once the good people of Braunschlag get into the act. BRAUNSCHLAG is a story about greed, corruption, misanthropy, Catholicism and
alcohol – quintessential Austria. This black-humored TV series explores the darker corners of the Austrian heart.



Romy 2013: Special award of the jury Cologne Conference 2012 Top Ten
Indie Fest 2013, California: Awards of merit: Best Leading Role, Television, Humor
Accolade Film Competition 2013: Awards of Excellence: Leading actor, Television





Genre:           Comedy
Director:        David Schalko
Screenplay:    Josef Hader, David Schalko

Cast:               Josef Hader, Oliver Baier, Ursula Strauss, Pia Hierzegger, Tanja Raunig


AUFSCHNEIDER, based on an idea by Josef Hader and written by him and David Schalko, tells of the life and work of Dr. Fuhrmann, the chief pathologist of a municipal hospital. We get to watch the traditional hospital stories from a different and unusual perspective, from the worm’s-eye view of the department of pathology, whose smell will still cling to you long after closing time. Fuhrmann can never see eye to eye with THEM, the golfing god’s in white (or green) above him.
But then he hardly ever gets along with anybody. His very unorthodox relationship with death, his admiration of cancer whose beauty reminds him of psychedelic paintings from the 1960s do not exactly make him popular among his colleagues either.

Goldene Romy 2010: Best Director
Erich-Neuberg-Preis 2010: Best Director
Goldene Olive TV Festival Bar: Best Film, Best Cast, Best Script




Genre:            Comedy
Director:        David Schalko
Screenplay:    David Schalko

Cast:               Udo Kier, Sunnyi Melles, Nora Von Waldstätten, Nicholas Ofczarek, Manuel Rubey


Multibillionaire Rolf Rauchensteiner (Udo Kier) is in urgent need of a liver. Reluctantly, his wife Liane (Sunnyi Melles) brings together the broken family. Whoever gets him a liver gets the whole fortune - cue for the start of a momentous family intrigue without any moral scruples. OLD MONEY is a series highlight by David Schalko. An opulent TV portrait about a family that knows no love. A saga about incest, corruption, and gloves made out of human skin. Bizarre. Funny. Vicious. A DALLAS for the insane.

New York TV & Film Awards 2016: World Silver Medal
Cologne Conference 2015: TV Spielfilm Award for Best Fictional Program
Sichuan TV-festival 2015: Intl. Gold Panda Award Best Photography
Seoul TV Drama Awards 2015; Banff Media Festival 2015; Palm Springs Intl. Film Festival 2017

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