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Young Films was established in 1986 by Scottish producer Christopher Young to develop and produce feature films and television drama and comedy.  Young trained as a film editor before turning producer.  Before that he took an MA at Oxford University in Modern Languages and a Diploma in Film Production at New York University. He was also an ACTT Scottish Film Trainee.


30 years on Young Films has produced a wide range of feature films and TV including, Venus Peter (1989), Prague (1992), Gregory’s Two Girls (1999), The Final Curtain (2002), Festival (2005), Seachd: The Inaccessible Pinnacle (2007), The Inbetweeners TV series 1 to 3 (2008-2011) and The Inbetweeners Movie (2011).


Young Films developed the TV hit, The Inbetweeners, in 2006 with Channel 4 which spawned a massively successful film, still the largest grossing UK comedy film ever to be released in the UK (over £45 m.)  In 2012 Young Films produced a UK/ Portuguese co-production written and directed by Vítor Gonçalves - The Invisible Life.  Released internationally in 2014 it has won awards at various film festivals including Rome, Edinburgh, Rotterdam and Trieste.


More recently, Young Films has developed and produced 4  series of Gaelic TV drama Bannan.  So far 18 episodes (3 series) have been transmitted on BBC Alba with a fourth series coming out September 2017. The show is distributed internationally by DRG with 20 more episodes now commissioned  by BBC over the next 4 years.  


Upcoming Projects

  • Silver Darlings - adaptation of the classic novel, written by Olivia Hetreed, to be directed by Christopher Young (BBC,  Creative Scotland)

  • Lockerbie written by Scottish screenwriter/playwright David Harrower to be directed by Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald, based on the Pan Am Flight 103 terrorist attack in 1988 (Film4, BFI, Creative Scotland) 

  • Trumped,  the true story of how a community resisted Donald Trump’s efforts to evict them from their homes in Aberdeenshire from in order to build a luxury golf course (Curzon)


Young Films is  based on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

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Genre:             DRAMA

Director:          Vitor Gonçalves

Screenplay:     Vitor Gonçalves, Monica Santana Baptista, Jorge Braz Santos

Cast :               Filipe Duarte


Night falls over Lisbon. But Hugo can't go home. Antonio has died, and for some reason, he can't stop thinking about his old love, Adriana. 



Genre:             Comedy

Director:          Ben Palmer

Screenplay:     Damon Beesley, Iain Morris


Cast :               Simon Bird, Janes Buckley, Joe Thomas, Blake Harrison


Four teenage misfits - Will, Simon, Jay and Neil - have finished their A-levels and are about to leave Rudge Park Comprehensive, much to the relief of Mr. Gilbert, their sarcastic, cynical sixth form tutor. Within their final week of school, however, Jay's grandfather dies, Simon is dumped by his girlfriend Carli and Will discovers that his divorced father has unexpectedly married his much younger mistress. Depressed, the boys decide to go on holiday together and Neil books them on a trip to Malia, Crete.



Genre:            Drama

Director:         Simon Miller

Screenplay: Joanne Cockwell, Iain Finlay Macleod, Aonghas Macneacail, Simon Miller, Iseabail NicDhomhnaill

Cast:             Angus Peter Campbell, Padruig Moireasdan.


Làn fhìrinn na sgeòil. The truth is in the story. When a young man, Angus, visits his dying Grandfather in hospital he cannot hold back his boyhood quest for the truth - the truth behind the death of his parents and the truth behind his Grandfather's ancient, incredible, fearful stories. Stories from the whole swathe of Gaelic history of poisoned lovers, bloody revenge, water-horses and Spanish gold. His Grandfather hijacks Angus' life for one last time leading him to one of Scotland's most treacherous mountains, The Inaccessible Pinnacle on the Isle of Skye, and an ancient truth he never expected to find. Seachd: The Inaccessible Pinnacle is the first Scottish Gaelic feature film.

Làn fhìrinn na sgeòil. Tha Aonghas air a bhith air tòir na fìrinn o òige, miann a tha a' teannachadh na inntinn 's na chorp nuair a thuigeas e gu bheil am bàs gu laighe air a Sheanar. Tha fios aig Aonghas gu bheil an t-àm dha eòlas a chur air an fhìrinn mu bhàs a phàrantan 's cuideachd mu sgeulachdan a Sheanair. Sgeulachdan iongantach, eagalach a thug air cuairt tro eachdraidh nan Gaidheal iad le gaol, sabaid, eich-uisge agus òr Spàinnteach nam measg. Tha Aonghas 's a Sheanair a' gabhail aon chuairt eile còmhla, cuairt a tha gan toirt gu mullach Sgùrr Dearg 's gu fìrinn ris nach robh dùil sam bith.



Genre:            Comedy

Director:         Annie Griffin

Screenplay:    Annie Griffin

Cast:              Chris O'Dowd, Stephen Mangan, Lucy Punch


'Festival' is a black comedy set during the annual Edinburgh Fringe festival. The film is based around both the judging of a major comedy award and the performers at one of the smaller venues. Various plot strands interweave, including the bitter relationship between a famous self-obsessed British comic and his ever-suffering assistant, an actress debuting at the festival with a one-woman show about Dorothy Wordsworth and a depressed, rich housewife who spies on the stoned Canadian theatre troupe to whom she has rented out her house.


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