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Les Films du 24, a subsidiary of UGC (one of the largest cinema networks in France), combines the activities of three producers:  Romain Rojtman, Yves Marmion, Olivier Kahn, Camille Lorillon, and Marine Alaric. They develop and produce long-length feature films of diverse backgrounds, from light comedy to the greatest authors of French cinema, adaptations of comics, etc. Les Films du 24 have produced for 2 years in a row the most successful French films in theaters in 2013 and 2014, respectively LES PROFS: 4 million admissions and QU’EST- CE QU’ON A FAIT AU BON DIEU: 12 million admissions.
Among current productions :
Yves Marmion is producing CHOEUR DE ROCKER by Luc Bricault.
Romain Rojtman is producing QU’EST- CE QU’ON A TOUS FAIT AU BON DIEU by Philippe de Chauveron.
Olivier Kahn is producing MES TRES CHERS ENFANTS by Alexandra Leclère.




Genre:             Comedy

Director:         Elie Sémoun

Screenplay:    Elie Sémoun, Marc de Chauveron, Philippe de Chauveron, Guy Laurent

The year is 1996 in New York City. Joanna is a young English major who wants to become a writer. But she barely has time to pursue her goal when she gets hired as an assistant in a venerable literary agency that seems stuck in time. Her boss Margaret, stoic and also from another era, is J.D. Salinger’s agent. The mythical author decides he wants to publish a book more than thirty years after his last one. In spite of his long absence, Salinger still receives thousands letters from obsessive fans who all want the same thing: to make contact with him. It’s Joanna’s job to make sure they never do by sending a drab, corporate response. But reading the fan letters sends her on an emotional journey as she starts to respond personally to some of them. As time go by, Joanna is forced to ask herself if she wants to work in the publishing
industry, or if she wants to be a writer in her own right. Salinger and his fans will play a quiet but significant part in the unfolding of her future.


Genre:             Comedy

Director:         Philippe de Chauveron

Screenplay:     Philippe de Chauveron, Guy Laurent

Cast:                 Christian Clavier, Chantal Lauby, Ary Abittan, Frédérique Bel, Pascal N’zonzi

The return of the Verneuil and Koffi families! Claude and Marie Verneuil are facing a new crisis. Their four sons-in-law, Rachid, David, Chao and Charles, are determined to leave France with women and children to try their luck abroad. Unable to imagine their families away from them, Claude and Marie are ready to do anything to keep them. For their part, the Koffi arrive in France for their daughter’s wedding. They too are not at the end of their surprises…


Genre:             Comedy

Director:         Stéphane Ben Lahcene

Screenplay:    Stéphane Ben Lahcene

Cast:                Pascal N’Zonzi, Michèle Laroque

Abu, 13, is his father’s pride. Unlike his three brothers, he is 1ST IN HIS CLASS Well, that’s what he thinks. In truth, Abu is above all a master in the art of lying and fake grades! When the first parent-teacher meeting arrives, he will create the biggest lie of his life: to recruit false teachers among his acquaintances to face his real father, while his real teachers will meet his fake father. This should be easy… in theory!


Genre:             Comedy

Director:         Julie Manoukian

Screenplay:    Julie Manoukian

Cast:                Noémie Schmidt, Clovis Cornillac, Carole Franck

Alexandra is fulfilling her dream; she just graduated from vet school and got offered a job in a research lab. Meanwhile, Michel is retiring and needs to find someone to replace him and to work with Nico, his associate. Nico loves his job as a country side veterinarian and is worried that Michel’s departure will be difficult to handle. Fortunatly, Michel comes up with a plan; he will trick his niece, Alexandra, to get her to come see him in the contry. Alex is far from imagining what plans he has for her.


Genre:             Drama / Comedy

Director:         Michel Denisot

Screenplay:    Karine Angeli, Michel Denisot

Cast:                Franck Dubosc, Jérôme Commandeur

Cédric Saint Guérande, known as “CSG”, is the French’s favourite television presenter. He became a star of the 20h news program, on the largest national channel, since his coverage of the attacks of September 11, 2001. Every night, he makes excellent audiences. This, of course, fuels jealousies, even within his co-workers. Moreover, his thirst for power is limitless. The president of the channel then sees him as a potential rival.


Genre:             Comedy

Director:         Michel Blanc

Screenplay:     Michel Blanc

Cast:                Karin Viard, Carole Bouquet, Charlotte Rampling, Jean-Paul Rouve, William Lebghil, Jacques Dutronc, Michel                              Blanc

Julien feels like a hostile presence behind him permanently. Alex, his son, learns that Eva, 17, forgot to tell him that he was going to be a father. The mother of Eva, Vero, in a dirty pass since her birth, thinks that she will be forced to steal old ladies bags to feed the future child. Elizabeth, whose husband Bertrand has vanished, sees his house devastated by a search. Lucie who’s exasperated by the paranoid delusions of Julien, her husband, is on the verge of marital burn out. Serena, Julien’s mistress, feels that he is lying to her. Julien doesn’t know that Serena is lying to him. Loic, eldest son of Vero, and also the only stable element of the group, isn’t so much anymore.

MA REUM  2018

Genre:             Comedy

Director:         Frédéric Quiring

Screenplay:     Frédéric Quiring

Cast:                Audrey Lamy, Florent Peyre & Max Boublil

Everything is going well in Fanny’s quiet life… Until the day she discovers that her beloved son, Arthur, 9, is the scapegoat of three boys from his school… Fanny will not leave her son alone and will help him to fightback. A playground war is now declared!

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