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European Film Politics Seminars


Setting the political agenda of the industry’s top issues over the coming years, the EFPS gather actors of the sector during film festivals to share insights and decide on the future of European production. 

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Benefit from a European-wide network of first-class producers, meetings and insights shared on a weekly basis and much more. 



Today we all look in horror at Putin's Russia unprovoked aggression against democratic Ukraine. People die there, including our EPC members, producers, filmmakers, distributors, film artists and creatives of cinema. 

Ukrainian Film Academy has announced its call for a boycott of Russian cinema in all dimensions, including film cooperation - co-production, distribution and festivals. Anyone can read and SIGN THE PETITION  HERE.

We European Producers Club support this appeal, because today there is no space for compromise.

We appreciate filmmakers in Russia who boldly stand up against this war who should be the only exception to this boycott. We know that they understand that extreme measures call for extreme responses.  

But the lives of thousands of Ukrainians, including our friends, depend on our joint action and opposition, right now and immediately. We cannot accept any further and in any way a country that has started and is waging this criminal mass-murder. 

The EPC is raising Funds, EPC CALL FOR FUNDS FOR UKRAINE, for the delivery of first medical kits and bullet proof jackets to filmmakers, producers, civilian who are fighting in the awful war.


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A guide of best practices for VOD services when commissioning new works from independent producers. 

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