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Since 1960, TELLUX-Film has been producing high-quality and award-winning programs in the sectors of feature films, documentaries, series and multi-part series.

As part of the TELLUX Group, TELLUX-Film is one of Germany’s largest independent film and media companies.

With offices in Berlin, Bonn, Dresden, Erfurt, Halle, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Wiesbaden and Vienna, the vision of the members of the TELLUX Group is to tell unique and moving stories in order to offer an international audience ongoing inspiration. In pursuit of this continuous goal, we produce high-quality dramas, impressive documentaries and transmedial experiences.

Company Highlights



Format:                  Family series

Director:                Irina Popow

Screenplay:            Andreas Steinhöfel, Klaus Döring

Cast:                       Michael Sommerer, Sura Demir, Julius Göze, Jodina Basombo


The six part live action series tells the story of a friendship between four children with different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. There is the German boy, Moritz, Rüyet who has Turkish roots and whose family has lived in Germany for three generations, the Syrian refugee boy, Yassir, and the Aminata, a girl whose family has applied for asylum in Germany. It is difficult to be friends because of language barriers, but curiosity and empathy prevail over prejudices. However, the community of ten and eleven year olds bears a burden: Yassir and Aminata are threatened with deportation. The situation worsens when relatives of the children get involved in criminal circles out of need and carelessness. Beyond any romanticized concern, we experience the complex subject of refugees from a childlike and thus often unmasking narrative perspective in a touching story of friendship that transcends cultural circles.

Nomination International Emmy Kids 2018, 2nd Place Prix Jeunesse


SCENE OF THE CRIME: WE WILL GET YOU ALL 2018                      

Format:                  TV episode

Genre:                     Crime

Director:                Sven Bohse

Screenplay:            Michael Proehl, Michael Comtesse

Cast:                       Udo Wachtveitl, Miroslav Nemec, Leonard Carow, Jannik Schümann, Ferdinand Hofer, Martin Feifel     

In a villa in Munich, the parents of a little girl are murdered in a particularly brutal way. Little Lena (Romy Seitz) survived the massacre. She was sedated. Batic (Miroslav Nemec) and Leitmayr (Udo Wachtveitl) find her sleeping in her suspended tent in the garden. The Chinese au pair girl Chi Ling (Jing Xiang) had danced the night through. She tells the commissioners that before the murder Lena spoke of a Santa Claus, who would come the next night. And sure enough, a surveillance camera shows a Santa Claus in the garden that night. But how did the man get in the house? Did Lena open the door for him? And what role does Lena's smart doll Senta play?



Format :                 Feature film

Genre:                    Drama

Director :               Volker Schlöndorff

Screenplay :           Volker Schlöndorff

Cast :                      Ulrich Mattes, August Diehl, Bibiana Beglau, Hilmat Thate, Germain Wagner     


In February 1942, the Luxembourgian priest, Henry Kremer, was unexpectedly sent home from the Dachau concentration camp to visit his mother in Luxembourg. Yet it soon became clear that the National Socialists wanted to use him for their purposes: the voice of the archdiocese of Luxembourg was used by Nazi Germany in its religious policy towards the Vatican.

German Film Award (production design)                                

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