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La Terraza Films is an independent film production company created on January 2018.  Despite being a young company, in this short time La Terraza has earned a place in the Spanish film & TV industry.


It was born out of the concern of three long term professionals, Edmon Roch, Javier Ugarte and Cristóbal García. The three are responsible of some of the most successful Spanish productions of all time: EL NIÑO, TADEO JONES, SARA’S NOTEBOOK, YUCATÁN, SPANISH AFFAIR, CAPTURE THE FLAG, to name just a few.


La Terraza Films' main purpose is to produce high-quality productions, no matter the size; discover new talent; and contribute to the growth and good health of the Spanish film & TV Industry abroad. In 2018 – 2019 , already working together, La Terraza has produced two feature films: LE VOYAGE DE MARTA (STAFF ONLY) (Neus Ballús, 2019), a Spanish-French production that had its World Premiere at the Berlin Film Festival (Panorama); TAXI A GIBRALTAR (Alejo Flah, 2019), a coproduction between Spain and Argentina starring Daniel Rovira; and JUST BEFORE CHRIST (Pepón Montero y Juan Maidagán, 2019), an eight episode comedy series made for the Spanish Pay TV (Movistar +). At the same time, it signed a Production Service Agreement to shoot in Spain a part of Sally Potter’s new film MOLLY (Sally Potter, 2020).

Cristóbal García

Edmon Roch

Javier Ugarte

Company Highlights


Format:           Feature film

Genre:             Drama, Dramatic Comedy 

Director:          Neus Ballús

Screenplay:     Neus Ballús, Pau Subirós

Cast:                Elena Andrada, Sergi López, Ian Samsó, Madeleine C. Ndong, Diomaye Augustin C.Ngomel

Marta (17 years old) spends her Christmas holidays in Senegal with her father and younger brother. If it weren't for her father (Manel), maybe she would enjoy the trip. But Manel does not give her any freedom, and also imposes a frenetic plan of activities (safaris, Senegalese folklore ...) along with the group of French pensioners who fill the resort. To take a break, Marta secretly plans a night out to a nightclub. She has the complicity of Bruno, her brother, and above all, the complicity and help of Khouma, a Senegalese man ten years older than her who works at the hotel filming the tourists' excursions.

Berlin International Film Festival (Panorama) - Official Selection


Format:           Feature film

Genre:             Comedy, Buddy Movie

Director:          Alejo Flah

Screenplay:     Alejo Flah, Fernando Navarro

Cast:                Dani Rovira, Joaquín Furriel, Ingrid García Jonsson, Mona Martínez, José Manuel Poga, José Troncoso

León Lafuente is a Spanish taxi driver harassed by debts. He's always angry. Angry abour how fast things change: his taxi, his marriage, the whole contry... One day someone gets inside León's taxi. His name is Diego Manfredi, an argentinian swindler who just got out of prision. Diego makes Leon an offer: undertake a trip following the promise of a shipment of gold lost in the tunnels of the strangest place in the Iberian Peninsula: Gibraltar.


Format:           TV Series

Genre:             Comedy, Ancient Rome

Director:          Pepón Montero (creator), Juan Maidagán (creator), Nacho Vigalondo, Borja Cobeaga

Screenplay:     Pepón Montero, Juan Maidagán

Cast:                Julián López, Eduardo Antuña, Fernando Cayo, Priscilla Delgado, Cecilia Freire,César Sarachu, Manolo Solo,                               Xosé A. Touriñán, Fernando Esteso, Sergio Torrico

Year 31 Before Christ. Manio Sempronio, a wealthy patrician, accidentally kills a senator and is condemned to death. Unable to end his own life, he asks to commute his sentence for anything. This way, he is condemned to serve in the Roman Legion, the great and proud army of Rome, just as his father did.

Now Manio will try to retrieve his honor and become a decent soldier. But he is a complete disaster...



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