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Company Profile

Funded in 2009 by Carlo Cresto-Dina, tempesta has quickly gained a reputation for discovering and nourishing European film talents.

Based in Bologna (Italy) and London, tempesta produced all of Alice Rohrwacher’s features and shorts: CORPO CELESTE (Cannes 2011), THE WONDERS (Jury Gran Prix Cannes 2014) and HAPPY AS LAZZARO (“Best Script” Cannes 2018, 4 nominations including Best Film EFA 2018).
tempesta’s productions include Leonardo Di Costanzo’s L’INTERVALLO (Venice 2012) and THE INTRUDER (Quinzaine Cannes 2017), Chiara Bellosi’s ORDINARY JUSTICE (Berlinale 2020) plus a string of successful features by young European directors. In 2019 tempesta’s London company produced Cathy Brady’s debut feature WILDFIRE, which premiered at Toronto FF 2020 and received IWR Future award at London FF 2020. Both tempesta in Italy and tempesta UK are at the moment working on international TV series projects in cooperation with mayor European studios.

tempesta’s staff include Manuela Melissano (head of finance), Valeria Jamonte (producer, head of development), Ilaria Malagutti (fundraising and applications) and Chiara Di Mase (assistant).




CEO / Producer



Head of development / Producer


Head of finance / Producer

+39 0510397600


Carlo Cresto-Dina


Valeria Jamonte


Manuela Melissano

Company Highlights



Format:                 Feature Film

Director:               Chiara Bellosi

Screenplay:           Chiara Bellosi

Cast:                      Daphne Scoccia, Bianca Leonardi, Sarah Short, Nicola Rignanese, Giovanni Anzaldo, Andrea Lattanzi,                                            Roberto Sbaratto, Simone Moretto


An ordinary day in an Italian court of law. At the heart of the big courthouse, a young defendant is on trial, his accomplice murdered by the owner of the gas station they tried to rob. There is the ritual, the jargon, the robes. As spectators, we see the witnesses, the evidence, the questionings, but there is more. Out of the courtroom, the halls are swarming with people as daily life carries on as usual, noisy and chaotic. The families of the victims and defendants alike, waiting out.

Berlinale 2020 (Best First Feature Award - nominated, Generation 14plus Best Film - nominated)
Bosphorus Film Festival 2020 (Best Director - won)
Annecy Cinema Italien 2020
Denver Film Festival 2020
Festival del Cinema di Roma - Alice Nella Città 2020
Castellinaria Festival Del Cinema Giovane 2020 (Utopia Award - won)


Format:            Feature Film

Genre:              Drama, Fantasy

Director:          Alice Rohrwacher

Screenplay:      Alice Rohrwacher

Cast:                 Adriano Tardiolo, Alba Rohrwacher, Luca Chikovani, Agnese Graziani, Natalino Basso, Tommaso Ragno, Sergi                             López, Nicoletta Braschi. 

The story of Lazzaro, not yet twenty years of age and so good natured he seems stupid, and Tancredi, as young as Lazzaro but spoiled and arrogant, is the story of a friendship. A true friendship that blossoms amidst deceptions and lies: two young men meet in a time that appears to be the distant past but isn’t, and become friends during the course of a pretend kidnapping in a village where a corrupt bailiff and a fake priest stage a world that no longer exists. A joyful and youthful friendship, the first of its kind for Lazzaro. A friendship so precious to him that, like Lazzaro himself who does not age, it passes intact through time and at the end of the “Great Deception” takes Lazzaro to the city, a vast and empty city, like a present day metropolis, to look for Tancredi.

Cannes 2018 (Best screenplay - won, Palme d’Or - nominated)
Chicago International Film Festival (Best Feature - won)
European Film Awards 2018 (European University Film Award - won, European Film -nominated, European Screenwriter - nominated)
Rotterdam International Film Festival 2018 (IFFR Youth Jury Award - won)
Busan International Film Festival 2018, Saint Jordi Awards 2019 (Best Foreign Film -won)
Italian Film Festival in Bangkok 2019
Tromsø International Film Festival 2019 (Aurora Award - won, Faith in Film Award - won), David Di Donatello (Best Producer, Best Original Screenplay, Best Film, Best Director, Best Sound, Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, Best Production Design - nominated)


Format :                 Feature film

Genre:                    Drama

Director :               Leonardo Di Costanzo

Screenplay :           Maurizio Braucci, Bruno Oliviero, Leonardo di Costanzo

Cast :                      Raffaella Giordano, Valentina Vannino, Martina Abbate, Anna Patierno, Flavio Rizzo, Marcello Fonte,                                             Riccardo Veno, Christian Giroso     


A tale of conflict and danger set in present day Naples. Like a modern Antigone, a social worker on the frontline of the daily war against criminal mentality is confronted with a moral choice that can destroy the sense of her work and her life forever

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs Cannes 2017
Cairo International Film Festival 2017 (Best Film - won)
Golden Globes Italy 2018 (Best Film - won)
Italian National Syndacate of Film Journalists 2018 (Best sound- won, Best screenplay - nominated)
Filmfest Munich (Cinemasters - won)
Italian Film Festival San Paolo (won)

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