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Founder / Producer

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Rinkel Film & Docs is an Amsterdam-based film production company founded by Reinier Selen in 1996. We create narratives that give you food for thought. Never afraid to provoke, challenge or rebel to tell our stories. Our first feature film was Van God Los, our last one is not even written yet. In the past 27 years, we have established a remarkable name in the global film industry and we’re proud to have produced award-winning features, TV Series, and TV movies.
Our films were nominated for A-festivals such as the European Film Awards, Toronto, and Sundance. Rafiki, the Kenyan LGBTQ drama was selected for Cannes and other festivals worldwide. We are proud that our movies are made by Oscar-nominated directors such as Paula van der Oest and Ben Sombogaart.
We have produced 39 films and TV series and grossed over 150 awards at film festivals worldwide. Productions that are vulnerable, tough, direct, and humane. Productions that are mostly inspired by real authentic stories. Creative producer Jelle Nesna has been working with Rinkel Film for over 15 years on projects like Accused, Rafael, Hidden in the Spotlight, and Strijder. Rinskje Raap and Julia Rombout joined the company in 2016. Rinskje was promoted to producer in 2021, and while Julia had already been producing fiction films, she established Rinkel Docs in early 2023, together with Reinier Selen. Norms and values are their driving force, creating content that
represents today’s world. Director and creative producer Mark de Cloe joined the producers' team in 2022.
We value our work and our employees. Our workplace offers a safe space where creatives can florish and bring their ideas to life.



(In co-production with Belgium)

Format:           Feature film

Genre:             Drama
Director:         Jelle Nesna
Screenplay:     Karen van Holst Pellekaan
Cast:                Abbey Hoes, Georgina Verbaan, Eelco Smits, Pleun Nijhuis, Roosmarijn van der Hoek

The successful singer Sonne takes in her niece after the unexpected death of her sister. Then the biological father claims custody. In order to protect her niece, Sonne is forced to break the silence and reveal all the details of her personal family drama in court; a drama in which this man played a highly questionable role.

Premiere at the Dutch Film Festival in September 2020



(In co-production with Belgium)

Format:           TV series

Genre:             Drama / Thriller
Director:         Ben Sombogaart & Dries Vos
Screenplay:     Marnie Blok, Philip Delmaar, Karin van der Meer, Bram Renders, Maarten Almekinders & Ian Ginn
Cast:                Karina Smulders, Hilde van Mieghem, Susan Radder, Matteo van der Grijn, Dragan
                          Bakema & Aboubakr Bensaihi

Xandra Keizer was hiding out in Amsterdam until her dark side lured her back to the 5 escort service. She becomes the very Queen of the business due to her ability to ‘read’ people at first sight: it allows her to collect beautiful women for her stable and create the perfect client match, but her success attracts the attention of major political powers who intend to use her and her escort ladies for their purposes. Xandra decides to fight back and come out on top. At any price.

Premiere at the Nederlands Film Festival in October 2019

NASIR  2019

(In co-production with India)

Format:           Feature film

Genre:             Drama
Director:         Arun Karthick
Screenplay:     Arun Karthick
Cast:                Koumarane Valavene

Nasir’ comprehends the peaceful anonymity of the lives of small people but also, more sorrowfully, the vengeful and arrogant anonymity of the mob.

Premiered IFFR Tiger Competition 2020, nominated IFFR Tiger Award 2020, (NEPTAC Award 2020)
Premiered New Directors New Films 2020, New York
Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival – We Are One: A Global Film Festival 2020
Andrei Tarkovsky International Film Festival 2020, Russia (Grand Prix Award)


(In co-production with Belgium and Croatia)

Format:            Feature film

Genre:             Drama / Love Story
Director:         Ben Sombogaart
Screenplay:     Tijs van Marle, Massimo Gaudioso
Cast:                Melody Klaver, Nabil Mallat

Inspired by a true story. The Arab Spring forces Tunisian Nizar, married to the pregnant Dutch hairdresser Winny to escape to Europe, but he ends up in Lampedusa, imprisoned as an illegal refugee. Rafael is a romantic drama about two lovers giving everything they have, just to be reunited for the birth of their son Rafaël. It is a suspenseful story about borders, dreams, perseverance and love – transcending bureaucracy, borders and even prison walls.

Cairo IFF 2018


(In co-production with Zambia, France, Lebanon, Norway, Germany, and Kenya)

Format:            Feature film

Genre:              Drama

Director:          Wanuri Kahiu

Screenplay:     Wanuri Kahiu

Cast:                 Samantha Mugatsia, Neville Misati, Nice Githinji

“Good Kenyan girls become good Kenyan wives”, but Kena and Ziki aim for something more. Despite the political rivalry between their families, they resist and remain close friends supporting each other to pursue their dreams in an oppressive society. When love arises between them, the pressure becomes unbearable forcing the two girls to ultimately choose between happiness and safety.

Cannes Film Festival (Un Certain Regard)

Karlovy Vary IFF
Warsaw IFF
Black Reel Awards - Outstanding World Cinema Picture (Nominee)
LesGaiCineMad, Madrid International LGBT FF

Lucas - IFF for Children and Young People

NewFest: New York’s LGBT FF

Oslo Films from the South Festival

Valladolid IFF


(In co-production with Belgium, Luxembourg, and Sweden)
Format:           Feature film

Genre:             Drama / Psychological Thriller
Director:         Paula van der Oest
Screenplay:     Moniek Kramer in collaboration with Tijs van Marle
Cast:                Ariane Schluter, Sallie Harmsen, Barry Atsma, Fedja van Huêt, Annet Malherbe

Ambitious DA assistant Judith has put serial killer nurse Lucia de B. behind bars. When doubt is cast on the evidence, Judith can’t seem to turn back the wheels of justice... This drama thriller is based on the true story of Lucia de Berk, who was wrongly imprisoned for six years.

Oscar shortlisted 2015; 

Palm Springs Film Festival;

Milan IFF (Awards for Best Director Paula van der Oest, Best Acting Performance for Ariane Schluter and Best Editing for Marcel Wijninga, Audience award);

Netherlands Film Festival (nominated Golden Calf Best Actress for Ariane Schluter)

Minneapolis St. Paul IFF

Washington IFF

Seattle IFF

Seoul International Women’s Film Festival 

Shanghai IFF 

Hong Kong IFF

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