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Co-Founder / Managing Director


Company Profile


Tailored is an award-winning creative production company committed to the development and production of original, high-end content for cinema and television. Specialising in independent genre and young people's entertainment, Tailored have worked in co-production with numerous financiers and sales agents to create commercially and critically successful film and television, securing worldwide distribution and engaging international audiences in the process.


Historically focused on children’s series, Tailored have since expanded their TV remit to include teen drama and comedy-drama for older audiences. After being awarded slate development funding from Creative Europe earlier this year, they are actively seeking to develop new serialised projects for their growing catalogue, including bold and relatable teen drama and gritty youth-led series, anthology series with a genre twist, and offbeat comedy-driven TV.


Tailored currently have a robust slate of feature and TV projects ranging from gothic thriller and sci-fi comedy to children’s drama and teen mystery among more. Owing to the company's rapid growth over the last number of years, Tailored are keen to build on their existing wide network of international connections and further their foothold in creating smart genre and young people's entertainment.

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Company Highlights


Format:           Feature Film

Genre:             Horror, Comedy
Director:         Conor McMahon
Screenplay:     Conor McMahon

Cast:                Anthony Head, Karl Rice, Eoin Duffy, Hilda Fay, David Pearse, Mary Murray

When Matt's brother becomes part of a growing vampire problem in Dublin, he must either save or slay him.

Premiered at Dublin International Film Festival (2022). Screened at Fantastic Fest (Austin, TX), Glasgow Film Festival, Telluride Horror Show (Telluride, CO), Strasbourg Film Festival, Trieste Film Festival (Italy), Sitges Film Festival (Spain), Fantasy Film Fest (Germany), Newport Beach Film Festival, Boston Science Fiction Film Festival, Anomaly Film Festival (Rochester, NY), Grimmfest (UK), Capital Irish Film Festival (Silver Spring, MD) and Januscary (Pittsburgh PA). Winner of Best VFX at ScreamFest (Los Angeles).

Format:          Feature Film

Genre:            Dark Drama
Director:        Phil Sheerin

Screenplay:    David Turpin
Cast:               Emma Mackey, Anson Boon, Charlie Murphy, Michael McElhatton, Mark McKenna


When an unstable neighbour discovers a young woman's dark secret, they get pulled into a violent confrontation with her father, who will do anything to keep it hidden.

Winner - Best Feature Film, Best Actor (Charlie Murphy), Best Director (Phil Sheerin), Special Mention (Emma Mackey) - Richard Harris International Film Festival

Format:            TV Series

Genre:              Crime, Thriller, Drama
Director:          Züli Aladag, Alexander Dierbach, Matthias Tiefenbacher
Screenplay:      Christian Schiller, Marianne Wendt, Sebastian Andrae, Alexander Dierbach, Elke Hauck, Sven

                         Poser, Dagmar Gabler
Cast:                Désirée Nosbusch, Declan Conlon, Mercedes Müller, Rafael Gareisen


For years, Cathrin worked as a criminal psychologist, often on cases together with her police-officer husband Liam. But one day 10 years ago, Liam just vanished from the face of the earth. Working in private practice ever since, she is thrown back into her old life when Liam’s remains are found in a mass grave of dead children as a wide-ranging conspiracy is uncovered. Also, some of her clients seem to be connected to current criminal cases and Cathrin is increasingly drawn back into assisting the Galway police.

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