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Les Films du 24, a subsidiary of UGC (one of the largest cinema networks in France), combines the activities of three producers : Romain Rojtman, Yves Marmion and Mikaël Abecassis.

They develop and produce long length feature films of diverse backgrounds, from light comedy to the greatest authors of French cinema, adaptations of comics, etc. Les Films du 24 have produced for 2 years in a row the most successful French films in theaters in 2013 and 2014, respectively LES PROFS: 4 million admissions and
QU’EST- CE QU’ON A FAIT AU BON DIEU: 12 million admissions.

Among current productions : Yves Marmion is producing VOYEZ COMME ON DANSE by Michel Blanc. Romain Rojtman is producing C’EST BEAU LA VIE QUAND ON Y PENSE by Gérard Jugnot. Mikael Abecassis is producing MON POUSSIN by Frédéric Forestier, SALES GOSSES”by Frederic Quiring and RATTRAPAGE by Tristan Séguela.

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Genre:             Comedy

Director:          Marilou Berry

Screenplay:    Marilou Berry, Samantha Mazeras

Cast:               Marilou Berry, Medhi Nebbou, Medi Sadoun, Sarah Suco


At last, Josephine has found her perfect non-smoker-cat-loving-amazing-cook-perfect-mansoulmate. They’ve been in love for two years and everything is peachy. Until she realizes she’s… pregnant. Time for Josephine to transform her life, mature into a responsible adult, not become like her mother, get a job, hold on to her man, refrain from falling out with her friends, and tell her sister, who’s been crashing at her place, that she’s got to move out. A bunch of overwhelming challenges that Josephine will have to face in her own, special way. French release on February 10th  2016


Genre:             Comedy

Director:          Yann Samuell

Screenplay:    Yann Samuell

Cast:            Audrey Fleurot, Michael Youn, Michèle Laroque, Lionnel Astier


In the village of Plouezoc’h, in a remote corner of Brittany, land of myths and legends, there stands a unique castle, inhabited by the ghost of Aliénor de Canterville, who has been  cursed for centuries and condemned to drive out any prospective new occupants, helped by his faithful and clumsy  servant  Gwilherm, who has trouble keeping his head on his shoulders, in every sense… But when the Otis family decided to move from Paris and buy  the castle, Virginia, their elder daughter, is devastated. Why leave her marvelous life in Paris, her friends and drama class to live in this sinister dump? Aliénor is sad and upset too by her failure to scare this 21st century family, children make fun on her  and parents are oblivious to her..... In despair, Aliénor makes a pact with Virginia, who knows exactly how to play on her contemporaries’ fears…

French release on April  6th 2016



Genre:             Comedy

Director:          Frederic Forestier

Screenplay:    Frederic Forestier

Cast:            Pierre François Martin-Laval, Isabelle Nanty, Thomas Solivéres


Vincent, a 18 year old young man, gets dumped by Elena, who had been his girlfriend for two years. She was his first love and he is devastated... Thus, Vincent’s parents  decide  to take care of him and to do their best to make him forget her. It will be tough, it will probably lack of finesse or intelligence/ nuances, but Vincent has no choice: he will have to follow his parents’ love rehab program.

Shooting February 2016



Genre:             Comedy

Director:          Pierre François Martin-Laval

Screenplay:  Mathias Gavarry, Pierre-François Martin-Laval , based on characters by Erroc & Pica Cast:  Kev Adams, Isabelle Nanty, Didier Bourdon, Arnaud Ducret, Stefy Celma


The Profs, seven French high school teachers, are sent on a secret mission to England, where the Queen is facing a major crisis: Viviane, the granddaughter raised in complete anonymity to succeed Her Majesty on the throne one day, cannot stand school a moment longer!

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