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Company Profile

Ziegler Film was established on April 27th 1973 in Berlin by Regina Ziegler and is today one of Germany’s most prolific independent movie and TV production companies with branches in Berlin, Cologne, Munich and Baden-Baden. Since its creation, Ziegler Film has produced a great variety of movies, TV Features, documentaries and TV Series. Under the shared leadership of Regina and Tanja Ziegler, the company strives to stay independent, to expand and to fascinate the audience with creativity as well as quality, constantly looking for new formats, while respecting the demands and interests of certain target audiences as well as of the general audience.

Many of the over 500 films produced so far have received international acclaim, such as the Federal Film Award and the Prize of the Association of German Film Critics, which Regina Ziegler received for I THOUGHT I WAS DEAD (Director: Wolf Gremm). For HEINRICH (Director: Helma Sander-Brahms) she was honored with the highest German award of the German film, the Golden Shell. The first German horizontal mini-series WEISSENSEE produced by her received twice the German Television Prize and the Grimme Prize; in spring of 2018, the fourth season was aired. Other outstanding television productions were: THE GREAT RUNAWAY (Director: Marianne Lüdcke), Grimme Prize in Gold; THE MAN WITH THE BASSOON (Director: Miguel Alexandre), German Television Award, BAMBI Audience Award, Romy; GLADBECK (54 HOURS) (Director: Kilian Riedhof), Seoul International Drama Award. The Museum of Modern Art in New York paid tribute to Ziegler Film in 2006 with an in-depth retrospective. In 2016, Regina Ziegler received not only the Honorary Lola for outstanding services to the German film, but also in Austria the Platinum Romy for her life’s work.

Tanja Ziegler joined Ziegler Film in 2000 and has produced a variety of documentaries, TV and feature films. In 2003 she received the prestigious Adolf-Grimme-Award for the documentary THE RAPOPORTS - OUR THREE LIVES.


Company Highlights


Genre:             Comedy

Director:         Eoin Moore

Screenplay:     Marc Terjung

Cast:                Bastian Pastewka, Fabian Busch, Hans Löw


They missed it, the magical summer after graduation. Their favourite band was on tour, however they did not make it to the concert at the time. Now, twenty years later, the band is on tour again, so the three friends Alexander, Paul and Ole set out to relive the summer they had missed. Their old friendship is put to the test, and everyone has to face uncomfortable truths.


Filmfest München, Filmfestspiele Biberach, Kinofest Lünen​


Genre:             Drama

Director:         Johannes Fabrick

Screenplay:    Thorsten Näter

Cast:               Natalia Belitski, Juergen Maurer, Hanna Hilsdorf, Julius Nitschkoff


Jana Friedrich (Natalia Belitski) completes her medical specialist training and is offered a trainee position in the prestigious Berlin Institute for Forensic Medicine. A dream come true. However she is pulled back to reality when she is confronted with a number of cases of injured and abused children. Jana discovers at first hand how difficult it is to call the people responsible to account and to separate the children from their tormentors. When a baby is killed by shaken impact syndrome, Jana has had enough. Against the advice from her Professor and Mentor Kurt Bremer (Juergen Maurer) she becomes actively involved in the case around the mother Nicole Binder (Hanna Hilsdorf), her other children Jason (Till Patz) and Desiree (Carla Demmim) as well as her boyfriend Ronnie (Julius Nitschkoff). Jana does not follow legal regulations, and does not only risk opposition from parents and the youth welfare office and her medical licence, but also her own life.

Filmfest München, FernsehfilmFestival Baden-Baden




Genre:             Musical

Director:         Philipp Stölzl

Screenplay:    Alexander Dydyna

Cast:               Heike Makatsch, Moritz Bleibtreu, Katharina Thalbach, Uwe Ochsenknecht


Maria, the mother of television presenter Lisa Wartberg, has an accident with memory loss. All she can remember is that she has never been to New York. Without further ado, the elderly woman smuggles herself aboard a cruise ship.

Bayerischer Filmpreis; Ernst-Lubitsch-Preis


Genre:             Drama

Director:         Kilian Riedhof

Screenplay:    Holger Karsten Schmidt, Kilian Riedhof

Cast:               Sascha Alexander Geršak, Alexander Scheer, Marie Rosa Tietjen, Zsa Zsa Inci Bürkle


As life slows down on a hot summer’s day in 1988, an armed bank robbery goes awry. While fleeing from the police, the two gangsters take an entire busload hostage. The ensuing manhunt, however, turns into a disaster. The police make fools of themselves with their amateurish operations and, above all, are obstructed by the nation’s media who swoop down on the events in their rat race for the juiciest pictures and live interviews with the kidnappers. As Rösner, the driving force of the duo, orchestrates their 54 hours of fame in cold blood, his accomplice Degowski derives sinister pleasure from manipulating the media. But Degowski is also unpredictable and violent. When he loses his nerve and kills a teenage passenger in the bus, the two men choose two young women as their hostages while leaping into another getaway vehicle. Thus begins an odyssey that goes completely out of control...

Seoul International Drama Award, Best Ensemble Deutscher Schauspielpreis

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