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WANDA FILMS was founded by José María Morales in 1992. His brother Miguel Morales became partner of the company later on.


Wanda Films it is a company specialized in production and distribution of mainly European and Latin-American films. In 1997 WANDA VISION was created, participated 50/50 between Wanda Films and Rem Vision.

In these twenty years the company has become a benchmark for high-quality Latinamerican and European films.


Wanda has produced and co-produced more than 60 feature films by Directors such as Fernando Perez (‘‘LA VIDA ES SILBAR’’, ‘‘SUITE HABANA’’, ‘‘MADRIGAL’’), Arturo Ripstein (‘‘PROFUNDO CARMESÍ’’, ‘‘ASÍ ES LA VIDA’’, ‘‘LAS RAZONES DEL CORAZÓN’’, ‘‘MANO A MANO’’), Lucrecia Martel (‘‘LA CIENAGA’’), Carlos Sorín (‘‘HISTORIAS MÍNIMAS’’, ‘‘BOMBÓN – EL PERRO’’, ‘‘EL CAMINO DE SAN DIEGO’’, ‘‘LA VENTANA’’), Luis Puenzo (‘‘LA PUTA Y LA BALLENA’’), Juan Pablo Rebella & Pablo Stoll (‘‘WHISKY’’), Goran Paskaljevic (‘‘MIDWINTER NIGHT’S DREAM’’, ‘‘OPTIMISTS’’), Costa Gavras (‘‘LE COUPERET’’), Sigfrid Monleon (‘‘LA BICICLETA’’), Daniel Burman (‘‘TODAS LAS AZAFATAS VAN AL CIELO’’, ‘‘EL ABRAZO PARTIDO’’, ‘‘DERECHO DE FAMILIA’’, ‘‘EL NIDO VACIO’’), Jaime Rosales (‘‘LA SOLEDAD’’, ‘‘TIRO EN LA CABEZA’’, ‘‘SUEÑO Y SILENCIO’’, ‘‘HERMOSA JUVENTUD’’), Joaquín Gutiérrez Acha (‘‘GUADALQUIVIR’’), Gerardo Olivares (‘‘LA GRAN FINAL’’, ‘‘14 KILÓMETROS’’, ‘‘ENTRELOBOS’’), Lucía Puenzo (‘‘XXY’’, ‘‘EL NIÑO PEZ’’, ‘‘THE GERMAN DOCTOR – WAKOLDA’’), Claudia Llosa (‘‘MADEINUSA’’, ‘‘LA TETA ASUSTADA’’, ‘‘ALOFT’’)

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Genre:            Nature Documentary

Director:          Joaquín Gutiérrez Acha

Screenplay:     Joaquín Gutiérrez Acha

Cast:              Jennifer Connelly, Melanie Laurent, Cillian Murphy


Throughout the four seasons, we will journey across the Cantabrian Mountains while engaging in the stories of different species. The brown bear, the Iberian wolf, wild cat, capercaillie, salmon, carnivorous plants or small but interesting spiders and butterflies, will introduce us to their particular world to teach us their survival strategies while overcoming the extreme climate conditions. The Cantabrian Mountain Range is a magical and mysterious place where many of its corners are still to be discovered. It is the territory of the Cantabrian Brown Bear, which will be one of the main protagonists of our film.



Release : 31 March 2017



Genre:             Drama

Director:          Fernando Pérez

Screenplay:     Fernando Pérez

Cast:               Patricio Wood, Jorge Martínez


Downtown Havana. The heart of Havana today. Miguel (45 years old) dreams of fleeing to New York. While he waits for his visa, which never
seems to arrive, he works as a busboy at a paladar, a privately owned restaurant. Diego (45 years old) dreams of living. Weakened and immobilized by AIDS, Diego remains energetic on the narrow bed, in the smallest room of the house. Diego and Miguel live together as if they were night and day. While Miguel takes shelter, Diego opens himself to others.


Havana Film Festival : Special Jury Award
Berlin Film Festival: Special Berlinale



Genre:             Drama

Director:         Gerardo Olivares

Screenplay:    Gerardo Olivares, Lucía Puenzo, Sallua Sehk

Cast:              Jennifer Connelly, Melanie Laurent, Cillian Murphy


as well as Tristan’s peculiar personality and his special ties with hersonLola travels to Patagonia with Tristan, her autistic son, to meet Beto, a ranger that interacts with wild orcas. Lola’s determination to fight for

nature, will change their lives forever. Based on true events, THE LIGHTHOUSE OF THE ORCAS is a search for life’s essential values and the encounter with the spirit of nature.

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