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Company Profile

Ukbar Filmes was founded in 2009 by Pandora da Cunha Telles and Pablo Iraola. In the last ten years we have produced over two dozen films, both shorts and feature films in various genres, with the distinction that 80% of our films are internationally financed. We feel attracted to tales of bravery, people and narratives that make a difference in the world. We’re always looking for filmmakers who want to tell stories, entertain and question the world and our place in it.

The projects that we have produced in the last four years have proven to be particularly demanding: in 2016 we had a short film VIPERS FIELDS (CAMPO DE VIBORAS) at Semaine de la Critique, we then premiered an African Western, THE TRAIN OF SUGAR AND SALT (O COMBOIO DE SAL E AÇÚCAR), in the Piazza Grande at the Locarno Film Festival. Two years later, our short film THREE YEARS LATER (TRÊS ANOS DEPOIS) would also be shown there in the Pardi di Domani section of the festival. Also in 2016, we debuted our first comedy MOTHER KNOWS BEST (A MÃE É QUE SABE) and in the following year we questioned our colonial heritage with JOAQUIM (Competition - Berlin Film Festival in 2017) and THE SURGE (VAZANTE) (Panorama – Berlin Film Festival in 2017). That same year AL BERTO opened in theatres, celebrating the Portuguese poet, and in 2018 SUNBURN (GOLPE DE SOL) debuted in Tallin, THE SOUND OF MASKS (DANÇA DAS MÁSCARAS) was presented at IDFA, HotDocs and Doc Lisboa, while THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE (O HOMEM QUE MATOU DOM QUIXOTE) closed the Cannes Film Festival. Meanwhile in Portugal, PRIVATE MILLIONS (SOLDADO MILHÕES) remained in the top5 in the box office of that year and was sold to dozens of countries. In 2019, I WANT YOU SO BAD (QUERO-TE TANTO) was broadcasted in Portuguese homes on TVI, and our two Spanish co productions, Intempérie and 522 were broadcasted in Spain.

In August of last year, whilst the television series SINGLE AND READY TO MINGLE (SOLTEIRA E BOA RAPARIGA) was a success with RTP1 audiences, we shot the series TWENTY FOUR LAND (A ESPIA) as well as the feature films AMADEO, GAZA, MON AMOUR, THE ART OF DYING AWAY (ARTE DE MORRER LONGE) and SANDRA, the latter two are debut features. In 2020 we will begin shooting CRÓNICA DOS BONS MALANDROS and Luís Filipe Rocha’s new film.
As well as collaborating with accomplished screenwriters and directors such as Jorge Paixão da Costa, Vicente Alves do Ó, Marcelo Gomes, Licínio Azevedo and Luís Filipe Rocha, we give a voice and platform for young authors such as Simão Cayatte and Júlio Alves. Both of them will premiere in 2020 their debut features. Currently, we’re developing the new projects of Jorge Jácome, Pocas Pascoal, Marco Amaral, Mónica Santos, Marco Leão & André Santos, Hugo Pedro, Cláudia Alves and Kalaf Epalanga, between the new generation that works with Ukbar, promising thrilling films and series in the near future.

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Pandora Da Cunha Telles


Pablo Iraola

Company Highlights


Genre:             Drama
Director:         Tarzan and Arab Nasser
Screenplay:     Tarzan and Arab Nasser
Cast:                Hiam Abbas and Salim Dau

Gaza, today. Sixty-year-old fisherman Issa is secretly in love with Siham, a woman who works at the market with her daughter Leila. When he discovers an ancient phallic statue of Apollo in his fishing nets, Issa hides it, not knowing what to do with this mysterious and potent treasure. Yet deep inside, he feels that this discovery will change his life forever. Strangely, his confidence starts to grow and eventually he decides to approach Siham.

Venice International Film Festival 2020


Genre:             Historical Fiction
Director:         Jorge Paixão da Costa
Screenplay:     Pablo Iraola, Cláudia Clemente, Raquel Palermo and Martim Baginha Cardoso
Cast:                Daniela Ruah, Maria João Bastos and Diogo Morgado

1941, the Second World War. Portugal is surviving through neutrality. In the shadows, many Portuguese citizens serve the Allied powers, others, however, serve the Axis powers, others still serve both simultaneously. Maria João Mascarenhas works for her father in law in a truckage company. Recruited by her friend Rose Lawson, she searches for information regarding wolfram shipments. Between parties, casinos and coded messages the two women get themselves involved in diplomatic intrigue. Before them is a network that can destroy the whole country.
The British, Major Jack Beevor and Richard Thompson, mean to avoid a possible German invasion. The man chosen to carry out this mission is the Portuguese national football manager: Cândido de Oliveira. At the same time, William Larenz, a German spy for the SD, attempts to convince PVDE agent Paulo that it is the British that are on the brink of invading Portugal. Whilst this is all happening, Portuguese Legionnaires Ribeiro Casais and Vieira collaborate with the Allies to prepare Portugal in case of a possible invasion.
Maria João seems to have all the attributes to be the perfect spy: seductive, intelligent and an idealistic. But when she meets German mine engineer Siegfried Brenner she learns that living a double life comes with a price...

Cannes Series 2019