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Company Profile

UPHub Group was created by a team of Ukrainian producers who have been working on the market for 15 years. Group’s main business is the production and distribution of feature-length films, TV series and various television content. Its library contains over 7,000 hours of prime product that has been sold to over 90 countries. Among UPHub’s partners are major players in the Ukrainian and international television and digital markets, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Beta Film, Megogo, Kyivstar TV and others. We ensure a full range of services for the production and post-production of content. Group’s new and rapidly developing sector is voiceover and dubbing of projects, both our own and third-party ones. UPHub is proactive in the protection of its own and its partner’s content from illegal use.











Founder, CEO, Producer





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Company Highlights


Format:           Feature Film 

Genre:             Adventure, Comedy, Road Movie 

Director:         Olga Riashyna

Cast:                Ivan Blindar, Maria Stopnyk, Volodymyr Heva

The story is centered on a novice musician called Kuzma. He and his friend Bard set out to Berlin, driving an old Pobeda car where he wants to exchange it for a Mercedes 600 from a German collector and impress his girlfriend Barbara. But the turbulent nightlife of the German capital brings astounding adventures to the hero that strengthen his temper and help him to find his true self.


Format:           TV Series 

Genre:             Detective 

Director:         Dalibor Matanić

Screenplay:    Marjan Alčevski

Cast:               Kseniya Mishina, Goran Bogdan, Darko Milas, Sandra Lončarić

It is impossible to escape from the past if it keeps repeating itself. If we don’t take control of our lives today, what happened yesterday will happen tomorrow. The second season of the series Silence tells the story of how much an individual is willing to pay to fight with things from the past to ensure a better future. Trying to solve personal dramas, crime in Osijek, and international arms smuggling in war-torn Ukraine, our heroes learn that the price is high but worth paying.

SHTTL  2023

Format:           Feature Film 

Genre:             Drama 

Director:         Ady Walter

Cast:                Anisiya Stasevych, Moshe Lobel, Saul Rubinek, Petro Niniovskyi, Antoine Millet, Daniel Kenigsberg

June 1941. Preparations for the wedding of a butcher’s son and a rabbi’s daughter are in full swing in a Jewish shtetl in the Lviv Region. The intrigue of this seemingly ordinary event is that Yuna – the bride – loves another man and he, Mendele… plans to kidnap her. At this very time, a Nazi death squad is approaching the shtetl.

Rome Film Festival, Paris Diasporama, Cleveland International Film Festival, Atlanta Jewish Film Festival


Format:           TV Series 

Genre:             Thriller 

Director:         Dalibor Matanić

Screenplay:    Marian Alchevskiy

Cast:               Goran Bogdan, Darko Milas, Ksenia Mishina, Viktor Saraykin

The Silence is a 6-episode drama thriller. This first season is based on Election Silence, the first novel from the Slavonian Trilogy by the best-selling investigative journalist and writer Drago Hedl. The trilogy is based on true events and is set in present-day Croatia and Ukraine and focuses on the horrors of human trafficking and the issue of the weapon trade in Eastern Europe.


Format:           TV Series 

Genre:             Detective 

Director:         Dariusz Jabłoński

Screenplay:     Maciej Maciejewski

Cast:                Darya Plakhtiy, Karel Roden, Malgozhata Buchkovska, Natalia Vasko, Serhii Strelnikov, Stanislav Boklan

It all starts in Ukraine, on an Odessa beach one warm summer’s evening, when the naked body of a young girl is discovered. Shortly afterward, in Warsaw and Prague, police find bodies with identical injuries. The detectives investigating these mysterious crimes begin to suspect that they were all committed by the same person. They will have to work closely together to catch this vicious cold-blooded killer.

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