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Company Profile

Turnus Film AG is an independent film production company based in Zurich, Switzerland founded in 1959 by producer and cameraman Hans Syz.

In 2015 Michael Steiger and Anita Wasser joined Turnus Film as producers and main partners. For more than 10 years they were producers at C-FILMS AG in Zürich. They are known for many box office hits like: NIGHT TRAIN TO LISBON by Bille August, YOUTH by Paolo Sorrentino, I AM THE KEEPER by Sabine Boss, THE FOSTER BOY by Markus Imboden as well as many TV Movies like TATORT and IM NIRGENDWO by Katalin Gödrös. With WOLKENBRUCH’S WONDROUS JOURNEY INTO THE ARMS OF A SHIKSA by Michael Steiner they achieve the Swiss box office hit of the year 2018.

Turnus Film produces national and international features, TV movies and documentaries for an arthouse as well as for an upscale mainstream audience. The producers inititate new projects and accompany the development closely with authors and directors. Also they are continuously establishing their network with european production partners and are a member of the European Prodcucers Club.

Michael Steiger

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Annita Wasser

Company Highlights



Genre:             Drama - Based on true events of suicide cases in Top Management

Director:         Sabine Boss

Screenplay:     Simone Schmid, Norbert Maass, Sabine Boss

Cast:                Stefan Kurt, Ulrich Tukur, Sarah Viktoria Frick, Pierre Siegenthaler

As CFO, Alexander Meier fights for the survival of the long-established Walser company – dutifully, perfectionist to the point of self-abandonment. When Brockmann, an unscrupulous top manager, is appointed, he gets involved in a power struggle that increasingly throws him off track. Before the ruins of his existence, Alexander sees only one possibility left to take revenge on Brockmann.



Genre:             TV Drama

Director:         Marcel Gisler

Screenplay:     Martin Maurer

Cast:                 Anna Schinz, Stefan Kurt, Jessy Moravec

1977, the young social education worker Christa fights for a more open and modern psychiatry. As co-founder of the Pro Mente Sana Foundation, she represents an important period of change in the history of Swiss psychiatry: the move away from pure custodial psychiatry to the social reintegration of patients with a focus on the individual fate and dignity of the patient.

Award 2020: Best Actor Stefan Kurt Prix Swissperform




Genre :            Tragicomedy - Based on a bestselling novel

Director :         Michael Steiner

Screenplay :    Thomas Meyer

Cast :               Joel Basman, Inge Maux, Noémie Schmidt, Udo Samel

The young Orthodox Jew, Motti Wolkenbruch, finds himself at a turning point. His beloved mother wants him to get married and presents one marriage candidate after the other. Unfortunately none of the women please him : they all look just like her. The situation gets even more complicated, when Motti secretly falls in love with the non-Jewish girl Laura, a so-called Shiksa.

Best Swiss Cinema Box Office hit 2018, Official Swiss Oscar entry 1919



Genre :            Drama - Based on a bestselling novel

Author :           Sabine Boss

Director :        Jasmine Hoch, Sabine Boss

Cast :               Marcus Signer, Pascal Ulli, Sonja Riesen, Michael Neuenschwander

1989. Ernst, a young hedonist, whom everyone calls «Goalie», returns to his hometown after spending one year in prison. Goalie wants a new start, this time a life without drugs. He looks for a job and falls in love with Regula, a waitress. Strong-willed, somewhat naive and with a great deal of charm, he wants to get his life back on the right track. But just as his life is about to take a lucky turn, his past catches up with him.

Awards 2014: 4 Swiss Film Awards (Best Picture, Best Script, Best Music, Best Actor; Prix Walo; Zurich Film Award, Bern Film Award, Swiss Film Journalists Award; Prix Walo 2015: Bester Schweizer Spielfilm

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