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Producer, CEO


Head of development-creative producer

Company Profile

Est 1996, TRIGON is heavily focused on profile and story based documentaries. Most notable films were dedicated to Sir Nicholas Winton - THE POWER OF GOOD (2003) and NICKY'S FAMILY (2011). THE POWER OF GOOD received the International Emmy Award for Best Documentary, along with a multitude of other awards. More recent work includes documentaries about prominent figures of culture and politics (Alexander Dubcek, the phenomena of the Bratislava Lyre festival), as well as drama series for television. TV crime series Inspector MAX (2018) was bought by Videoplugger Ltd. for North American and Canadian territories. TV fairy-tale HEALING WATERS (2020) had one of the highest ratings last Christmas in both Slovak and Czech territories. Trigon Production is currently developing feature films, fairytales and TV documentary and crime series.

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Patrik Pass

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Margareta Cveckova

Company Highlights


Genre:             Fairytale

Director:         Jan Sebechlebsky

Screenplay:    Jan Sebechlebsky, Michal Pusztay

Cast:               Marian Mitas, Zuzana Kanocz, Linda Rybova, Juraj Hrcka, Daria Pavlovicova, Jakub Spisak


The story of this fairytale takes us to a kingdom where people have lived in harmony with the Land of Water for many, many years. King George, a widower and loving father to his daughter, princess Hannah, rules with a kind and righteous hand. The Land of Water, invisible to the human eye, is ruled by the Lady of Water and her two helpers. One day, the Lady takes mercy on the very ill princess and gifts the King with Healing Waters that cures every illness and heals every wound. Under one condition - the Waters can never fall into hands of a wicked and selfish human, or it will be lost forever. But all good and noble is corruptible because human greed knows no bounds. The King’s brother Philip and his vengeful wife Henrieta have plans of their own and they do not shy away from crime.


Genre:             Docudrama

Director:         Matej Minac

Screenplay:     Matej Minac, Patrik Pass

This docudrama tells the story of Nicholas Winton, an Englishman who organized the rescue of 669 Jewish Czech and Slovak children just before the outbreak of World War II. Winton, now 102 years old, did not speak about these events with anyone for more than half a century. His exploits would have probably been forgotten if his wife, fifty years later, hadn't found a suitcase in the attic, full of documents and transport plans. Today the story of this rescue is known all over the world. Dozens of Winton's "children" have been found and to this day his family has grown to almost 6,000 people, many of whom have gone on to achieve great things themselves.


Genre:             Documentary

Director:         Matej Minac

Screenplay:    Matej Minac, Patrik Pass

Cast:                Sir Nicholas Winton, Joe Schlesinger, Karel Reisz, Václav Havel, others


A gripping documentary about the courage and determination of a young English stockbroker who saved the lives of 669 children. Between March 13 and August 2, 1939, Nicholas Winton organized 8 transports to take children from Prague to new homes in Great Britain, and kept quiet about it until his wife discovered a scrapbook documenting his unique mission in 1988. Winton was a successful 29-year-old stockbroker in London who "had an intuition" about the fate of the Jews when he visited Prague in 1939. He quietly but decisively got down to the business of saving lives. We learn how only two countries, Sweden and Britain, answered his call to harbor the young refugees; how documents had to be forged and how once foster parents signed for the children on delivery, that was the last he saw of them.

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