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Company Profile

Windlight Pictures is a Munich-based production company headed by Managing Director and Executive Producer Moritz Polter and is part of the ITV Studios Group.

Founded in 2021, Windlight Pictures is active in the creation and production of high-end scripted programs for the German-speaking and international markets.

Its first premium drama is Night in Paradise. The series is based on Frank Schmolke’s graphic novel and adapted for the screen by lead director Matthias Glasner and Hannah Schopf. Bettina Oberli also directed two episodes. The dark and edgy drama stars Jürgen Vogel and Lea Drinda, supported by Leonard Scheicher, Birgit Minichmayr, Aleksandar Jovanovic, and Malaya Stern Takeda.

Windlight Pictures brings together exceptional talent behind and in front of the camera to create exciting, thought-provoking, entertaining, and fresh programs.

Company Highlights

NIGHTS IN PARADISE (Nachts Im Paradies) 

Format:           TV Series 

Genre:            Drama
Director:        Matthias Glasner, Bettina Oberli
Screenplay:   Matthias Glasner, Hannah Schopf

Cast:              Jürgen Vogel, Lea Drinda, Leonard Scheicher, Birgit Minichmayr, Aleksandar Jovanovic and Malaya Stern Takeda.

Taking viewers on a mesmerizing ride into a night-time metropolis, this dark, edgy drama is based on the graphic novel by Frank Schmolke. Taxi driver Vincent and his estranged daughter, Joni, drift separately through the city, as all around them capitalism is crumbling. Grumpy, divorced, and struggling to stay afloat, Vincent has to accept he is no longer needed. His profession is about to die out, and Joni, whose life he longs to be a part of, considers him a stranger and is making her way in the world. But apocalyptic events on one fateful night are about to force their lives to collide one more time. As their old wounds are reopened and the city erupts, will they both be pushed too far?








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